Edmund McMillen Reveals Details about Isaac’s Rebirth

In a public Question and Answer segment on his personal website, Creator Edmund McMillen revealed some interesting details about the upcoming title; The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. McMillen is a popular figure in the gaming community, largely due to his ability to speak candidly with his fan base, and his responses remain faithful to that distinction.

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1nsomniac1563d ago

Looking forward to this re-releasing on Vita\PS4 as long as the pricing is good.

I bought this on PC for £3 but didn't have gamepad support or anything so depending if they add any new content i'd be willing to buy it again for £5.

1nsomniac1563d ago

Awesome! Hopefully we don't have to wait to long. I'm guessing March as it says early 2014 & Outlast is Feb & it says that secret poncho is April.

atomicbombs1563d ago

Most anticipated game of 2014 besides Smash Bros.

XtraTrstrL1563d ago

Yeah, the game is great on PC, haven't played in awhile. Will be nice to get a new version for free on PS4.