Sony Officially Launches One Sony "BE MOVED" Campaign

iGR: "Kaz Hirai’s passionate CES keynote drove home Sony‘s ambition to deliver the “WOW” as a corporate philosophy. Today, the company has officially unveiled their new integrated brand campaign, One Sony “BE MOVED“."

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ftwrthtx1408d ago

Their marketing has grown immensely since the PS3 launch.

OlgerO1408d ago

It will however never catch up to this commercial for the PS3

ftwrthtx1408d ago

I wasn't a fan of most of their PS3 commercials. and that one was a bit creepy. LOL

Agent_00_Revan1408d ago

I miss Kevin Butler. :-(

Also, Lol at the Xbox One ad before the PS4 video.

MannGamer1408d ago

I just opened the link to see the PS3 commercial and they played an ad first. Guess what the ad was: a Xbox One commercial. Lol

sinspirit1407d ago

I actually like the original PS3 commercials. The baby commercial symbolized the power of the PS3, which has been proven true in more then just games.

The best commercial in my opinion is the "Universe of Entertainment" ad.

Ritsujun1407d ago

On the other hand, Microsoft might sell off Xbox.

aaronobst1407d ago

I will never understand the thought process that went behind the making of that ad.

Back-to-Back1407d ago

I hope you are joking. The baby advertisment was one of the dumbest adverts in Playstation history. Nobody knew wtf it was even advertising.

My personal favs are the Kevin Butler skits.

P0werVR1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


Yes, the Kevin Butler skits were great commercials.


Only in your dreams. Don't fall for some major investor's sad attempt at trying to start a bearish movementon on Microsoft stock. If anything Sony is going through a corporate spin off, so since they claim they are focusing more on devices that shows that is their money maker...Same thing for Microsoft. Especially NOW since everything is becoming more digital and device and services has more revenue stream potential than just console sells.

sinspirit1403d ago


Right. I said "I" liked the baby commercial personally. I didn't say it had good reception. I just said what is was advertising, the PS3's power, and I always understood that. Like really there's a comment right below where I said what it advertised and someone comments "I will never understand the thought process that went behind the making of that ad."... I just told you what they were thinking with that commercial. The ignorance of these commentators.

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MestreRothN4G1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

It would grow even more they brought Kevin Butler to move us.

RedSoakedSponge1408d ago

yeah he did. playing a wii on an ad and enjoying it really spoilt his image. what the hell was he thinking?!

rainslacker1407d ago

I dunno. While I think they moved on from that campaign, I don't think it ruined his image. I've yet to see anyone say anything bad about him or what happened.

Bigger question is is if Sony and the actor guy are willing to work together again and if Sony wants to bring him back. Professional actors don't often turn down jobs, and he did seem to enjoy the role.

It'd be awesome to see him walk onto the E3 stage again to give one of those "true gamer" speeches.

harrisk9541408d ago

The "Sony Rewards" program is another great new thing from Sony. It crosses all products from video games to televisions, to music and movies (DVDs and Blurays). Whenever you buy something (including PSN), you get points which can be used to buy Sony products.

RedSoakedSponge1408d ago

oh really?! how can i see how many points i have? i must have a few! lol

Insomnia_841408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Yes, you must have a Sony Credit card or Playstation Credit Card in order to get points in the Sony Rewards program. I have almost $100 worth in points now. I use it when I buy games at Bestbuy and get points for the Sony Rewards and points for MyBestbuy. I pay my phone bill and internet bill with it too.

There are many ways to earn points and in some stores they give you x10 points per each dollar spent. 250 points for select movie tickets etc.

Fantastic program!

Maxor1407d ago

If I'm going to have a reward card, one with Sony points would be the last thing I give a F about. I dunno, stuff like free mileage and cash back would probably hold more value but that's just me.

harrisk9541407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

You DO NOT need a Sony credit card... it is a FREE PROGRAM... all you need is your PSN account to sign up....

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TAURUS-5551407d ago

amazing absolutely amazing ¡¡¡

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ApolloTheBoss1408d ago

Damn. Sony ain't pulling no punches.

Xsilver1408d ago

The Design of the website is awesome amazing transitions Sony is ready to do big things.

DanielGearSolid1408d ago

It only does everything is still my favorite

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Conzul1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Live in Your World, Play in Ours

was my favorite.

stevej3361408d ago Show
sashimi1408d ago

The webpage for the be moved campaign is simply fantastic.

iamnsuperman1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I know right. The transitions between each product is done very well. My favourite is the speakers.

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