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Sean Halliday of Pixel Gate writes:

''Killzone: Shadow Fall has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. It’s the biggest title in the small window of launch exclusives, and it’s also been given the job of demonstrating the power of the Playstation 4. It could arguably be the most impressive console game on the market, but is it simply a pretty face or is it a showcase for the future of first-person shooters?''

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G20WLY1525d ago

The perfect mistress ;P

It'll give you a good time and your mates will all be wanting a go... ;P

GamerEuphoria1525d ago

Just remember to wash up after!

truefan11525d ago

This game is what PS4 fans truly care about, gameplay is second fiddle to graphics. This game is beautiful, but very bad to play, hence the reason a multiplayer game that is supposed to have increased replay value is the most resold game.

GamerEuphoria1525d ago

''This game is what PS4 fans truly care about, gameplay is second fiddle to graphics'' Yeah i mean make generalizations is a top notch idea.

Please refrain from fan boy comments.

combatcash1525d ago


Killzone has always been a pretty game with a good campaign and mediocre online gameplay. GG really puts effort into their games but I honestly think they are lost when it comes to online they tweaked the online so much it doesn't feel anything like killzone 2 which I thought was pretty solid.

People complain about games that keep the same gameplay with every game that releases, but that's what keeps people playing and buying it. Halo has to play like halo, COD has to play like cod, same goes for any other successful shooter, sadly killzone has no identity when it comes to online play, the last 3 differ too much from each other.

malokevi1525d ago

IMO, it does look nice, but visuals really suffer due to overzealous bloom and motion blur.

The game itself is OK... multiplayer is fun. Nothing to write home about, but fun. Single player is atrocious. Or, what I played of it... which was very little.

GW2121525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Best looking console game ever. No denying that. But the campaign, while beautiful, didn't do anything for me.

Infamous really can't come any sooner.

GamerEuphoria1525d ago

To be fair that seems to be the way most launch titles go, nice to look at but nothing much elese to really write home about...but MP is fun if a little lacking in maps and modes.

GW2121525d ago

Agreed. MP has been much more fun in my opinion.

combatcash1525d ago

Infamous and Watch dogs look really great.

Elda1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Totally agreed!...though alot of people here disagree but I loved playing the campaign in KZ2 & KZ3 but KZ:SF is just pretty to look at but very frustrating to play including some of the grappling commands,also it feels like a chore where in the other games it was just fun & you knew where to go & it wasn't frustrating,knowing I paid 60 bucks I'm forcing myself to finish it (chapter9)then I'll exchange it,the first KZ was more enjoyable then KZ:SF.Infamous:SS looks like it's going to be crazy fun!..I enjoyed the last 2.

GW2121525d ago

This is my first KZ experience, I haven't played the previous iterations as I was an Xbox guy last generation and flipped to PS4 for all of the obvious reasons.

I am in the same boat as you, I am forcing myself to finish it too. At least the graphics are pretty.

ion6661525d ago

Its funny cause killzone 2 still holds if you play it today.

sarshelyam1525d ago

I actually quite enjoyed the campaign. While trying to keep from spoiling this entry, it certainly made me question if I was on the right side of this battle. Not because of a great story, but well written characters.

What I wouldn't give for GamingHeads to give me an Echo statue.

GrandTheftZamboni1525d ago

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I too had fun with the campaign. I miss those fat heavily armoured guys with big machine guns from previous installments though.

GW2121525d ago

That's cool. I was just stating my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

To be honest, I haven't quite finished the campaign so maybe it'll turn around in the last bit but I won't hold my breath.

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frostypants1525d ago

Wow. A new Killzone review. How timely.

GamerEuphoria1525d ago

Wow, a sarcastic comment. How original.

Septic1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


Dat burn

The review isn't THAT late.

Abromb1525d ago

7-8 out of 10 scores seem to be the norm with this game... And I would agree with it. Am I the only one enjoying the single player? I'm playing it on hard and actually enjoy the difficulty... Keep in mind I come from the days of 'Nintendo Hard'. Also, I don't think the platforming is THAT bad. I haven't had trouble with most of these parts. Multiplayer is a blast in my opinion... A nice change of pace compared to cod and bf4.

