Xbox One: One Month On

GR-UK writes: "So it's been over a month (and change) since we've adjusted to having the Xbox 360's successor in our homes. We weigh up what, so far, has been working for us, and more importantly, what we're disagreeing with."

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lawgone1648d ago

I pretty much agree with all those points. One other thing I would add is that I'm starting to feel like my 360's controller is more comfortable and more solid. Maybe it's just because I've used it for so long but the size on the 360 is almost perfect. And I really didn't mind the external battery at all. The One controller has a little give in it that I don't feel on the 360. I do like the texture of the sticks better though.

KingDadXVI1648d ago

Some points I agree with and some I don't.

The party, messaging, and voice messaging system needs to be fixed but they have said that it is coming soon so I am not going to complain about that.

Overall though the dashboard works well for me. It definitely works best with voice commands though for which I have had zero problems.

"There's a small, but irritating thing we noticed with Peggle 2, in that the game incessantly records Game Clips without prompting, the continual pop-up notification proving very distracting (and disappointing, as we think we've unlocked a new Achievement)."

I agree with that point although I hardly think that it is massively distracting. It seems that the developer just went a little overboard on auto initiating the DVR. You should be able to turn this off in the game.

"Kinect: if a voice-activated system isn't working 100% of the time, it's not good enough. And that's the case with Xbox One's extra limb. We've been using our Xbox One primarily for Netflix since buying it, and its accuracy in picking up our commands is hit and miss. 'Pause' and 'Play' are easy enough, but the hand gesture tech's went downhill between systems."

OK a question and point here. Number one you don't get 100% accuracy in anything so get real. Does the author of this article shit on their spouse, child, significant other, etc. when they do not hear or understand something they say the first time? Please come out of your fantasy land. I have been using my Xbox One since Christmas and can say that my Xbox is close to 99% correct and I use the voice commands for navigating exclusively. The only time I have an issue is about 1 in 20 times I have to say Xbox On twice. The only other times I have had an issue it has been my fault for not saying the command correctly. The one that comes to mind is when I open One Guide. The first few times I would say, "Xbox Go To One Guide" which would not work but bring up other commands like Upload Studio. Once I realized that to open One Guide you had to say, "Xbox One Guide" (leaving out the Go To) it has worked flawlessly.

As far as the charge kit goes I am not sure why the author did not just by some rechargeable AAs. I got a Energizer rapid charger (charges 4 NiMH batteries in 2 hours) with 12ea 2300mAh batteries for $42 at Target. So far I am getting 30+ hours for one pair of batteries and I don't have to plug the controller into the console to recharge them. They do need to get a battery indicator though.

@lawgone I would have agreed with you a couple of weeks ago but I am starting to prefer my One controller now but only slightly. The knurled grips on the thumbs sticks are awesome and so are the rumble triggers. There was not much room for improvement on the 360 controller and at first I kind of missed the external battery as I was used to my fingers resting against it.

Over all the best console experience I have had so far and I have owned them all starting with the Atari 2600 when I was 8.

Dinkis1648d ago

Energizers are the best way to go. Been using them since 2007 with my 360,not the same one though but they did last me about 5 years. I agree that the kinect works really well but I have had some of the same issues the author has had but it usually only when it loud or a lot of ppl talking. Also check this out video.
I was on my phone playing it about 5 feet away while my Xbox was on Netflix and it signed me out

KingDadXVI1648d ago

Ah yes, the sign out Troll. Funny but what a dick, LOL.

I won't deny that the odd time I have to repeat a command but for me it isn't anywhere near as bad as a lot of trolls try to make it out to be. I can go for days without having it miss a command. Too be honest it works a lot better than I had expected. I suppose it depends on your accent too but as I understand it they are going to continue refining the software for the Kinect and continue improving it.

For my 360 I always bought the MS battery packs as they lasted really well but the only thing available at launch was the play and charge kit and I don't like having the cord attached to my console. You have to sit too close to the TV and people tend to trip over the things potentially damaging something. I have two controllers and 12 rechargeable AAs so I always have a minimum of 4 batteries charged and a maximum of 8 charged. It is cheap and better than plugging your controller in IMO.