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USA Pre-Order Chart 01/11/2014

Latest pre-order chart for week ending January 11, 2014. (3DS, Destiny, inFamous: Second Son, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, TitanFall, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   593d ago
Destiny for PS4 wow, but already amazing games this year lineup i can't wait to play these games ppl please keep the comments relatively fanboy free!
NatureOfLogic  +   593d ago
I believe Destiny will be the next great multiplayer experience.
ajax17  +   593d ago
Not for me. I prefer The Division.
nope111  +   593d ago
Both looks fantastic. It'll be hard juggling between the two lol.
AnthonyF123  +   593d ago
I never liked halo so I'm not sure how this is gonna go with me. i might hold off for reviews.
kazuma999  +   593d ago
Halo got ruined after 3 don't bother.

PS. 6098 custom games in halo 3, halo on halo ftw
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   593d ago
i have yet to put my preorder in. and were still months away those are great numbers..

i think this Gen i might just download all my games.. I'm getting way to used to just not having to switch discs i don't have to get up and walk towards my tv =) anyone feel this way?

might just preorder on the PSN when its available
AngelicIceDiamond  +   593d ago
Agreed. Glad to see Destiny, Watchdogs, high pre-orders (PS4) Infamous is climbing fast.

Titanfall's also doing well.

Can't say much for PC. Probably because most people don't like Orgin.
Eldyraen  +   593d ago
Destiny and Watchdogs are both sitting near half a million preorders (between all platforms) which is great in my book.

Both Infamous and Titanfall have great numbers too actually which in the case of TF in particular I am glad for. TF even with less players than I was expecting needs a stable player base more than Infamous (since multi vs singleplayer) and hope I can find some new friends ontop of old.

Infamous from what I've seen may sell more consoles though (true exclusive plus existing franchise) which should be a blast to play and explore. I hope they added more stuff to do in the world though as it is the one weak point (especially if good guy). I would love if at some point Infamous had better post-game material in other words. Multiple play throughs are great but wish I had better reason to stick to one characters or the other after competition.

All in all though next few months and rest of the year should be fantastic. Come March when more and more games are released,on top of GDC, should keep me happy for some time to come.
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Axios2  +   593d ago
Looks like the 6 vs 6 news hasn't slowed down TitanFall pre-orders at all
pyramidshead  +   593d ago
Probably because the beta is exclusive to PlayStation systems.
Mikefizzled  +   593d ago
Impressive figures for Destiny except PS3. That thing don't even register. No Tomb Raider or Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Surprising.
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kazuma999  +   593d ago
How the hell did ff13 lightning beat Xbox one watch dogs? I know x1 sucked but damyum ff13 blows.
blusoops  +   593d ago
Isn't garden warfare digital only?
BanginBiscuitz  +   593d ago
LOL Vgcharts why are people still even looking at these when they are constantly being proven wrong? They were severely off with consoles what makes you think they can be right about SOFTWARE?
360ICE  +   593d ago
Don't know why someone has to say this on every VGchartz article, but VGchartz take actual sales from a representative number of stores and extrapolate those results. Will those numbers be dead-on? No, but as you could see with last weeks hardware numbers they were pretty close to the announcements Sony and Microsoft had made.

By all means, take them with a grain of salt. But they're a good indication of the actual sales, if nothing else.
360ICE  +   593d ago
Which PS4 owner in their right mind pre-orders Assassin's Creed: Watch Dogs and not inFamous: Second Son?

- Yeah, hi. I can absorb any superpower and use them as I wish.
- Well, I have a light switch on my phone.

Touché Watch Dogs, touché. That light switch makes up for the inferior graphics, characters, music, developer and the less promising story.
Mega24  +   593d ago
So I'm guessing by just trailers and a 14 minute gameplay, you've finished watch_dogs? or do you actually own it and finished it, cuz that would be amazing, defying the street dates like that.

