The Dangerous Book for Zerglings

During their exclusive hands-on-with-the-Zerg play session at Blizzard (see Monday's preview), 1UP thought it would prove useful to StarCraft fans if they scribbled down as many notes as they could about the building cost, construction speed, and prerequisites of everything in the new Zerg tech tree. After all, real-time strategy games like StarCraft II are a measure of one's command of timing, organization, and strategy -- not to mention mouse and keyboard dexterity.

So, with the aim of providing you with a roster of the current -- according to Blizzard -- pre-alpha version of StarCraft II, 1UP present the Zerg tech tree as they know it. While they have tried to recreate the information as accurately as possible, there may be the occasional inconsistency -- and since Blizzard is constantly tuning and retuning, all of this info is highly subject to extreme change. In other words, 1UP takes no responsibility for your failed Zerg rush.

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