DCUO Blog- A Brave New World of Leveling Up

PSHG Team Writer AAMCSYSTEMS describes some new ways of leveling up with the new armories dropping on January 14th.

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jackanderson19851650d ago

i'm loving this game... played it on the pc ages back but kinda fell out with it.... back playing it on the auld PS4... can ya change ur "powers" after u've already started and played for a bit does anyone know?

Felix3131650d ago

yes - you can buy a power respec token in the in-game cash shop, or if you have a sub you can save your LP and buy it from the loyalty vendor.

jackanderson19851650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

@both of ya

eh screw that ha i'll just make a new character i haven't progressed that far

thanks anyways lads/ladies/robots/plants

Felix3131650d ago

that's what I do when I want to try a different power.

Goku7811650d ago

So addicted to this game. Constantly trying to level up.