@below, you are pre judging a game before you even play through it, I've played the 2 infamous games, and to be honest, they are repetitive, but I'm going head high thinking this one will be different, as for Watch_Dogs, its a new IP, based on a old project which was going to be the new Driver game but got scrapped. Give the game a chance before prejudging it saying it has inferior graphics, music, characters and developers, before even immersing yourself in its story, and up until now, I'm more considering Watch_Dogs then I:SS, since its looks more of my style of stealth, vigilante type of game.
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360ICE  +   593d ago
Oh, I was not aware that you had to finish a game to consider it more promising. I take back what I just said, and what I said earlier about Destiny having a bigger scope than Octodad.

...he said sarcastically.

Seriously, though. Could Watch Dogs end up being better than inFamous? For sure. Just doesn't look that way to me.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   593d ago
im not a fan of infamous ill be skipping it didn't catch my attention
weekev15  +   593d ago
So because in real life the main character would kick the other character's ass that makes it a better game? I better go get Marvel superhero alliance then...oh wait.
360ICE  +   593d ago
Yeah, that is exactly what I said. Your reading skills are second to none.

Boy, all I do today is being sarcastic. I should see a psychologist or something.
Eldyraen  +   593d ago
I plan on getting both.
Mega24  +   593d ago
Feel sad for people who are pre-ordering for the last gen, wish everyone could upgrade to the new gen.
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nope111  +   593d ago
Yeah, i don't have a PS4 yet but i'll definitely buy Destiny and The Division on New-Gen only since i honesty can't see both running well on PS30 without a significant downgrade.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   593d ago
@Mega Not everyone doesn't have money to do that. Besides last gen is still a super important and valuable market then next gen.

There's still tons and tons of people that don't have next gen and believe it or not, don't want next gen (right now)

Gotta face the facts that millions upon millions are happy with current gen.
Mega24  +   593d ago
people say their happy, but are they really?

that's why my comment was that, most of them will be missing the experience of the new gen, and most games play a hell of a lot different than on last gen, not just visual wise, but control and fluidity wise, Fifa and battlefield are a total different experience on PS4/X1, that they are on PS3/360.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   593d ago
"people say their happy, but are they really?"

I've spoken to several of my friends and collegues and they said they're not interested right now. Obviously the people who I talk to don't equal the world but there attitude certainly does. There's people out there who simply don't care for next gen right now.

And I'll say these are the people who recently bought a console in the past last 3 to 4 years.

One of my friends recently just got GTA V so hes very settled now. Yeah we had that game at launch back in September.

Now I have a next gen console but I still understand why someone doesn't want one now.
WeAreLegion  +   593d ago
Sony needs to release more info on inFamous. Honestly, I just need to hear that Sucker Punch is making a new game and I'm sold. However, most people will want to know more. I'd rather not see anymore though, personally. I want it all to be a surprise.
pyramidshead  +   593d ago
Remember this is still first wave of games, man. Give them time. They might do what a lot of Sony's first party are doing and split into multiple teams, one working on I:SS sequel and a new IP. Most of them seem to be following some sort of pattern.
WeAreLegion  +   593d ago
Hm? I just think they should advertise inFamous.
KratosSaveUs  +   593d ago
About to put in my preorder on Amazon for InFamous Second Son and MGSV Ground Zeroes. I'll preorder Destiny later this year. And I'm not gonna Preorder Watchdogs,Witcher 3, The Order 1886 yet because we have no release date yet.
christocolus  +   593d ago
Titanfall,destiny and infamous are doing really good.
kunluncat  +   593d ago
What happened to 360 version of Titanfall? Just about 2 month to release.
JeffGUNZ  +   592d ago
It's made by a different studio then respawn, that's what happened.
TheFallenAngel  +   593d ago
I bet destiny on Xbox one will outsell titanfall on Xbox one.
malokevi  +   593d ago
I think it's significant that, for Titanfall, XB360 and PC sales combined are slightly more than half of Titanfall XB1 preorders. Pretty clear where most people will be playing it. Either that, or XB1 owners are more switched on to upcoming games... which makes sense.
WeAreLegion  +   593d ago
Nobody pre-orders on PC unless it has benefits on Steam.
Dlacy13g  +   593d ago
Pretty encouraging numbers for Next Gen. I mean out of the top 7 games, 6 are next gen titles.

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