Sony considers the VITA a "great partner" to the PlayStation 4

GearNuke: "The PlayStation VITA might not have gained worldwide success but the launch of PlayStation 4 has certainly put it in spotlight. While it might be good as a standalone handheld, combined with the PlayStation 4, it certainly enhances the overall experience and value of the VITA hardware."

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bothebo1677d ago

How does it enhance the value of the Vita hardware if you are limiting its use as a second controller? How does it increase the value of the Vita if it costs over $700 to get remote play up and running? How does limiting the software of the Vita with a focus on remote play increase the value of Vita hardware? What are you actually doing when you buy a Vita.

Starbucks_Fan1677d ago

You mean $600? Vitas are $200 new I think.

bothebo1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Lol you need a game don't you?

60 +
$660 WITHOUT TAX (1.06) = 699.6

This is without PS Plus which is required to play online on your PS4 and a Vita memory card

kayoss1677d ago

You're buying a handheld that can play exclusive games made for it. In addition to that you can also play PS4 game via remote play. Soon you can also stream PS3, PS2, and PS1 games via Playstation Now. Answer your questions?

bothebo1677d ago

Lol no it does not. I can get PlayStation Now on my Vita as is and do not need a PS4 for it. The PS3 selection cross play is a joke as I own both and have looked into it. I can already play PS1 games on my Vita as well as PSP games. So once again, why should I buy a Vita and a PS4?


GrandTheftZamboni1677d ago


Buy PS4 for PS4 games and Vita for Vita games.

kayoss1677d ago

Where in my comment does it says You need a PS4?

Regis1677d ago

I am playing AC4 on my Vita right now at school using Wifi and I'm not lagging.

theshredded1677d ago

crossbuy,ps plus,some cool exclusives(Freedom Wars,toukiden,borderlands game and maybe god eater to this year),better to play classic and indie games on

parentoftheyear1677d ago

Remote play is my absolute favorite thing about ps4. It is genius. You know what went on at my house tonight? The bachelor, while I was sitting on the couch playing contrast on the vita via remote play. Got my platinum for marvel lego through vita on ps4. This is an answer to my prayers.. it is nearly flawless. Shooters are still pretty terrible and the fact u can't use ds4 without some work around still sucks. It's absolutely GREAT!!!!!!

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XiSasukeUchiha1677d ago

I agree it's expensive but 2 game system for price of 1= AB Combo

Ripsta7th1677d ago

Price of 1? There is no c.sole on the market prices at $600

Superherox701677d ago

Vita is a great system but I'm trying to spend wisely, the day ff xii hd is announced I'll go buy it along with other games for it.

Kurisu1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I'm going to get a Vita around May time and a PS4 around Christmas time,hopefully there will be a good black Friday deal. For now though my PS3 will keep me going and I still need to get the Tales ofs (Graces F, Xillia 1 & 2, Zespiria) GTA V,Lightning Returns, Persona 5 etc. When I get a Vita I'll get FFX HD and Persona 4.

Belking1677d ago

Thats the main problem. It cant sell on its own.

Death1677d ago

The Vita is a great piece of hardware. The lack of Vita specific games and over priced proprietary memory are what is killing it. You would think with 17 studios, Sony would throw a game or two at it. I would think if Sony supported the platform, third parties would be more interested. As it is, it's simply a platform for ports.

dodgemoose1677d ago

killzone and tearaway were both from sony you derp

Ripsta7th1677d ago

I dnt get the dissagrees. The vita is in serious need of original games and not ports.

admiralvic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

@ Death

"You would think with 17 studios, Sony would throw a game or two at it."

11 of the exclusives I listed below were published and or made by Sony. This doesn't include CB titles like Sound Shapes, Escape Plan, PS All-Stars, Sly 4, Ratchet and Clank FFA and many more multiplatform/ports.

@ Ripsta7th

Probably because the Vita has original games, but some people focus on the ports (which there are many) and act like it has absolutely nothing. Same thing with the Wii U. A lot of people say it needs good games, though it has a fair number of quality titles already.

