PlayStation Plus: BioShock Infinite Joins the Instant Game Collection

By Kristine Steimer: "It’s almost time for BioShock Infinite to join the Instant Game Collection! The first BioShock allowed you to explore the downfall of the underwater society Rapture, but BioShock Infinite takes you to the skies – specificially the utopia of Colombia. As Booker DeWitt, a hired gun, you’ve been contracted to find Elizabeth, a mysterious girl locked up in a massive tower with a giant mechanical bird as a bodyguard. Just like BioShock had plasmids to amp up its first-person shooter combat, BioShock Infinite has vigors. Ranging from defensive with Return to Sender, which absorbs all damage and sends it hurling back at your enemy to the offensive with Charge, where Booker will slam into a specified opponent, you can mix up your play style throughout the game’s campaign."

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xHeavYx1563d ago

Another great game for this month

dericb111563d ago

Between the sale and this game my PS4 will be waiting till March to be turned on again.

Bravo, Good Show Sony lol

Ripsta7th1563d ago

Same here i have som many games on my ps3, but as soon as driveclub is out i will put my ps3 to rest

cleft51563d ago

I'll be getting this game for free and buying Tales of Xillia for $10. I need to buy a bigger hard drive for my ps3 and ps4.

shammgod1563d ago

Continued ROI for owning the PS3! Great addition!

XiSasukeUchiha1563d ago

Great game for the month!!!!

amnalehu1563d ago

I still can't believe this is coming to plus! Time to warm up the PS3!

dericb111563d ago

Warm up? Been blown mines up even while owning the PS4

amnalehu1563d ago

I've been taking a break from the PS4 and the PS3; part of my new years fast. My PS3 gets a lot of use still and I have no plans of letting it go anytime soon. Especially if games the Bioshock coming to PS+!

KwietStorm1563d ago

Well mine only gets warmed up to watch local video, since PS4 can't do that.

CaptainYesterday1563d ago

Really awesome for the people that didn't get the chance to play it :)

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The story is too old to be commented.