EA Sports UFC Game Preview (2014) | Martial Arts Video Games

With Undisputed 3 marking the end of the UFC liscenced series, the new EA Sports UFC games takes over, promising a new MMA game for the new generation consoles that will leave all others behind.

The new EA Sports UFC game is due for release on the Xbox One and PS4 in Spring next year, and everything about this game so far sounds very promising.

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Hellsvacancy1678d ago

Lol, another cgi video that the game will look nothing like

Jmantis1678d ago

Yeah, I would like to see the gameplay too, but it's a little bit too soon, I think.

hiredhelp1678d ago

No PC ? Come on again shafted however i agree above i like see Actual in game gameplay.

NYC_Gamer1678d ago

EA will ruin UFC with tons of dlc and microtransactions

amuadiv1678d ago

As a huge boxing and mma fan I hope this is good ..please be good.. As I don't see any signs of a new fight night game.

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