Games of The Last Generation (Our Personal Picks)

TechRaptor - Here at TechRaptor, we all have been patiently waiting for the next generation of gaming to launch and be in full swing, and with the recent release of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One , we can’t help but look back at the masterpieces that were brought to us with games of the last generation. Now this is our personal picks and I know there are MANY titles that could easily make this list, but these are the games that stuck out to us the most. With all the possible games, leave us one of your favorite games of the last generation in the comments so we can see what games where your favorites!

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WeAreLegion1674d ago

Good mix of titles in there. I can't fault any of them for making those choices. All great games.

MONKEYDLUFFY1674d ago*deep breath* MARIO GALAXY!?

Hicken1674d ago

Make that your own game of the generation. For the people at that site, they had their own.

Is Mario Galaxy yours? That's fine. Journey is mine. I'm not gonna bitch because nobody's chosen my game of the generation as their own.

TechRaptor1674d ago

You know my choice was between Portal and Mario Galaxy...Portal edged it out!


_QQ_1674d ago

all fair picks. My GOTG is Xenoblade for sure. Monolith's X will be more than a masterpiece.

JackieCruise691674d ago

My game of the Last Generation is Xenoblade Chronicles by far. Love that game to death.. It's one of those games I'm going to always keep close, never trade, and even one i'll go back and play through again in future generations.

wonderfulmonkeyman1674d ago

So much love for xenoblade is good to see; its highly underrated and deserved more sales than it got.

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