Drive the Toyota FT-1 Concept Coupe in Gran Turismo 6

Starting tomorrow, Gran Turismo 6 players will be able to download and drive as world premiere the Toyota FT-1 Concept.

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GrizzliS19871650d ago

cant wait to check it out, its a fusion of alpha romeo and LFA lol

Me-Time1650d ago

The TZ3 Stradale? Interesting take of it. I'd add the C7 Stingray to the mix.

Crazyglues1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Oh wow, that's Awesome, can't wait, going to have some real fun with that concept car.

Really cool that we are getting this first and will be able to check it out as soon as tomorrow.. Looks awesome.

hope it's drives as good as it looks, should be fun..

||.........___||............ ||

Me-Time1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I expected and was actually hoping for 300hp territory, but found out that we should expect supercar territory. It'll be faster than the LFA.

Crazyglues1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Really, wow, ok now I'm really excited...

Found a cool video on it.. Nice -this is going to be sweet.


Mega241650d ago

Toyota will gain my respect back when they properly make a new Supra.

kayoss1650d ago

You do know that the LFA is the successor to the Supra right?

Mega241650d ago

If you read the comment, it says: "properly make a Supra". Not a Lexus successor that for the same price I would buy a Ferrari 458 or a Skyline GTR with left over money to make it a beast.

I prefer a Toyota Supra by toyota, then some luxury over priced car.

Me-Time1650d ago

It really isn't though. Wait until the end of the year, or in other words, until PD releases Toyota's Vision GT concept (Vision Toyota).

LordStig1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

This car might be the successor of the Supra.

paragraph 6

Mega241650d ago

the majority of people are suggesting that its actually the Concept for the Celica, but time will tell, if its really a Supra, that front part of the car is ugly as hell, looks like an Alfa Romeo.

LordStig1650d ago

i can see some parts of the supra in there but i agree the front is damn ugly.

bobsmith1650d ago

so the first one they gave free this one u have to bronze the seasonal which sucks cause the seasonals are erased now after like a month
which sucks for new people getting this game after its gone

Me-Time1650d ago

It's free if you don't want to buy it in the dealership. Same goes for the M4. You can either get a free one for getting Bronze or better in a time trial or you can just go pay 120,000 credits for it in the dealership. I'm thinking the FT-1 will be pretty expensive since it's performance is higher than that of an LFA (according to Toyota's President who ran his LFA at Fuji Speedway and beat his timed lap with the FT-1 in GT6).

Knushwood Butt1650d ago

+ 1 Agree.

I'm wondering if some of the 15th anniversary cars that I don't currently have will become available for everyone at a later date.

Hicken1650d ago

Meanwhile, in that other console simulator...