Oculus games may command a premium price

Chris Morris (GI) :

"The Oculus Rift could open up new realms of immersion for gamers - but those experiences may come with a price.

Brendan Iribe, CEO of Oculus, notes that - as a hardware manufacturer - his business has no say in what software companies will charge for Oculus-enhanced games, but admits he would not be surprised to see them come at a premium price."

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MilkMan1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

This is such a waste of resources. This thing will never be so mainstream that it will be in everyone's homes. I don't see the point of all this. Historically speaking, anything you have to buy, any "device" you have to wear and anything "special" that isn't included right out of the box fails.

I've seen this thing in action and although its cute, its not The Star Trek holodeck by any means. Now the games MAY command higher prices?.....spells EPIC FAIL!

Fishy Fingers1673d ago

So you tried it out? Watching someone else doesn't exactly count.

MilkMan1673d ago

Yes sir, June 2012 I had the good fortune to test drive a very early device and it was cool then. I'm even a Kickstarter backer and yet I tell you for as good hearted and hard working as these boys are. This is not the future.
Its cute, just like 3D has been floating around for like 40 years and that's also cute. Folks don't like anything that interferes with their viewing or in this case gaming.
Talk about gimmicks, this is the biggest of them all. You're thinking you will be visiting the inner worlds of Skyrim and Fallout but its not like that.

Its like that "projector" that Microsoft has quietly moved away from. Remember Illumiroom. That migraine inducing crap that all it did was give you a light show in your living room. Well this is similar.

TechnoSphere1673d ago

Like GPUs?Sound cards?
Weren't in the box historically.

This is just version one.Waste of resources?We'll talk in a few years..

Saryk1673d ago

I agree with Milkman, this is novelty only. As a older player, I could only use this thing for a short amount of time. When this becomes lite as a pair of Oakleys with the resolution of a 4k TV, then we can talk.

starchild1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

By the sound of it I've had a lot more time with the Rift than you have and I strongly disagree with you. The Rift takes gaming to a whole new level. The sense of being there inside your games is incredible. Nothing is comparable, and people will, I predict, be happy to strap a lightweight headset on to get it.

Not to mention that it has so many exciting applications outside of gaming as well.

All the people in my circle of friends that have tried it feel the same as I do.

Edit: The Rift is nothing like illumiroom. I can't believe you would say something so absurd.

anticlimax1673d ago

Unless they find a way to fix the motion sickness, the only level it will take my gaming is the one where the toilet is.

MilkMan1673d ago

Ill just say this, Google is having a hard time coming up with a design that's less obtrusive and less geeky for their "glass" design and that thing is practically invisible when compared to Rift, for this thing to succeed it most be nearly invisible to wear and motion sickness must be defeated.
If these are not conquered it fails at the door.

phello1673d ago

Ok seriously did you have your eyes shut or where you using a different hmd from the rift because I am sorry to inform you that your opinion goes against everyone I have seen using it.

In fairness you should maybe try it again with some of the newer demos available and see then.

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BranWheatKillah1673d ago

I should certainly hope not. If the Oculus Rift is going to have any chance of survival it is going to need to have games of equal price to current day or below.

JohnnyTower1673d ago

Developers will be crying out about extra developement costs associated with the hardware. Unfortunately I can't see them not charge a premium for an OR game. Otherwise what is the incentive of developing for the Occulus? The game developers won't see any cash from the hardware sales. And who knows if any Indy studios would be able to get there hands on a Dev kit? It may be relegated to the bigger developers.

phello1673d ago

The dev kit is easily available to anyone for $300. It is pretty cheap for what it is.

NiteX1673d ago

I don't see people paying $100 for games ever honestly. Even if it's with a special VR getup. I also don't really agree with him on video games still being the same as they were 20-30 years ago besides MMOs. It's not like VR will really make playing any different, only viewing them will be.

starchild1673d ago

That's not true. There are lots of ways that VR can and likely will change the very mechanics of gaming.

Callediceman1673d ago

the only way i would consider this and i mean it would have to be a minimal price increase say $5.00 is if they had to put some serious dev time into making the oculous rift a "true" experience for the games, but it would really have to be a game changing experiece.

DanielGearSolid1673d ago

VR is cool, but I like to be aware of my surroundings

Callediceman1673d ago

i just pictured myself playing some game on the rift and whilst I'm all in the zone my house is getting robbed.. thanks for that lol

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