Metal Gear Solid 2 versus Battlefield 4 Graphics - The 12 year difference

A look at the difference 12 years can make in terms of expectations of graphics and how far developers have come with what they can and can’t include within our beloved video games.

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sigfredod1673d ago

Really, a FPS compared to MGS??? lol

Hellsvacancy1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It's comparing graphics not gameplay

I would of thought of a couple of better games though. MGS2 didn't look that pretty 12 years ago

Killzone 1 vs Killzone SF

yellowgerbil1673d ago

what are you talking about, MGS 2 looked magnificent when it came out.

Hellsvacancy1673d ago

Compared to the HD collection (which he's playing in the video) it didn't

mochachino1673d ago

MGS 2 looked absolutely incredible when it came out. The rain on the coat alone was amazing.

Did you play MGS 2 several years after it came out?

MGS 2 was a huge leap in graphics. It was the welcome to the next-gen moment. Especially considering MGS1 graphics....

MysticStrummer1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

"It's comparing graphics not gameplay"

Graphics are tied to gameplay in certain ways. It's easier to make a 3rd person stealth game with little destructibility look great than to make a FPS with large destructible levels and long line of sight look great.

"MGS2 didn't look that pretty 12 years ago"

You can't be serious.

EDIT - Ah I see that you mean he's playing the HD collection version, but that just makes the comparison even more meaningless.

ape0071673d ago

"MGS2 didn't look that pretty 12 years ago"

hahahahahah MGS 2 was mindbogglingly extraordinary when it came out

the moment when u first play that demo (that came with ZoE2) will never be forgotten

MrCrimson1673d ago

MGS2 holds up even today man.

Inception1673d ago

"MGS2 didn't look that pretty 12 years ago"

Lol, if you said that 12 years ago, i'm sure a lot of people will reccomend you to check your eyes to the doctor.

Hellsvacancy1673d ago

Wow, talk about misunderstood, 12 years we didn't have HDTVs, MGS2 didn't look as good then as it does now in HD, that's what I was pointing out

Triella1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )


I could argue that it's easier to push good graphics in a FPS or any first person perspective game than it is with a third person perspective game because it doesn't require complex animations of your caracter, and there's no need to implement a manual or automated camera-control scheme.

Bdub20001672d ago

I remember MGS2, back when I didn't pay much attention to graphics and it was all about great game play and an original story. Miss those days a bit...

Eamon1672d ago

Hellsvacancy, I don't think you played MGS2 when it first came out 12 years ago.

The graphics were phenomenal and miles ahead of most of its competition.

I would even say it was better than some early 360/PS3 games.

mp12891672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

even twin snakes that came out three years later looked great, it advertised mgs2 graphics. I could argue mgs2 (2001) had the best graphics ever for its time.

EDIT: nvm, i don't wanna argue anything, but i was also highly impressed by:
-Resident Evil Remake (2002)
-Gears of War (2006)
-Uncharted (2007),Crysis (2007)
-MGS4 (2008)
-Uncharted 2 (2009), Killzone 2 a few months earlier
-Battlefield 3 (2011)
-Uncharted 4??? (2014/5?)
-Lets not forget ps1 and n64 had mgs1 and goldeneye

Deadpoolio1672d ago

It looked good back in the day....MGS 2 hasn't aged well at all, hell it doesn't even look that good in the HD collection

grimmweisse1672d ago

I take it you are 12 years old!

kevnb1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

the hd version is just rendered at higher res, its the same beautiful game. Ill admit the ps2 resolution was pretty damn low, but it was good for the time and the hardware.

Murad1672d ago

You must have been blind 12 years ago, and that's not being offensive, that's telling you the truth. MGS 2 and 3 were nominated for breaking the Ps2's graphical fidelity, same as GoW.

cell9891672d ago

obviously you didnt migrated from PS1 to PS2 or you would have been floored by MGS2 graphics at the time. noob

SilentNegotiator1672d ago

I'll take those MGS2 graphics any day. I hate those unnatural looking lens flare effects and the dirty lens effects; design for function, developers.

Hellsvacancy1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Wow, sooo many stupid replies, it's pointless trying to explain myself

I didn't say MGS2 looked bad, I said the standard def version (from 12 years ago) does compared to the HD version that was released a while ago

I played MGS2 in my bedroom on a portable 19' standard def tv, played MGSHD Collection on my 42'hdtv

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raWfodog1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Yeah, I would have thought that MGS2 and MGS Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain provided a far more relevant comparison.

Now I'll go read the article...

Edit: After watching I see that he was comparing the similar environments such as the interior of the ships and the underwater sequences but I still feel it was a pointless comparison.

geddesmond1672d ago

Lol and hes also comparing graphics from 12 years ago even though he's playing the HD version of MGS2 lol. This is just a stupid thing to do.

Septic1673d ago

Up next; Vib Ribbon vs Killzone: Shadowfall.

Lord_Sloth1673d ago

You sir have made me laugh. Thank you, I needed it.

GentlemenRUs1672d ago

That game needs to be remade and put as a PSN title! I could get back into that game again!

jackanderson19851673d ago

why not compare it to battlefield 1942 that's 12 years old

ThatCanadianGuy5141673d ago

Because that would make sense.

We can't be having no sense round' deese parts.

guitarded771673d ago

My initial thought... right after thinking that this is the dumbest comparison ever.

Murad1672d ago

I was thinking the same, or even games like IDK, GoW? I mean, MGS 2 did reach a new graphical fidelity within gaming, but so did games like Persona 3, and many others.

tigertron1673d ago

Wouldn't it have been better to have compared MGS2 to MGSV?

RaidensRising1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It's not a bad comparison if you actually watch the video and get over the fact they are different genres.

ziggurcat1673d ago

... and different POVs...

it's a lousy comparison.

Kiddcarter1673d ago

exactly what ziggurcat said POV is very important when you compare graphics, so just because both games have water and corridors in them doesn't make this a good comparison. whats next crash bandicoot vs next gen nba 2k, just because they both have jumping in them?

MysticStrummer1673d ago

It's a meaningless comparison.