Could PlayStation Now Become a Console All Its Own?

GameZone's Austin Wood asks and answers: "Could PlayStation Now effectively obviate and replace PlayStation 5, 6 and so on and become a console in and of itself?"

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Kingthrash3601524d ago

no.psg is too dependent the internet. many country's dont have the internet. hell i live in america where they will gut you for using x amount of gb a month. the earth isnt ready for that no console life. plus with the success of the ps4 its unlikely they will stop making hardware.

SynGamer1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

For countries that have the infrastructure, I say yes. Something similar to the PS Vita TV (but minus the Vita part), I could easily see a small box device + a controller = PlayStation Now, in the future that is.

Sell it for $99 (think Roku) and you're set.

EDIT: I personally don't think Sony is going to stop making hardware for gaming, at least not yet. I could see the PlayStation 5 (or whatever they call it) as the final system (for awhile) whenever it's eventually released.

Kingthrash3601524d ago

they would lose money,,period the internet has too many drawbacks. some areas have caps some have no internet at all. to stop making consoles is to cut off all who
1. cant afford to have the internet
2. dont have internet connections in area at all
3. have internet caps that would cost a fortune to have a internet only service with downloads like fw and patches.
your situation like mine can handle a internet only gaming hook up but not all are in our situation.

SynGamer1524d ago

We're looking at 2020 when the PS5 *possibly* comes out. Broadband internet is spreading quickly, even in 3rd world countries. Also, this doesn't have to release *everywhere*, at least not initially. North America, Most of Europe, and Japan...same as it is now, and many of the countries within these area's have broadband internet.

I will concede that companies will need to start lifting bandwidth caps, though with the new-sh video codec VP9 (created by Google and others), it currently delivers the same quality video at roughly half the bandwidth...

...just imagine what we'll have in 6 years.

JBSleek1524d ago

Your anecdotal evidence doesn't trump actual facts...

JBSleek1524d ago

Lol America has crappy internet infrastructure don't be surprised. From mobile to cable you are just getting screwed by companies.

SynGamer1524d ago

When I lived in the US (last year), we have three options; Time Warner Cable (10MB-100MB options), Verison DSL (2MB-15MB), and satellite, which we didn't explore. Those are some decent options and with no bandwidth caps, would have easily sufficed assuming we picked something that was at least 10MB down.

Conzul1524d ago

No bandwidth caps my ass.

blackbirdi1524d ago

stop hyping .... it wil never replace a console gamers love to collect and own their games.end of the story

JBSleek1524d ago

I don't love collecting or holding my games. Digital is just convenient and I don't resell games but for some that is that case so your point is valid.

Conzul1524d ago

I too prefer physical.
Hopefully Sony keeps PsNow content a gen behind to reward their faithful hardware purchasers.

Auron1524d ago

I don't like game streaming.

ziggurcat1524d ago

no. it's only ever going to be a supplementary service.

enough with the "ZOMG consulz r teh ded" nonsense.

fenome1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

It's not a console, it's an online game service. The Vita TV is getting more interesting by the day though. Access to Vita games (even more once they let you use the dualshock 4), remote play from your PS4 and now the possibilty to play the past Playstation library as well. All at a nice afforable price-point. If they play their cards right with this they'll be killin' it!

Kurisu1524d ago

Can't really bring price in to it yet seeing that no price plans have been discussed publicly. I'm intrigued to find out final pricing.

fenome1524d ago

True, I was talking about the Vita TV's price ~$100 at the exchange rate. I'm hoping they keep that price when it comes to the states. As far as PS Now, yeah, who knows how much that's gonna run. Hopefully they price it right, 'cause I'm willing to check it out. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

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