GamerEuphoria1525d ago

7-8 out of ten is a decent score to be fair. There's a strange trend in people thinking anything below a 9 is thus a bad review. SP is serviceable and feels like it's restrained in terms of creativity and plot.

cjflora1525d ago

Exactly. If something's 6-10 and I was interested in it I will probably still play it. It's when it starts getting to 5 or less that I'm more wary of a game. 7-8 seems appropriate for the game. It's a good game, but not nearly as good as KZ2 or KZ3. I'm hoping the next one picks up from here. I haven't tried the multiplayer yet. KZ is pretty much the only FPS that I've gotten REALLY into the multiplayer in the past, so I'm hoping this one at least holds up for a few months for me.

Ultr1525d ago

The only thing I didn't like about the SP was that there were a dozend of times where I had no clue where to go.
In kz 2,3 you could always push down to see where to go, but in this one it just took me out of pace.
They could have done it with better color placing but yeah, like this its not so great.

tigertron1525d ago

You can do the same in SF, but the feature was quite unresponsive.

Abromb1525d ago

Totally agree... There was one spot in the beginning of the game where the objective was like 300 feet away and I was walking around mindlessly for about 15 minutes... But to be honest I didn't mind. I had just set up the ps4 and was enjoying just checking out the lighting, textures, and whatnot.

On the bright side... Things should only get better from here on out.

GrandTheftZamboni1525d ago

You should have tried the up button. But yeah they should've made the location icon stick out more.

LeoDDestroyer1525d ago

No I like the sp as well. It wasn't too easy or difficult. It had the right balance with the only problem being the story. I didn't hate it but I really wanted the story to continue right after kz3 not 30 yrs after.

As far mp goes I love it. It give me a halo vibe and there are so many ways to customize the mp.

bjmartynhak1525d ago

7-8 is a good score as long as reviewers are consistent and don't be afraid to give a bad game a 2-4 when it is really bad. And leave the 9.5-10 for masterpieces, like TLOU.

I enjoyed the SP purely for its gameplay. Using the OWL is great and feels natural. The setting and general plot is a bonus, as I love the Killzone universe. But the narrative is flat, unfortunately.

I'm from the "Nintendo Hard" era too. (though I only owned a Megadrive/Genesis). I found the standard difficulty on KZ2 more difficult than hard on KZ SF.

Anyway, I've put more than 100h into Killzone Multiplayer. The classes, abilities, objectives are indeed a blast. The challenges for the unlocks are quite addictive.

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LoliconMaster1525d ago

This game wasn't Killzone-y enough for me. It just felt like a generic shooter.

cjflora1525d ago

I think one of the big differences is the lack of 3rd person cut scenes. KZ2 and KZ3 had many cut scenes that involved Sev and you got to see him and how he interacted with his world. This game just feels like you're controller some mindless soldier to be honest. There's no connection to him or this new future they've thrown us into. I think I felt more attached to my Mercenary on the Vita than I do with this guy in Shadowfall. I'm hoping they release a proper KZ4 that brings back the good stuff.

Elda1525d ago

Agreed,if the next one doesn't say KZ4 I may not be interested.

Elda1525d ago

Totally agree,It doesn't seem like KZ game at all,that's why they added Shadowfall which should have been the name period.

sarshelyam1525d ago

Considering the sheer volume of lore present, I'm uncertain how it couldn't feel like a Killzone game.

If you're simply speaking to cjflora's point above, in that we don't really feel a connection to Kellen as a character, I think that's intentional.

To me, this entire game is presented in such a way, ambiguously I might add, to have you question if you're truly a hero...or on the wrong side of the battle. I think they kept things like this to present you with the possibility that perhaps, Echo is the true hero here...the only character that is truly walking both lines trying to make a difference.

That's how I perceived it anyhow.

ion6661525d ago

If you look closely you see similar events in black ops 2.The spider and gliding parts to be exact. I'm guessing it was a test to see if they got the same score. or am i nutz.

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