In terms of exclusives, you have... Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary, Modnation, Silent Hill, Gravity Daze, Uncharted, Dokuro, Dynasty Warriors Next, Littlebigplanet Vita, Y's, Val Chronicle 3, Sorcery Saga, Tearaway, Raganarok Odyssey (the original, the sequel is multi), Soul Sacrifice Delta, Unit 13, WipEout 2048, Touch my Katamari, Project Diva F 2nd, DJ Max, Persona 4 Dancing, Noir's game (from Neptunia), Freedom Wars, in addition to cross generation (PSP / Vita) titles like Toukiden, Danganronpa, God Eater 2 and muliplatform portable games like Zero Escape and former exclusives like Assassin's Creed Liberation.

The list does include some upcoming games I assume will be awesome (like Freedom Wars) and doesn't include crap exclusives like Declassified or Burning Skies, so it has a fair bit going on for a system people keep saying "the vita is in serious need of original games".

Death1677d ago

If you have played the PS3 games and beat them, chances are the ported version to the Vita isn't going to be all that exciting. I know re-purchasing games on the Playstation platforms is awesome, but some of us actually want Vita exclusive games that are not ports.

You can disagree all you want, but the Vita has been a very poor selling platform for a reason. The retail price has never been crazy high and the hardware is very solid with great specs for a handheld. Plus offers quite a bit "free" content. With all this going for it, what do you think has been affecting sales if it isn't software?

admiralvic1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

"what do you think has been affecting sales if it isn't software?"

If I had to hazard a guess, I would say the high memory card prices made people scared to buy a Vita. Thanks to PS Plus being amazing, a lot of people saw the 4 GB memory card as a novelty, 8 GB as good, but most thought 16+ GB was the only "real" choice. Naturally, this made the Vita cost $50+ more, which put it at almost twice the price of the 3DS (normal is about $170, where as the Vita was $250 + 50, so that is $40 more [or $10 less with 32 gb card] than the Vita). The 3DS also had the XL on sale for $160 several times (I got the the Pikachu one for that much), which was largely seen as a better deal than the Vita (again, because of memory card prices).

Besides memory card prices, the Vita also never really got a marketing push. Like, the only commercial I recall when the Vita launched was one that made it look like a PS3 add on and then there was the woeful Declassified TV Spot. This is quite different than the PS4, which has gotten a LOT of marketing and has been Sony's main focus this past year (many found the lack of Vita news upsetting, like they already gave up on the platform).

Lets also not forget that the 3DS also has good games too. This past year Nintendo has released some really awesome titles, which largely shadow anything released this year on the Vita. Thats not to say they weren't good, but it's hard to match a Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon game.

parentoftheyear1677d ago

I agree memory cards literally kill this. I love my vita more than.anything. but I have 3 smaller memory cards and no music, no pictures, no space. It's absolutely frustrating. $140 for a 64gb card???!!! Umm no. Got my vita with 4 games for $176

Hicken1677d ago

My god, Death. You try so freakin hard.

"lack of Vita specific games"
"Sony would throw a game or two"

See the admiral's list. And in response, you go on about ports. Ports. Screw the 20-odd exclusives admiralvic JUST listed; there are only ports on the Vita.

By the way, which ports are you talking about? You say, "If you have played the PS3 games and beat them, chances are the ported version to the Vita isn't going to be all that exciting."

To which ports are you referring? The way you phrase that, the Vita's getting these games months or years after they released on the PS3. That was true- months, anyway- at the system's launch... but this isn't launch. If, say, The Show releases on PS3/PS4, it's coming SAME DAY to the Vita. FIFA comes the same day. Need for Speed: same day. And Escape Plan and Sound Shapes? Yeah, those were actually ported to PS3 FROM Vita.

Then there's "ports" like Uncharted, LBP and Assassin's Creed that aren't even ports; people just choose to think of the that way, for some bizarre reason.

Ah, that's it: REASON. They're not using it. YOU'RE not using it. You've made two different arguments with nothing substantial to back either up, even abandoning the first after someone else picked it apart. The second relies heavily on shortsightedness, or some other inability to see more than a tiny bit of the whole.

