Exploiters haven’t ruined GTA Online, Rockstar’s policies have

Bracken Lee-Rudolph from ITF Gaming writes: Grand Theft Auto Online was a feature approached by many gamers with much enthusiasm – the opportunity to share the chaos of GTA with friends and other online players. However, when it released – several weeks after launch – that enthusiasm had been dampened somewhat, both by the news that the servers would launch unstably and that there would be microtransactions within the game.

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Septic1472d ago

Is GTA really ruined though? My friends and I have a blast on it.

CataclysmicDawn1472d ago

Ruined in the manner that the validity of the experience has been compromised, not that it's horrible to play.

Thanks for reading though!

AngelicIceDiamond1471d ago

@Septic Yeah it is.

And I agree with the piece. Let me start by saying the game would of gotten exploited no matter what. (That's gamers for you)

But imo it wouldn't of gotten nearly as bad if R* didn't tamper with the game so much. First you couldn't replay missions, then they docked the pay from the missions. Then they dock the pay for races.

On top of lazy DLC and no new or variety in missions. And R* just takes forever getting anything out Nobody knows when heists come out still?

Base jumping, jet racing, helicopter racing etc. Were just distractions and waste of time if you wanted to make money.

And that's the thing most people just wanted to make money. But R* just like every other dev got greedy and restricted everything just to piss off people, that's it.

Which is why majority of the community broke the game from the inside out.

Its there fault.

Joe9131471d ago

So everyone is crying because they don't allow you to milk the missions by doing one mission over and over lol just do your missions there are a lot of missions that pay good I make $50,000 to 100,000 every time I sit down and play that game because me and friends grind through missions together never had a problem so I do not see what all the crying is about I understood when people money or character was missing but not because of the fact they changed it to were people can't be lazy and try to milk the game everyone knew about the micro-transactions when they bought the game did you really think they was going to let you be lazy about it.

Patrick_pk441471d ago

@Joe913 The problem is that the game contains micro-transaction, which ruin the experience. Why should I grind for cash, when someone can easily buy it and unlock everything in a matter of minutes, while I spend a matter of several hours. The missions themselves are boring and dull, the content made by users tops R*'s. Heists which were promised within the first month aren't even in the game after several months. Why do I get penalized for committing crimes, such as blowing up peoples cars? I swear this is Grand Theft Auto. Why is exploiting the game wrong when the whole point is to be a criminal? The game has nothing in terms of online to keep it entertaining, I can only play for at least an hour until boredom strikes.

YodaCracker1471d ago

@Patrick_pk44 "Why should I grind for cash, when someone can easily buy it and unlock everything in a matter of minutes"

You can't have played much of the online to believe that is true. Most things are level locked. You can not simply purchase currency and go buy everything. You must have reached the appropriate level to unlock items for purchase. So even with exploiters handing out billions of dollars, you still could not buy a carbine rifle until level 42 or a minigun unless you were level 110.

DanielGearSolid1471d ago

It's not ruined in any way shape or form IMO

Ppl exploited sure... But I didnt and I'm enjoying working my way up to stuff I wanna purchase

-SIXAXIS-1471d ago

I also enjoy it still. If others want to exploit the game, that's their decision. It doesn't really affect my personal gameplay.

LeCreuset1471d ago

I'll put it this way. I don't trade in my games, but if I did GTA V would be the #1 candidate for getting traded in. It's really not the type of game where I want to go through the campaign again, nor is there really anything to do after the campaign. The multiplayer... The article covered the multiplayer. As it is, I have that game out on indefinite loan to a neighbor.

Ripsta7th1471d ago

I call BS on this,the si gle player alone is so vast that there isnt probably another game that gives you so much freedom

pompombrum1471d ago

That's crazy.. now I am the sort of guy who trades games in after playing them and usually early on too so I can make the most money back however I wouldn't dream of trading in GTA 5. I'm discouraged by the online at present as there doesn't feel like much to do for me anymore however it's still a great way to waste an hour just messing around.

AngelicIceDiamond1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

@Creuset Ok I would go THAT far now.

"I don't trade in my games, but if I did GTA V would be the #1 candidate for getting traded in."

"It's really not the type of game where I want to go through the campaign again, nor is there really anything to do after the campaign,"

GTA single player was the obvious big seller and the reason why people like the single player so much was not only was it the largest game, or you can do so much more in past sandbox games ever.

