GTA V PC Petition Reaches 650,000 Signatures

The petition on has reached 650,000 signatures to bring Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V to the PC. Will they listen though?

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PeaSFor1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

I know it may hurt "pc only gamer" feeling, but there's no way Rockstar will put the game on pc and get it massively pirated before launching it on nextgen(aka current gen now) consoles first and sell ton of legit copies, it would simply be a dumb and non logical move to do that.

I also wonder why RDR wasnt ported to pc, its the same Euphoria engine, its not like it wasnt possible to do it, maybe because it would simply be pirated the hell out and 90% of the effort to put it on pc would be for nothing, big waste of time and money.

xPhearR3dx1560d ago

If you honestly think GTA V isn't coming to PC at the same time or earlier than next-gen versions (assuming they make one), you're delusional.

Also 90%? Where did you pull that statistic from, your ass? Rockstar is HIGHLY respected by the PC community. And with the amount of trash developers practically copy and pasting other games trying to make a quick buck, you bet your ass if I can try it before I buy it, I will.

I actually bought quite a few games (at full price) I wouldn't have normally thought twice about buying, had I not pirated it to try it first.

vishmarx1560d ago

if you genuises are so sure its coming to the pc ...who are the idiots creating signing petitions?
definitely not console only gamers...

so either 650000 of these guys are stupid or the rest

xPhearR3dx1560d ago

The petition was started before GTA V was released. It was basically a petition to have the game released alongside the console version. Obviously this did not happen and the petition just continued to grow in anticipation of the inevitable PC version.

PeaSFor1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

"Also 90%? Where did you pull that statistic from"
directly out of my ass, im not an analyst or michael pachter, im simply using logical reasoning.

Im not saying that GTAV wont be on pc, but to think Rockstar will open the floodgate and let his game get massively pirated before getting legit sales via ps4/xbone..... NOW thats blatantly delusional and foolish.

xPhearR3dx1560d ago


Logical reasoning? There's nothing logical about GTA V being massively pirated on PC. PC game sales are stronger than ever and only a fool would believe PC gamers pirate everything.

There's 65 million Steam accounts. That's Steam alone. Even if the game was only to be released on Steam, you're looking at a 10:1 ratio of users compared to the PS4 and Xbone combined.

With a PC release, you're looking at users who have yet to play the game, not including people like myself who already bought the game (Collectors Edition at that) and are willing to repurchase it just for the simple fact of user mods.

You obviously know nothing about PC gaming, or the community at that. You're a typical delusional console kid who believes PC gamers pirate everything.

PeaSFor1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )


you are aware that steam is only a free digital distribution plateform? 65millions ACCOUNTS isnt really impressive when some peoples have multiples accounts only to grind items/cards for f2p games(or sometime weekend freegames)to send them into their main put thing in perspective, the psn had 110 millions(as seen in june2013 so even more now with the ps4 and migrating 360 owners)

FYI, the concurent/active users on steam is always between 6.5 to 7.3million(wich is nearly the number of Dreamcasts sold around the world)

and you guess i know nothing about pc? then you guess badly since i been gaming on pc for a WHILE, started with Doom and Hexen, been a competitive Q3 and UT player, hell i was even building my own water cooling cpu copper block due to the lack of water cooling products back in 1995-2000, now its pretty much noob proof, even a 6year child you build his own rig, im also pretty sure even my old rig is still raping your actual pc RIGHT NOW([email protected] with a good old msi gtx680lightning(gpu&cpu watercooled)3xssd(one for the os and the other dedicated for games/softwares, to resume you dont know me and dont act like you do.

"You're a typical delusional console kid who believes PC gamers pirate everything."

dont want to burst your bubble, but my 230+games steam library say otherwise.

You're a typical phoney gamer who believes he know everything... and probably just a 90s kiddo.

Muffins12231560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

He never said it would not come out on pc do you have 6 bubbles and i have 3 when you cant even read a comment,he said no way rockstar would release it on pc without getting every sell they can,that means they would launch it on current gen and get tons of sales,then next gen like 6 months later after original release ,then pc 9 months later after original release probably ,by that time everyone bought dose make sense,pc gaming is a horrible market for AAA developers. Only ones i see make it successfully in recent years in pc gaming are creative assembly and Bethesda

DomceM1560d ago

@pEasfor and muffins

you know why no one likes ps4 fanboys? Because not only are you stupidly misinformed as per usual, but you also feel the need to try and put down every other system for one reason or another and then gloat about it.

You are disgusting, get some mental help.

xPhearR3dx1560d ago


You have 3 bubbles because you're the one who can't read. I never said, he said it wasn't coming to PC. I said, if he thinks GTA V isn't coming to PC at the same time or earlier than next-gen versions. You should think twice before calling someone an idiot only to look like one yourself.

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JsonHenry1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Pretty sure that this game will come to PC.. just like almost every other GTA game ever made.

For the disagrees-

jimbobwahey1560d ago

Yeah, GTA4 has been really popular on PC so they'd be giving up an insane amount of profits by not releasing V on PC.

SlapHappyJesus1560d ago

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
My 300 game Steam account and Newell's billionaire status says "hi".

I am sure console's used game market is a dream come true for developers and publishers as well.

Vegamyster1560d ago

The 360 version of the game was leaked on torrent sites about a week before launch lol.

yezz1560d ago

The 360 version has sold more than 10 million legit copies though..

yezz1560d ago

Can someone actually say, why they are disagreeing with me?


Yezz, they are Sony Fangirls, Thats why lol who cares if they disagree? It's there stupidity is all!

