PS4 Has More Than Doubled Xbox One Sales In Germany

iGR: "According to European outlet Next-Gamer the sales numbers for Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One have been revealed. It appears that PS4 has outsold Xbox One by a wide margin thus far."

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Septic1651d ago

I wouldn't be surprised. Not a single person I asked at Germany said they wanted the Xbox One. Almost everyone was interested in the PS4.

mewhy321651d ago

this seems to be happening world wide.

IcyEyes1650d ago

100k Xbone are still too many.

Utalkin2me1650d ago

Well people in Germany have common sense is why.

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MysticStrummer1651d ago

"Not a single person I asked at Germany said they wanted the Xbox One. Almost everyone was interested in the PS4."

I've gotten the same results in the US, but XB1 is doing fine there.

PudgeySan1651d ago

If that is the case, Your assumption seems to plead that everyone is getting one on launch day. If most people are getting a ps4 I am assuming the gap will get larger over time as a good percentage of those people will probably buy later this year into next year and later.

MysticStrummer1651d ago

I'm not assuming anything. I was just replying to what Septic said :

"I wouldn't be surprised. Not a single person I asked at Germany said they wanted the Xbox One. Almost everyone was interested in the PS4."

He (or she) took an informal poll and most wanted a PS4 so he (or she) isn't surprised at the headline. I took an informal poll and most wanted a PS4, but XB1 is selling better in NA than in Germany.

Same poll results, different sales numbers. That's all I was saying.

MeknSence1651d ago

"XB1 is doing fine there"

What legit article did you read on that? It does look good with plenty of day 1 edition still available for "XB1"! The US were never Microsoft territory. What people fail to realize, (well fanboys I should), Microsoft had an entire year start with the 360, but yet PS3 has surpassed them!

Ripsta7th1651d ago

@Meknsense- thing is MS got loaded with way more xbox than ps4 which is why they arent selling as fadt as the ps4 . The supply for ps4 is below what MS is supplying atm, MS only covered 13 territories while Sony has like 27;6 i beleive?

MysticStrummer1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

"What legit article did you read on that?"

Maybe I should clarify what I mean by "fine"…

PS4 is winning NA, but it's not by the margin I and others expected. Not yet anyway, probably because Sony is struggling to meet demand. In comparison to these numbers from Germany, XB1 is selling ok in NA.

There are no legit articles on these numbers yet.

I do see a lot of XB1s on shelves in Texas, and very few PS4s, so if Sony can meet demand they'll most likely widen the gap.

Charybdis1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Sony is doing much better going by the given numbers. Microsoft still managed to sell to more than one person.
Microsoft could be doing better or worse in Germany compared to previous generation of their console. Would be interesting to see a comparison between the previous and current generations (xb1, x360 and original xb) of the first weeks of sales. Then we could see if microsoft is better or worse of in Germany with the xb1 over the given period.

Pogmathoin1650d ago

I can see PS4 pull away, but X1 will sell more later on, with price drops, and the fact people will have PS4 already. Both have already done phenomenally well, which is good. This is like the great Adidas V Nike wars, that no one cared about, as its just 2 corporate brands... move on...

ITPython1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Here's the whole story:

"So, you getting an Xbox One or PlayStation 4?"

"I'm getting an Xbox One, but only because I couldn't find any PS4's and want to get a small taste of next-gen gaming until PS4's are in stock again"

This is a big part of the XB1 sales figures. The other major part of the 'sales' is due to all the XB1 giveaways MS has going on... pretty much at every fast food place, every bag of Frito Lay chips, all over soda cans and soda bottles, energy drinks etc etc etc. I bet at least 2 million US 'sales' of XB1 was simply from MS giving them away, which is an interesting tactic to raise their sales numbers to make the console appear more desired than it really is.

Then you have the other 15-20%, which voluntarily buy an XB1 because they actually want one.

Sitdown1650d ago

So people who want ps4, instead of waiting just go out and drop $500 on an xbox one just to get a taste of next gen. Please post the links for giveaways from all these restaurants, chips, and sodas... thanks in advance

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razrye1651d ago

Yeah was at gamescom as well. That ps4 stand was packed!

ExtoVert1651d ago

Wasn't the xbox 360 banned in Germany a while back. That may have something to do with them more interested in PlayStation. PlayStation 4 the win :)

Rustynail1651d ago

Banned? You must be dreaming. Xbox One is the king.

DarkHeroZX1650d ago


Lol you must be delusional from that rusty nail you stepped on if you honestly believe that.

