14 for ’14 Sale Starts Tomorrow: Huge Discounts on PS3, Vita Games

By Pierre Gravereau: "Each year, we like to celebrate the New Year by giving you huge discounts on some great games from the previous year. Last year, we discounted 13 celebrated PS3 games as part of the 13 for ’13 sale and this year we are taking it up a notch with the 14 for ’14 sale on PlayStation Store. Starting tomorrow, we’re bringing you 14 PS3 games AND 14 PS Vita games at up to 50 percent off, with PS Plus members receiving up to 75 percent of"

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xHeavYx1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Killzone: Mercenary for $9 is a steal. Same for Far Cry Blood Dragon for $3.75

Mikey322301349d ago

Agreed. KZ Merc is well well well well well well well worth the $9

cleft51349d ago

This is Steam sales level of deals on console games. Leave it to Sony to once again lead the way. I will definitely be grabbing Tales of Xillia.

PeaSFor1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Well, look like im getting Puppeteer and Tales of Xillia this week!

@cleft5, got Tearaway for 17$ and Ni No Kuni for $9.79 in December(had the retail version but sadly my discdrive died so my ps3 is now digital only)

Kingthrash3601349d ago

kz is a steal at 15$, 9$ is almost free!
im putting 20$ to the side just for this sale...gunna walk away with like 6 gamez.

jony_dols1349d ago

14/01 is my Bday. Sale only seems to be on the US store...goddammit!

SilentNegotiator1348d ago

And all I have to do is spend $100 on a memory card to store all of those games.

FamilyGuy1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Holy sh, puppeteer for $7 with PS+
That's a definite buy.

Tales of Xilia has me too.

Noobz11348d ago

No reason for me not to get Puppeteer now.

ABizzel11348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

This sale is good, but what about that 31 for '31 in 17 years XD

guitarded771348d ago

I just finished KZM last night. There is a lot of replay value with all the intel and challenges in each level. The online is also some of the best on a handheld platform too. So yeah, $9 is a steal.

I have almost all the games offered, but plan on getting Tales and Blood Dragon.

webeblazing1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

this sale is great but its as only as long as you have a ps3. with it being digital you have no resale value and cant transfer to ps4. like i said i wish they gave you unlimited rental on ps now for you digital purchases.

ThanatosDMC1348d ago

I'm getting Tales of Xillia.

dantesparda1348d ago

@ webeblazing

And you're still trolling Sony articles eh? do you ever get tired of doing it, cuz its all you do.

LordMaim1348d ago

@webeblazing: So the sale is only good if you have the system that the software is for? I'm not sure what your point is. Part of the reason they can offer it so cheap is *because* it's digital, just like Steam sales.

ShiftyLookingCow1348d ago

If only Tales had Japanese pack as DLC like Soul Sacrifice. Glad SE is doing it for Lightning Returns.

insomnium21348d ago

Holy sh*t I would really love to get xillia and puppeteer for europe with the same price. I wonder if there will even be a sale on eu psn....

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nope1111349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

OMG i was just thinking about buying Killzone the other day! and Tales of Xillia will finally be my first Tales game.


Anyone know if Rain is good? i was always curious.

ForgottenProphecy1348d ago

I hear rain is fun, but nothing special. For that price though, it may just be worth it. $3 and some change? I just might get that and finally buy Puppeteer

Letthewookiewin1348d ago

Xillia is really good and a steal at that price and Puppeteer is great also. Happy gaming!

ZodTheRipper1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Rain deserves a buy only to support the Japan Studio. Same goes for Puppeteer.
The reason is a bit long but it's a very good (and for PS4 users promising) read

Back-to-Back1348d ago

Crysis 3 and Far Cry BD are really good deals.

memots1348d ago

Awesome, I waited for a sale on Killzone ! Sweet stuff, puppeteer looks like is happening too

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SoundGamer1349d ago

Puppeteer for $7? If you haven't played the game yet, you have a PS3, and $7 that you can spend, then YOU NEED TO GET THIS GAME! No more excuses!

cleft51349d ago

So true, Puppeteer is simply brilliant.

nope1111349d ago

Is it that good? it never caught my interest. Convince me to buy it

cocadaking1348d ago

Play the demo, it's a really fun and charming game!

ZodTheRipper1348d ago

It's a must if you have a little brother, cousins or children. I don't think there is a better game for kids between 0 - 12 out there.

Flipgeneral1348d ago

Awesome. Looking forward to it!

Along with crisis, FC:BD and a wolf among us. All that for <$30 XD

LakerGamerEnthusiast1348d ago

That 10 Dollar PSN card that came with my PS4 sure will come in handy now. :)

So glad I saved it. I'll probably have about 30 bucks of spending power with it!

1348d ago
Letthewookiewin1348d ago

I love the Halloween level :)

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DanielGearSolid1349d ago

Tales of Xillia 10 bucks!!!!

Don't f*** around ppl

Snookies121348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I bought it day one, beat it twice, have all my characters at level 99. Had to trade it in toward a new PS3 when mine finally died, and I'm buying it again in this sale. It's way too good a deal to pass up!

The story isn't as great as Graces F's, but the characters, world, and gameplay are all awesome!

snookiegamer1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Hi Snookies12, you the bubble king lool :)

We have the UK/EU equivalent of this super sale where I already purchased...

Ni No Kuni £5.98
Brothers £3.99
Crysis 3 £3.99
Tombraider £13.98
Aliens Colonial Marines £5.99 (not a great game, but for the price)

Total spend £33.98

Gotta luv PSN/PS+ value

Lord_Sloth1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I agree with your statement but I'm commenting to say HAKUMEN FTW!!!

mdluffy1349d ago

Sony is almost giving those games away :D

kingduqc1348d ago

There is like 15 games on sale and the price isn't really that special for games that old. Deus ex was like 5$ a year ago on steam and they are selling it 14$..

LordMaim1348d ago

Sorry pal. Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut is $19.99 on Steam.