PlayStation Now could help Sony win this generation

GameZone writes, "Being able to play thousands of games anywhere I want to, on any device that will let me is what makes PlayStation Now such an exciting program, and could potentially turn Sony into the Netflix of video games. I’d love to be able to replay The Last of Us or Shadow of the Colossus, or even get to the countless games I never had a chance to play. If this means we never, ever have to hook up our PlayStation 3s again, Sony could very well win this race before the first lap is even over."

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DigitalRaptor1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Their position, and the decisions they've already made in the run up to their PS4 launch, as well as the gross missteps of the competition, appear to have already ensured that they will remain ahead and be most successful worldwide this generation.

PS Now is just another asset they can use to provide an edge that no other console manufacturer currently does. If it catches on, there's no doubt of it becoming the 'Netflix of video games' and they'll be known for breaking that ground first. The Gaikai acquisition remains one of their smartest and most worthwhile decisions.

Meltic1680d ago

Sony you can trust but MS you cant trust. MS wanted us too pay a fee to play friends games. And suddenly when the fans didint like it they changed it back. They tryed to fool the people to earning Money. So sony is my lover.

medman1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I'd say Sony's better first party exclusives and more powerful hardware are going to win the generation for them. All the other goodies they provide are icing on the cake.