New UDK Fan-Made Video Showcases Mind-Blowing Next-Gen Realtime Visuals

DSOGaming writes: "Anton has done an astounding work with his terrain and water materials, and his waterfalls look absolutely gorgeous. Antarctica has never looked this beautiful and if this footage is anything to go by, we can expect some truly mind-blowing things once talented users such as Anton get their hands on Unreal Engine 4."

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GutZ311646d ago

Looked fantastic, until they completely screwed up on the lightning...

GutZ311646d ago

Am I getting disagrees because people actually thought the electrical storm held up as well as everything else in the demo?
The lightning storm looked weak as hell, and I'm sorry if you've never seen real lightning, it doesn't look anything like that.

GentlemenRUs1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I got to admit, It looks quite nice.

Why don't games ever go back to Antarctica... I love the snow scene in games...

windblowsagain1646d ago

Looked nice, lighting was decent imo. Water was ok.

reaper241646d ago

We are getting closer to photorealism!

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