Vegamyster1560d ago


PeaSFor's comment suggested the PC version would just get pirated, he for whatever reasons assumes that PC gamers don't buy games. Yes the PC version would get pirated but that doesn't mean it won't sell well.

Muffins12231560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Yet they still sold 10 million on xbox360,you wanna say that for pc?Oh wait you cant say that for any AAA multiplatofrm game on pc.The pc would get more pirated...Almost every pc gamer including me at my highschool have pirated one thing or two games in are life but i know many 360 gamers who pirated nothing... i pirated a little bit when i was 10 and i had shitty computer at the time()i think it was hitman:Blood money and a few others) I never pirate now but i was a kid when i did that so you cant act like im a asshole,kids really are just started to get moral values at that age.Now i have really good pc and buy really only indie games and games like total war and etc.

TekoIie1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

"Almost every pc gamer including me at my highschool have pirated one thing or two games in are life"

ya'll see that? Call the fuzz !

Vegamyster1560d ago


"Yet they still sold 10 million on xbox360,you wanna say that for pc?Oh wait you cant say that for any AAA multiplatofrm game on pc"

Diablo 3 - 12 million

yezz1559d ago

If you look at GTA IV sales for PC it's not looking that good.. While consoles have some piracy, they still sell incredible numbers. Piracy is much larger problem on PC. It's just a fair point and I can't understand how someone disagrees with that.

I'm not saying everyone would pirate the PC version but many would. You are just lying to yourself if you think that a game like GTA V would not get pirated a lot.. But I'm still positive that we will see the PC version someday.

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Spinal1560d ago


For one games like WoW & Diablo 3 prove that PC players are willing pay happily for great games.

Also Most people that want GTA 5 on PC will be playing it online so they have to go through Rockstar servers for that or they can play on emtpy private servers which is pointless.

So GTA 5 on Pc will Sell great for them. And Rockstar already made more than their money back so PC & Next gen is just bonus income for them.

Ofc its going to land on the PC and next gen taunting new features like better visuals/higher player cap.

Muffins12231560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

Theirs a difference,those are first party and heavily online focused so there going to have to buy them for online accesses ,gta 5 on the other hand is still mainly single player even with the "good" online it has.Also those are first party!Games like skyrim,battlefield, and others that are so pro pc get horrible sales compared to console versions,your the idiot.

porkChop1560d ago

Every single core GTA game (by core I mean not handheld spinoff, obviously) has come to PC. Every single one. And they've all sold very well. You're crazy if you really think they won't release the game on PC.

And you're right, RDR never came to PC. But LA Noire did, and so did Max Payne 3. Rockstar has been bringing all their games to PC recently. They've all been properly done too with lots of effort, not half-assed ports.

Mister_Dawg1560d ago

Just make it digital download only and push it through steam.
Although this will not stop piracy, it will certainly cut it down a lot, especially if you want to play online.

SneakyDoo1560d ago

"It's the same euphoria engine." No, their core engines run on RAGE (rockstar advanced gaming engine.) Euphoria is the supporting physics animation engine provided by natural body. And RDR uses RAGE V1, GTA V uses RAGE V2, an upgraded version of their engine.

MrDreadnought1560d ago

Unfortunately, i think this is the actual argument that supports GTA V not going to PC, it gets massivelly pirated once it comes to the PC, and anyone who denies it, is simply not accepting the true, although I respect your opinion...

Though i would love to see them GTA V graphics fully 1080p maxed out, but the logic move would be to turn to the PS4 and XOne and then PC.

RedDeadLB1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

RDR's engine was the same engine as GTAIV's, but older I believe and Rockstar said in an interview that porting it would mean reworking the engine significantly and that it isn't a viable option for them. Think about the problems GTAIV PC faced and still has, and then think about what RDR would have been being even older than that in the technical department.

sungam3d1560d ago

Uh, you do realise gtaV on xbox was leaked and mass pirated 2 weeks before its release date, the PS3 version was leaked and mass pirated 1 week before release date.

If you think 'piracy' is the sole reason for the delay of the PC version, you are sorely mistaken.

It takes a TONN more effort to get the game to work on PC than it does consoles. Consoles have a single hardware and software combo, making it simpler to refine and tune for the console.

PC however can have billions of different hardware combos, making fine tuning it a much harder task. And we all know rockstar are perfectionists.

Thus the delay.

AD7051560d ago

Yeah because no one makes multiple PSN accounts right? Those 110 million psn accounts are all different people and not secondary or third or even fourth accounts?

You really think that people make multiple accounts on steam like they do PSN which is notorious for that? I'm not denying that people don't make multiple accounts I know it happens but to use that against steam is not a very good argument. I personally have 4 PSN accounts to access different PSN stores from different countries.

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BanginBiscuitz1560d ago

Doesnt matter anymore they are waiting way to long. If they release it on next gen and PC it wont be until probably april-may and to many good games are coming out around that time. There is no way in this world i will pass up on watch dogs, titanfall, Thief etc for a port of a last gen game. Not happening, Rockstar messed up should of released the port this month or feb at latest. They would of announced it already if it was coming soon.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

i think they would Put it out on Next gen B4 PC, PC is joke i think Next gen would sell more then PC also. you think half a million sales matter to Rockstar? half of those People will pirate the game anyway

--bienio--1560d ago ShowReplies(2)
XiSasukeUchiha1560d ago

GTA V PC that imfamous question in my eyes because there one side that wants and other side that does want it in the end my judgment doesn't matter but I say If is coming on PC good for u if not is not

Either way I'm exciting on what Rockstar says about this!

yezz1560d ago

Rockstar already knows without any petitions that many people want the PC version. I'm quite sure we will see the PC version sooner or later..

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