Episodic Storytelling Will Become More Popular

"As for releasing games episodically, fan feedback is much more integral in the development of the series. If for example episode three of The Walking Dead Season Two is garbage, Telltale can talk to their fans – ask what they need to change; what they could do better – and in less than a couple of months they could release episode 4 – the episode that will have benefited hugely from advice from the consumers."

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ziggurcat1647d ago

fans should never, ever be allowed to dictate to devs how a game's story progresses.

Callediceman1647d ago

You mean to tell me that you wouldnt have rather had TLOU end with Ellie using a bazooka that shoots unicorns to kill a 2 headed T-rex with penis's for arms all the while Joel sits on the wing of an f-22 raptor smoking a cigar watching it all unfold!

CorndogBurglar1647d ago

I would much rather see that ending.

It would have been much better than both Ellie and Joel reaching safety and enjoying some ice cream together, like the actual ending.

NeloAnjelo1647d ago

Duh... Once done well people will keep buying it. It's a good way to try a part of a game.

Bimkoblerutso1647d ago

Yeah, I agree.

If it's done like Telltale, then godspeed.

If it's done like Valve....god help us all.

Mutant-Spud1647d ago

Storytelling is the operative word here, we're talking about interactive graphic novels or cartoons ,not games.
People who have no interest in the Walking Dead story won't buy Telltale's games but people who have no interest in the storytelling in C.O.D or Battlefield will still buy those games.

feraldrgn1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I prefer to buy complete packages.
Game series where the stories are self contained, with open endings, so if they choose to release a sequel, I don't have to buy it to understand one story.

Roccetarius1647d ago

Maybe it'll become more popular, but you can count me out of that idea. I'd much rather play a complete package.

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