EA in the Running for America's Worst Company for Third Year

"Consumerist says there's strong support for Golden Poo trophy to once again go to EA."

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MrSwankSinatra1680d ago

Oh man I would love to see EA win worst company again. Just to see the type of excuses they would give.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

No. There are much worse companies that need this "honor" with a lot more at stake than vidya gaems.

Anyone that thinks EA deserves this AGAIN with all of the banks, Walmart, etc is a f***ing child.

pompombrum1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

The thing is though, for most of the companies who deserve it, get hated on and bashed so much, that getting voted worst company in America off a website wouldn't even get a mention, let alone a spot on their ever growing wall of shame. For a company like EA, getting voted worst company in America does actually hurt them and Peter Moore's response just before they they got named it, is proof of that.

adorie1680d ago

Ea should share the honors with bp, merck, or monsanto.

360ICE1680d ago


How is the company responding to how ridiculous that is proving anything? EA doesn't seem to be suffering sales wise. The only thing this proves is that a large amount of the people voting in Consumerist's poll lack perspective.

This satire makes some decent points:

Razputin1680d ago

Silent. I see where you are coming from but understand. That Walmart as a company for consumers isn't bad at all. Walmart for their employees is terrible.

The concept of a bank has been terrible since it was thought of, but that goes without saying.

EL has to be the dumbest company in the world but their consumers are even more dumb. EL is going to release a new Battlefield in 2014 meanwhile they have the pile of shit Battlefield. And it's either Battlefield or Call of Duty which I'm trying to get better at to enjoy. That's it.

Those are my options or a single player which I can only take for so long.

hellzsupernova1680d ago

It just shows how immature the gaming community is. Who honestly believes ea is the worst company.

And if them winning this makes a difference it really doesn't look at battlefield 4, ea don't care. If you want then to listen vote with your money, I am not buying another ea game until they sort everything out, and I'm never buying one on release.

I wish the gaming community could be this passionate about the more positive things in the industry.

Baccra171680d ago

It's a lot easier to give it to EA than the companies you think deserve it- those companies have advertising money they can cut or the ability to fight back, EA however doesn't.

Thus EA wins again.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago

@Silly idea that it won't affect other companies or get attention

Why would a constantly bashed company like EA get hit any more hard than a bank or a retailer that treats their employees like garbage to shave a quarter off of their products? Has their sales suffered from the last two years of winning the golden poo? Nope.

Banks rely on people ACTUALLY USING THEM. If an especially heinous bank gets bad press, people will avoid opening an account with them.

Gas stations are EVERYWHERE. If a specific company gets slammed (like BP), many people will drive the extra half mile to get gas at a more responsible company.

If Walmart gets attention towards their poor treatment of employees, support for union movements will rise (I'm not big on some unions and their practices, but if anyone needs them, it's Walmart employees).

MrSwankSinatra1680d ago

I didn't say they deserved it. I just want to see the excuses they would give if the did win it again.

guitarded771680d ago

I agree that there are worse companies, but at least having EA in the running may force them to do better by their customers. I want EA to put the power back into the devs hands, and publish great games without so many restrictions.

badz1491680d ago

seriously, to be in the running for 3 years straight is an achievement in itself! I think EA gonna "win" AGAIN this year as Sim City and BF4 are "helping" them to win big time.

poor EA but they continue to act like douche so...whatever!

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XiSasukeUchiha1680d ago

It's a honor to be named worst company three years in a row excuse from EA three, two ,one, BOOM

Patrick_pk441680d ago

EA is the worst company in terms of vidya. There are however far more worse companies than EA.

000011680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

another year in the twilight zone of America where big banks, oil companies and retail conglomerates somehow get passed up by EA as worst company in America. unreal.

nope1111680d ago

Perhaps in the industry, but America? hell no.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

hint: Americans aren't the only ones with access to the internet. Fanboys in other countries are voting for EA, too.

Heisenburger1680d ago

Your reply to me "like I said Americans aren't..." -_-

What's the title of this article, and the entire article about? Worst. Company. In. America.

Worst. Company. In. America.

The only people that will get blamed for this are the people I am talking to. The Americans that are voting and acting like fools.

Boy don't ever tell me what to say or how to feel.

mmc-0071680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

do you really think people in Europe/Asia/Afrika even know this poll existed? Stand alone even care what company is the worst in U.S.?

SilentNegotiator1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


1) Feel free to respond in the thread of conversation that we were actually having.

2) "The only people that will get blamed for this are the people I am talking to. The Americans that are voting and acting like fools" - And I'm saying why it SHOULDN'T be perceived that way.

3) Don't tell me what to say or feel; I might want to say that I feel you shouldn't say or feel something.

"do you really think people in Europe/Asia/Afrika even know this poll existed?"

Do people from those regions visit N4G? Yes? Then, yes, I do.

KonsoruMasuta1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

It's because EA is an entertainment company and stands out more than any of those other companies.

Heisenburger1680d ago

As an American adult I find this truly embarrassing. Examples such as this are exactly why some people hate us here.

Do you people doing this even care how this makes our country look? Jesus Christ. I am shocked that a bunch of unattended children can make us all look foolish.

Who cares about companies that literally take the homes away from a single mother, or look to gain from the suffering of others? Who cares about THAT when EA "ruined teh Mas$ Effex".

How utterly, utterly ridiculous you all are. Distasteful, selfish, entitled, and down right ignorant to the way of the world.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Like I said, Americans aren't the only ones voting in this thing. It's an INTERNET poll and people in other countries don't know/care how those other companies work because EA is one of the only ones that affect them.

So quit being "embarrassed" for our country and start being embarrassed for the entire internet.

pompombrum1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

^^^ So true. I'm from the UK and hadn't even heard of some of the companies mentioned in last year's poll. Also while I admit I'd troll vote for EA anyway, EA is the only company that I can directly link to effecting me. However, it would probably be pretty naive of my to assume I'm not effected in some way by the others listed.

Menkyo1680d ago


Asad stores are walmart in the UK. The walmart way killing jobs and competion every where they go.

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Vengeance11381680d ago

I worked for EA not too long ago doing QA and loved every minute of it! All the free coffee you can drink and all OT dinner's paid by the company. This was something few other places do in my experience.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Work conditions aren't what the poll is about. People are mostly voting based on how they treat customers.

SilentNegotiator1680d ago

Not that work conditions SHOULDN'T be a big consideration. They most certainly should.

Hellsvacancy1680d ago

I thought someone hijacked my account for a moment

1680d ago
stavrami1680d ago

I would put in a vote if I knew where,there like vampires sucking money outta kids on there ultimate teams and prices are extortionate

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