But because they had interesting characters. It had the three greatest cast of characters that people loved and were super heavily interested in. I haven't seen this strong sentiment in player and character in games interaction in a while.

Tomb Raiders Laura Croft, Joel and Elly in TLOU and Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. Were definitely all great fantastically written characters that people wanted to get to know.

(Sorry Chief and Cortana. I mean Halo 4 had the best Chief character of all the Halo's but Chief's still lack of emotion and few lines still gets on my nerves)

2013 was a great comeback for greatly written or re-written (Laura) characters that I've seen most of current gen. And I hope to see more great characters on next gen.

Back to my point. Whatever SP DLC R* throws my way I'm buying. I wanna see more of trevor, Mike and Frank. And see how the FIB are gonna screw with these three hilarious written characters. Which is why I'm keeping my copy.

Forget the MP right now.

LeCreuset1471d ago

@Ripsta7th, aiBreeze, and AngeliclceDiamond

Remember, I said IF I were in the habit of trading in my games GTA would be at the top of my list. That's no knock on the single player. I thought it was the best GTA single player campaign ever, and you can't talk character of the year without including Trevor. I just don't have any real desire to replay the campaign. That's cool. It was the job of the multiplayer to provide replayability.

CataclysmicDawn1471d ago

I agree with this. I usually trade in my games when specials are on, and I want to cut the price down really low on something, and GTA V - were it not for the fact that I play it a lot with my friends - is one that I'd consider trading, especially if I got banned by one of Rockstar's systems or the online got reset, as it won't be worth it to walk all that back up to normal.

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Zancruz1471d ago

Yeah it is! While GTA Online can still be fun to play, A lot of what made the game good has been ruined by Glitchers, Hackers and Rockstar themselves.

frostypants1471d ago

It's not ruined. It was never that great to begin with.

lolCHILLbro1471d ago

Economy and Ranks have all been devalued due to exploits and hacking on GTA Online, rendering the game pointless to play unless you just screw around the whole time, the structure of the online experience has been ruined yes

NeoTribe1471d ago

Gta online was ruined the second i entered the horrid char creater.

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xPhearR3dx1472d ago

So basically the author is upset he can't quickly buy everything he wants in the game. The whole point of GTA Online is to have long lasting online experience. If they made it where you could easily buy the most expensive, well everything, in a week, what would be the incentive to continue playing?

You would have every car you want, house, weapons, ammo etc. At that point, you start to become bored and have nothing to work towards. My only real complaint was the medical bills costing 2K, but that has been changed to $250.

I love how people complain games are too short, or they complete and get everything too fast. Then GTA Online comes along and now those same people are complaining it takes too long then complains about microtransactions.

Here's a fun fact. Rockstar has not once promoted their microtransactions. They announced them, and simply said: "For players who don't want to spend hours players, here's an alternative". While at the same time, still requiring them to play and level up so those players who play can't simply "pay-to-win". TBH, I completely forgot microtransactions were in the game. They're never shoved in my face, and I like working towards what I want.

CataclysmicDawn1472d ago

Not at all - I was more upset that my ammo bill came to more than my earnings for the past 6/7 missions combined. I don't want the planes/cars/houses etc. to be cheaper, I want the peripheral costs to be more balanced, because in no way is a $70,000 ammo bill a balanced expense in a game where you're earning between $5,000 and $10,000 on average a mission.

I play the game to play with my friends - and in that respect, its excellent. Now it's more fun - since my impromptu cash injection - because I now have the vehicles and resources to make the missions passable and the gameplay more enjoyable for me and my friends. I'm not concerned with being able to afford everything; there's still stuff I have yet to unlock, and the levelling and missions will tide me over until heists arrive.

I'm not complaining it's too long, you misread my intention. I'm complaining that it's imbalanced. GTA Online is as long or short as you want it to be, because there's no endgame.

My problem is that the content isn't enjoyable because I always have to worry if I'll be able to keep saving for a particular car if I throw a sticky bomb at the asshole shooting at me for two reasons: a) Sticky bombs go for a price where throwing one is equivalent to a tenth of your average mission, and they go quickly, and b) He may or may not be driving a personal vehicle, which I'll have to pay the insurance for if I blow up, and run the risk of being thrown into Bad Sport lobbies (up to now).

