Why 'Don't Starve' is a lot like Marmite

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the good and the bad of Don't Starve, and explains why they feel that it's a lot like Marmite.

"Having just joined rank with Sony’s PS4, I only have Killzone, Resogun and The Contrast to my name. Thus, I have been itching to get my mittens on another title, and have been waiting patiently for the new release of PSN’s next freebie until I decide what my next ‘investment’ should be. This next installment happens to be ‘Don’t Starve’, and I really don’t know whether I like it … or absolutely hate it, hence the title. This is based on my first thoughts of playing it, so my opinion may well change hours if not days down the line. Maybe."

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moujahed1677d ago

"Don't Starve" reminds me of a darker version of "The Blockheads". I never heard of the game till now and I find it oddly addicting.

_FantasmA_1677d ago

Weird little game. I normally don't like these kinds of games, but this one is deep, maybe a little too deep. I just wish there was some kind of label or introduction whenever a a monsters pops. I honestly have no idea what some of the creatures are and whether or not I should kill them. I also wish there were labels on the crafting supplies because I don't know what to look for.

MRMagoo1231677d ago

I think thats part of the point in the game, you get stuck in an alien environment and have to work this stuff out alone to survive. It all becomes second mature when you have played it a lot, i have played it all the way thru a few times on PC so the ps4 version was just like coming home but with better controls.

ThinkBadMonkey1677d ago

Its a game that doesn't treat you like an idiot in one respect, not telling you how to do anything. But then in another respect its almost like "Who it this dick? Why do we need to tell him anything when we could just watch him die"