Most Anticipated of 2014: Thief | OnlySP

OnlySP: Thief is a title that looks to be splitting opinions. Hardcore fans of the series seem averse to the update that their beloved franchise is receiving, while those who haven’t played the original games are having their interest piqued. Perhaps this is because gamers can often be resistant to change, or perhaps it’s because they’re concerned that it’s becoming a “modern” stealth game or that it looks similar to Dishonored, which is fair considering Dishonored looks like the original Thief games. Regardless, Thief is a first-person stealth game by Edios Montreal and is one of OnlySP’s most anticipated games of 2014.

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Meltic1674d ago

i Think it will be too short game but perfect to mee to play until march when infamous and MGS5 is coming... and hopefully a release date for dying light

PockyKing1674d ago

There's so many games coming out in the next few months that I'll happily enjoy a game I can beat within a few days to move onto the next.

Meltic1674d ago

The cool for me is that i live near ubisofts office. They have an office here in sweden in Malmo city. I live appromaxily 100 meters from them. I saw their cars in the parking lot. They have a Watch dog car. Looks cool. I talked to Lars bonde Watch dogs animater. He told me that he dont want to reveal release date but the are near the end now. They are fixing some bugs now. He told me that they dont want to do mistakes like DICE did to bf4.

Outlaw19861673d ago

I'm going to just try to get this game from gamefly. I'm buying Titanfall 2 weeks after this comes out. :)