Reversing the curse? Why I'm (cautiously) optimistic about Alien: Isolation

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "I know this is said every time a new game based on the Alien(s) universe is released, but Isolation finally looks like a game that can do the franchise justice. Here's why; for the first time in the history of Alien(s) video games, we finally have one that wants to scare us. While previous Aliens games have promised elements of "survival" and "horror," Isolation looks to be the first to actually embrace the two, without having to depend on scripted action sequences to hold our attention."

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Rikitatsu1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

There is no "curse"... It's just boils down to how good the developer is. Not the publisher, not the IP... It's the developers... And they weren't good.

Creative Assembly is good. And Isolation looks great so far.

There shouldn't by any skepticism.

Bonerboy1530d ago

This game looks like it might be fun, for awhile anyway. For how long will it be fun when all you are pretty much doing is sneaking and hiding?...oh sorry, and finding key cards etc. Outlast and Amnesia were fun to play for about 4 hours until the ol' blase grind settled in. After that time I was hard pressed to continue until the end.

Ocsta1530d ago

Yeah this game will live or die by its ability to shake things up mid game. But I'm very optimistic at this point :D