Plug & Pay Monthly: Is The World Ready For Razer's Crazy Modular PC?

Dealspwn writes: "You've got to hand it to Razer: they're always willing to think outside the box with crazy new ideas. Quite literally, because CES 2014 saw the reveal of their latest Skunkworks concept, a modular PC that takes the jargon, mystery and wrist clips out of upgrading a rig by not using a case at all. Project Christine is effectively a skeleton tower with space to slot processors, graphics cards, RAM, power supplies and storage drives directly into it with no fuss or hassle, allowing users to build a rig much like playing with DUPLO.

Want to upgrade your graphics card? Just buy a better one and plug it in, perhaps even leaving your old one in place for extra grunt. Fancy some additional RAM? Stick it in and you're good to go in seconds. Each module is self-contained, boasting the plug & play drivers alongside liquid mineral oil cooling in a single sealed unit. There's nothing to open up, nothing to bodge and to potentially break, completely demystifying one of the most intimidating parts of the PC experience for inexperienced or time-pressed gamers."

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