Sure they haven't? I've seen them a couple of times in the GTA Online loading screen. The problem with your logic is that one way or another, you still have to spend hours on the game - which equates to spending numerous hours playing. Once again, my problem isn't with that, otherwise I'd have a go at Battlefield, Skate, and a myriad of other EA games.

My problem is that Rockstar are actively hunting the money exploiters instead of fixing issues within their undoubtedly glitchy multiplayer because of an apparent need to fill the microtransactions they're missing out on. My gripes aren't with the game itself, which I enjoy and have put hundreds of hours into, my gripes are that Rockstar are treating players who have paid their $60 or so dollars for the game like criminals because they got targeted by an exploiter, which for me is wrong, especially when there are active hacks in their game, the multiplayer is yet unfinished and connection glitches are more common than clean joins.

frostypants1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

If you think heists are EVER coming, you're in for disappointment. They've sold about as many copies of the game as they're going to and the online is free. I guarantee you some bean counter in their Finance department killed off the heists development a long, long time ago, because there's no fiscal justification to do it. It's just not gonna happen. It's a fabled unicorn feature that will never be real. Even if they did it, nobody will be playing anymore by the time they finish it.

Let go, man. Just let it go....

The only way it ever happens is if it is paid DLC...which would result in a PR debacle that I doubt they are willing to deal with.

BALLARD321472d ago

Well said. That's exactly why a lot of these people who have hacked in loads of money or have been gifted it are bored of GTA Online. Doing everything legitimately will increase replayability and give you a sense of accomplishment.

LeCreuset1471d ago

People are bored of it because Rockstar failed to provide a proper experience, instead focusing on selling in-game money. I've spent quite some time playing Final Fantasy XI, and anyone who has played that game can tell you about a challenging online grind. GTA Online isn't that. It's a cash grab. Why is it that the most expensive apartment in the game is no different from the cheapest apartment in the same building? For that matter, it's not really that much different than the cheapest apartment in the game, period. It's not lazy, entitled, gamers. It's Rockstar.

frostypants1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

The problem is the reward for "accomplishment" is a stupid article of clothing or some minimally faster car. Bleh.

GTA Online does nothing well. Every mission mode it has is handled better by some other game. The only real fun is griefing people in free mode, which gets boring pretty quickly itself.

AngelicIceDiamond1471d ago

The only way to get me back is if they redo the entire GTA online experience.

fresh missions, brand new and great DLC and all.

Just everything. Considering half the community in the game are billionaires I don't know how they're gonna do that.

frostypants1471d ago

It's severely lacking in content. The missions are terrible...hardly anyone even plays them. The bank heist concept had promise, but they never delivered on it.

T21471d ago

Ya alot more thought should have gone into it really... I bought the cheapest 10 car garage because who cares? the higher end ones should at least have some security to prevent campers stalking you outside... how about some bullet proof glass at least on suv vehicles... heists, ammo bills are indeed too high, and this is just off the top of my head... oh and locked on fire modes on drivers was already terrible in gta4, makes driving around a death sentence

frostypants1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Yeah, the lock-on is ridiculous. If someone was chasing me (before I gave up on the game), I would just put some distance between me and the chaser, did a 180 and slammed the brakes. Then I got out and just stared them down, locked on and bam...pretty much an insta-kill. It's funny, but it's stupid that it should be so easy.

DanielGearSolid1471d ago

I'm not surprised a game like this would have Microtransactions... Its essentially an MMO... It doesnt bother me tho... I'm pretty confident Rockstar will make good use of the Money as the game continues to evolve

BanginBiscuitz1471d ago

GTA online is not even 5% of what it should of been. GTA online was supposed to be fun and enjoyable even years beyond from release, and thats not gonna happen. The entire experience is screwed up from hackers and people who just destroy the play. Rockstar has done a horrible job in fixing the problems too.

DanielGearSolid1471d ago

What are you saying?

"Should have been"???

You say it like they completely stopped development on it... Have some patience

And if you don't mind me asking how do the exploiters personally ruin YOUR experience online?

T21471d ago

Well you are right noone can really ruin your fun as you can play alone or with friends but I think the theme is that it isn't what many thought it would be... I got bored and cheated early because I got sick of being invited to races with ppl who had the best cars and only want to use you as a sucker, and because honestly the missions are boring... Also it's gta and I feel cheating is par for the course... blowing up someone elses car is pure gta, banning them to a bad sport lobby is not... I've been in gta since gta2

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