Do niche products sell in high numbers? Do products that don't have a lot of marketing sell well? Do products that aren't communicated clearly to the public sell well? Do products with an unclear image sell well? Do products that get slandered sell well?

Would a product with all that going on sell well, even with great games at a reasonable price?

Death1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I would imagine if the Vita had great games is would sell. Isn't that how Nintendo moves the inferior tech that is in the DS?

Uncharted, LBP, Wipeout, Killzone, Persona, etc are all games we have played on the PS3/PSP already. Y's is a remake of Y's4. It's a shame VC was moved from the PS3 to the PSP. (not Vita by the way).

There are a few unique games on the list. If you really feel it's a great list of games, I apologize. If you are content with this selection, then I see Sony is doing what makes you happy. It also reflects on the handhelds sales. The ridiculously expensive proprietary memory cards can only be blamed so much. At some point in time you need to expect software to sell the hardware.

Hicken1677d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

"Uncharted, LBP, Wipeout, Killzone, Persona"

You have played AN Uncharted game on PS3, not Golden Abyss. NOT A PORT.

You have played A LittleBig Planet, not LBP Vita. NOT A PORT.

You have played A Killzone on PS3, not Mercenaries. NOT A PORT.

You have played A Persona on PSP, not P4G. NOT A PORT.

Do... do you even know what a port is?

And then you go destroy whatever little point you were trying to make by bringing up the DS(or 3DS, as the case currently is). I guess it completely slipped your mind that all the biggest games on that handheld have entries on consoles. By the logic you apparently apply to Vita games, if it's the same franchise, it's a port, right? Those games aren't great and don't count because there's a Mario and a Pokemon and a Zelda and a Kirby and everything else on a console.

According to you, anyway.

Nintendo sells the 2/3/DS on the strength of brand recognition. Nintendo is seen as the family friendly- and, more specifically, KID-friendly- gaming company. Their handhelds are cheap, come in a million colors, and sport a library of games that primarily cater to kids and the young at heart. The library is quality, overall, but there's no ONE thing that contributes to the sales- or lack thereof- of any system.

Question time: who blamed it all on the memory cards? What about all the other factors both admiralvic and I listed? Did that all just "magically" slip your mind? Or did you choose not to address it because you had no way of countering it with a reasonable argument?

Finally, who has expressed being content? Those of us who have Vitas love the system, and the games, and we eagerly await more. Games like Tearaway and Gravity Rush show what cool new ways we can play games on the Vita. Of course, you have to actually HAVE one and HAVE the games to know this.

You, you make stuff up to suit your argument, running with your assumptions as truth, and dismissing the facts that fly in the face of your fallacies. You don't know what a port is, you don't know which games in the Vita's library are actually good, you don't want to admit anything other than your desired factor can affect sales. You live in your own, self-made little bubble of ignorance, sustained by your stubborn refusal to believe that good sense, and open mind, critical thinking can pop that bubble. You know better, and we both know that, but you've chosen to troll.

Yup, that's exactly what you're doing. Changing your argument from one moment to the next, just to try and make something look bad with no sense or facts. Sounds like trolling.

Bunch of Sony-made or Sony-backed exclusives destroyed your original comment, and yet you persist, talking about ports. That's destroyed, so you persist. Trolling.

Give it a rest, that even Death may die.

Edit: "say it has more games then it needs"

Thank you for proving my point about your delusions. Nothing I said could be remotely taken as saying, "The Vita's got everything it needs, and doesn't need more." You are literally translating what I say into some twisted version of English, then responding to that.

Marked for trolling, moving along.

Death1677d ago


I like my Vita. I want to see more games for it.
If you want to defend the Vita and say it has more games then it needs, you are part of the problem the Vita has. Uncharted is the only game on the platform that I really like. KZ and LBP are not my thing. I have KZ 1-3 and couldn't bring myself to finish them since they weren't very interesting. As for what is "good" that is very subjective, isn't it? When enough people find "good" games on the system, it will sell.

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hellzsupernova1677d ago

Bought one at the start of last year, fantastic system, I have more games then time for the thing.

NatureOfLogic1677d ago

It really is a great device. With FFX international HD, my vita will get a lot of playtime. Now is the best time to own one imo.

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