PlayStation 4: One Month On

GR-UK writes: "PlayStation 4 launched in Europe on November 29 and we've been playing ever since, finding things we really like and things we'd like to see improve."

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Mega241651d ago

hmm, maybe it was the EU shop that was unresponsive, cuz the NA is working correctly since launch, although the first week was chaos with so many people trying to redeem, buy, and sign in to PSN. As for the share part, I thought I could edit them with my recordings with Sony Vega, guess in the future maybe.

MasterCornholio1651d ago

The first few days of the PS4s launch in Europe was horrible for me. I couldn't use PSN at all and I had issues with some plus games. I'm glad thats over but I hope it doesn't happen again.

XANDEO1651d ago

The battery life on the dualshock 4 is really bad when compared with the dualshock 3. Im constantly rotating between my two pads, theres no way the led is using so much power, im thinking its a weaker battery inside perhaps?

Hicken1651d ago

More likely the touchpad.

MasterCornholio1651d ago

I never drained the battery yet but thats because I only game for an hour or two at a time then I plug my controller in to charge it.

Mnemonic-DK1651d ago

The lightbar is most likely the problem - a typical LED will draw 20 milliamps or more:

Also, the BT comms chip will draw some current.

imt5581651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Yes, LED is the BIG problem for DS4 :

The DS4 has a 1000mAh Li-ion battery therefore the idle battery life would be calculated as:

LED enabled: (1000/80) = 12.5 hours
LED disabled: (1000/35) to (1000/30) = 28.6 hours

Dualshock 3 battery : 610 mAh

Tester pull of the LED from DS4 ( cca. 6 strong LED's )

HIGHLY recommend :

kazuma9991651d ago

Ppl still complain after they made the damn battery pack to extend the life of the duelshock 4? L.....o....................... .............................

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Grave1651d ago

I just wish I could find one in stock:

For comparison, the Xbox One:

Chris121651d ago

Off topic trolling, step right up.

harrisk9541651d ago

Why is that trolling? He is stating a fact.

MysticStrummer1651d ago

That's not off topic. I'm TV shopping before buying a PS4, and I've been checking console supplies while I'm at it. One month on, and PS4s are still scarce while XB1s sit there.

kazuma9991651d ago

Xbox one - fail so no one is buying.

harrisk9541651d ago

The chart for the PS4 is crazy on that site! It is in stock and out of stock within a few minutes or so. Look at the times!

Date/Time Status
Jan 13 - 4:19 PM EST Amazon : Console Out of Stock
Jan 13 - 4:16 PM EST Amazon : Console Preorder for $399.99
Jan 13 - 4:14 PM EST Amazon : Console Out of Stock
Jan 13 - 4:13 PM EST Amazon : Console Preorder for $399.99
Jan 13 - 2:31 PM EST Amazon : Console Out of Stock
Jan 13 - 2:29 PM EST Amazon : Console Preorder for $399.99
Jan 13 - 2:08 PM EST Amazon : Bundle: Kindle Fire HDX 7" 16GB Out of Stock
Jan 13 - 2:05 PM EST Amazon : Console Out of Stock
Jan 13 - 1:40 PM EST Amazon : Console In Stock for $399.99
Jan 13 - 1:39 PM EST Amazon : Bundle: Kindle Fire HDX 7" 16GB In Stock for $628.99

Grave1651d ago

Ya, it's incredible. I had no idea about the difference in demand between the two consoles until I actually went out and tried to buy one.

harrisk9541651d ago

This article is ridiculous.

"The online experience on PlayStation 4 was simply put very poor as it launched. Sony scrambled to add features we all took for granted and while we still hold Xbox One leagues ahead in this area, online is now serviceable on PlayStation 4."

What is the author talking about? I have heard nothing of that sort from any gaming media. As a person who got the PS4 on launch day, there have been no online issue that I would have expected from such a huge product roll-out. For anyone that owns both the PS4 and XB1, I would be interested to know if the XB1 was better than the PS4, because from what I understand anectodally, that is just not the case. If anyone listens to the Axe Factor, Brent Adams owns both systems and he was super critical of the XB1 and had nothing but great things to say about the PS4.

"We've had other painful experiences like getting our singleplayer progress wiped in Battlefield 4"

This is not the PS4's fault... Battlefield was plagued with issues from the developer side. The PC version is even worse from what I hear.

imt5581651d ago

Yep, no problem for PS4 when you connect on servers. Here is my video which showing various maps in BF4 MP and connections on servers :