PlayStation UK Boss On Vita's Plight: "Do I Need It As Well As These Other Things"

iGR: "It’s no secret that the PS Vita faces a daunting task; competing with a variety of multifunctional mobile devices that also offer gaming. In a recent interview with VG247, Sony UK’s Managing Director, Fergal Gara spoke about some of the reasons Vita’s adoption rate has been sluggish."

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Mexxan1562d ago

I think it's great but as stated - it needs AAA exclusives - more than 1 or 2 a year. I can't believe its where it is right now. it's a great bit of kit but I sure don't want to see it relegated to a second screen for Ps4 as great as this function is - it deserves to be a whole lot more.

Pogmathoin1562d ago

I think Sony learned a lot from Vita, which helped in how they started with PS4 and how they launched, courted developers.

Honest_gamer1562d ago

Still waiting on my resident evil game, cant believe its taking them this long has it been officially scrapped yet?

CaptainYesterday1562d ago

I figured Resident Evil Portable just turned into Revelations or it was scrapped who knows.

_FantasmA_1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

It has sold well within the last year. I still remember when it was 2.2 million forever. Its now at 7 million +! Do developers know this? They say its real easy to develop for so when are developers going to start paying attention. Where is Metal Gear Vita? GTA Vice City 2? Sony Bend is my favorite portable developer, where are they? Capcom needs to bring an RE game too. The Vita is perfect for it.

7 million + gamers, who buy over 10 games (alot of them digital). Vita gamers really don't have big budget games other than Killzone, so I know that a lot of us would easily buy something like a Tomb Raider, Syphin Filter, Uncharted, or some other big franchise.

Adolph Fitler1562d ago

They need to hammer some quality games out for it. It already has some really awesome titles.. But they really should be in way more abundance....A proper GOW for it would be great, taking advantage of all it's little features, how about a Motorstorm title developed specifically for it...They could then port it with enhancements to PS4, as well as a new Syphon Filter, Destruction Derby, Medievil, Jet Moto, Twisted Metal (just port the awesome PS3 version), get Lightbox to bring Warhawk onto it....
Man, they already have a mountain of awesome PS3 games that they could just make sure are brought over properly, exuding the quality of there PS3 counterparts, & add in gameplay elements that take advantage of the touchscreen & rear pads. The games are already made for gods sake.
I love my Vita...definitely THE BEST handheld ever made, & kicks sh1t out of basic, casual oriented, mobile crap....I just hope it sells like crazy over the next couple of years, & I hope Sony help that cause, by throwing some money into making and/or paying for quality games to come to the thing.

CaulkSlap1562d ago

It's weird but I don't think quality exclusive games will make much of a difference. It has a bunch of good games with little result. And TBH that might not be the best use of resources for Sony. What they need is to show off functionality in combination with PS4 and try to turn every possible game into a cross-buy. Have the Vita merge into the new Playstation Now platform instead of trying to stand on its own.