Top 10 Wii U games of 2013

Nintendo Insider writes:

As 2014 swings into gear we share our Top 10 Wii U games of 2013, plucking the cream of the crop from last year’s selection. Scores set aside, these are the games that we enjoyed the most, as well as those that began to truly unearth the Wii U GamePad’s hidden potential. So, here we go!

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iplay1up21680d ago

Lego City is a great game, and one of my faves. Deux X, should have been higher than Black Flag.

DC7771679d ago

Mario and Black Flag definitely top my list.

XXXL1679d ago

There's 10 games on the Wii U? All kidding aside I just purchased a Wii U and I love the Wind Waker HD. Now that should be the staple of how HD remakes are done. Not just an "upscaling" and charging us $60 but actual gameplay improvement based on feedback from the 1st time around like the sailing aspect.