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lawgone1650d ago

I have a hunch that Germans aren't as big a fan of the COD series considering it started out being all about WW2 and they were the enemies. Considering Xbox is favored amongst COD fans (generally speaking) that could have something to do with it.

Also, PS is just bigger in Europe than it is in the US. But what do I care, I'm getting both. I predominantly play the Xbox though.

shadowT1650d ago

I am from Germany.. and NO the Xbox console was never banned in Germany.

Gears of War once did not got an age rating and because of missing age rating, MS decided not to sell Gears of War for a given time.

ExtoVert1650d ago this was back in October 2013. Now i should have been clear the xbox wasnt banned from playing, it was all sales of xbox 360 n software was banned for a little while. until they resovled the law suit

shadowT1650d ago

Nope, Xbox console was never banned in Germany and sales also not stopped. Even Motorola won, they did not got the approval to stop also the Xbox sales in Germany.

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Mister_Dawg1651d ago

So you asked all 82million German's their preference when it comes to consoles?

Well that is one hell of an achievement. You must be really tired. ;-)

DarkHeroZX1650d ago

Are there 82 million Germans?

Magicite1651d ago

and not just in Germany.

SpinalRemains1381650d ago

Klaus and Helmut know what time it is.

lawgone1650d ago

I voted agree because at first I thought you were joking when you said "not a single person I asked AT Germany...". Kinda like the knobs who post "I checked every store around me and blah, blah, blah."

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XiSasukeUchiha1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

PS4 Domination is definte now in Germany at least

5eriously1651d ago

And the same will apply World wide once stocks equals demand. (wink)

If I go by the comments on N4G of most of the M$ supporters who purchased the Xbone first stating during their "justification" regards to in future owning both consoles thus buying the PS4 later then there are still another huge demand coming in addition to the current demand, that's IF we can believe what most of them said.

lawgone1650d ago

@5eriously Why in the world would anyone in their right mind "go by the comments on N4G." That's like saying "based on the comments at Fox News". Come on man. Stop being such a fanboy. No one needs to "justify" a purchase of the Xbox One to you either. People say why they got it and you see it as a "justification"? Whatever.

And saying M$ is just stupid. Watch... P$! Now they're greedy!

tiremfej1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

@seriously why would I want a PS4? I'm a X1 owner I don't want or have any desire to purchase a PS4. It is funny though, that you think everyone wants one.

5eriously1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


Seriously some people have difficulty with comprehension. I stated what the trolls said to claim they are not a fanboi as they are buying both consoles but the Xbone "first"(wink), I never said "everyone". Anyway it's your loss indeed, going by the popularity and quality of the PS4 as well as the current and pending future games (in true HD) any real gamer without a PS4 are seriously going to lose out. Going by the history of M$ regards to AAA exclusives I am not holding my breath as they have a lot to prove before I will show interest in the Xbone. The 360 disaster made me very scared and weary of the American corporate giant Micro$oft and their consumer ethics! Not to mention the DRM and NSA scam's they tried to pull although I believe those plans are not dead as yet.

G20WLY1651d ago

The German's are a strong minded nation. Fair play to them; may they have many happy gaming hours.

Gotta be said though; Germany is the Wurst country in Europe... :P

ShwankyShpanky1650d ago

"Germany is the Wurst country in Europe."

I see what you did there. ;-)

Hanso1651d ago

XD feiner witz mein freund^^

AceBlazer131651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Uber Alles PS4!!!

Dead Kennedys FTW

lawgone1650d ago

Calm down Germany. We've seen before what happens when you guys get all riled up about something. Twice. Nicht gut für alles.

You see what I did there ;)

SilentNegotiator1651d ago

So more people are buying the PS4 and Sony will probably have the lean that MS had last gen over developers.

You can pretend like sales don't matter all you want, but it won't make it so.

IanVanCheese1651d ago

Does anyone know what the numbers were like in Germany for PS3/Xbox 360?

It sounds very impressive but if the ratio was 5:1 last gen then suddenly it's not so bad for MS. Tbh I expect they were about the same, 2:1.

jackanderson19851651d ago

a quick googly search seems to point out that it was roughly 2:1 ahead if not slightly more

Evilsnuggle1651d ago

SONY is destroying xbone In Europe . 360 out sold PS3 in the U.K 60 PS3 40 . PS4 has sold more than doubled x1 in the United Kingdom. PS4 is more than tripled x1 in sales in Europe.

Ripsta7th1651d ago

You guys always said Europe was Sony toerritory -_-

BlackTar1871651d ago

Ripsta UK was heavy with Xbox love