PSM3: Beyond Good & Evil 2, Netflix on PS3, Leisure Suit Larry movie, plus more

The best bits from The Insider article from issue 101 of PSM3.

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Fishy Fingers3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

"Apparently they'll let you stream movies through the PS3 - for a fee of course."

Free? How will that manage to do that, I cant see to many studios being keen on the idea. Maybe they intend to run adverts with the movies or something.

Free? Can't see it.

~side-note~ nice cover.

SWORDF1SH3871d ago

read again. it says fee and not free, but i love the netflix idea

Fishy Fingers3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Hilarious, sorry guys, completely missed that o_O obviously.

Cheers Sword! Have a bubble :)

Siesser3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

As long as it's just linked to your current Netflix account, I'm fine by that. We can already use "Watch It Now" to stream movies to your computer, and that's at no extra charge to your membership. You get 1 hour of viewing time per month for each dollar you pay in membership (so if you're paying $17/month, then you can watch 17 hours of video). Thus far, I've yet to have any quality issues (all looks dvd-like to me), even when watching at peak times of bandwidth use, so I know they can handle the load. I'd be excited about this for no other reason than A: I already love Netflix, and B: I'd be able to view Watch It NOw movies through my tv instead of my PC monitor.

StalkingSilence3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

I have/love Netflix now for Blu-ray movies but don't watch any of the instant viewing movies since the PCs I have suck and aren't connected to a good TV. Hopefully they'll work this out. I have FiOS so I'm ready to stream movies to PS3. Just make sure the interface is quick and easy (read: don't use current PS3 web browser).

EDIT: Siesser, they removed the number of hours viewing restriction a couple months ago. I now have unlimited viewing w/ my 3-movie plan.

Vojkan3871d ago

Yeah "mister 2 degrees" cant tell a difference between "fee" and "Free". Jesus...

Siesser3871d ago

Really? That's great. For the most part, I just use it to watch Dr. Who, as they still don't have that many titles available (only 5 out of my queue of 73 have that option at the moment). Sorry to hear about your having quality issues with it; guess it is something they'd need to work on. And I agree, the browsing/downloading/streaming with ps3 needs to be upped a notch to ensure decent playback.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3871d ago


ThatArtGuy3871d ago

He was coughing because he was elated while drinking a tasty beverage.

OOG3871d ago

yea they were mentioning the netflix thing for ps3 and 360 for a wehile would be sweet to see them have it

Skerj3871d ago

"Eccentric Fahrenheit creator David Cage was working on a PS3 sequel to his obscure PC adventure game Omikron, but has been canned because the story wasn't up to scratch. Instead, he's working on a mystery game to go along side the stunning-looking Heavy Rain."

Do it Sony do it, purchase Quantic Dream for sexy game time. Then make them get the story to Omikron 2 back on track so we can get it since the original game never got its vision fully realized.

Fishy Fingers3871d ago

"purchase Quantic Dream for sexy game time"

Best thing I've read all day :)

SL1M DADDY3871d ago

I might have to do that. I have On Demand already but Netflix seems to be a great addition to the movie lovers options.

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