Postmortem: One Must Die (Extended Scythe Cut) Review | RGN

DJ Killzown Jones of RGN writes, "Postmortem: One Must Die is a role playing game by Unbound Creations in which players take the role of an Agent of Death and must choose who dies in a war torn nation that is on its way to ruin. The gameplay in this title is pretty basic, focusing more on the narrative and lore of the nation of Galicia. The Agent of Death’s movement is controlled by using the WASD keys and the E key to interact with objects and people in the game.

The Agent is sent to a charity being hosted by the people of Galicia for a vandalized high school. Once there, the Agent is tasked with talking to some of these people and finding out as much information about them as possible before selecting the target to bring to their death. Players interact with a character and will be prompted to use the number keys to ask them questions."

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