Outlast free on PlayStation Plus in February

Rely on Horror: Outlast, Red Barrels Game's intense survival horror game released last September, will be coming to PlayStation Plus in February. The game will be free to those with a Plus subscription on the PlayStation 4.

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grumpc1648d ago

PS+ never ceasing to amaze.

ShutUpDonny1648d ago

PS+ is what made me turn my back on Xbox. I never had so many games to play in my life, I can't keep up!

PeaSFor1648d ago

PS+ is evil, i try to complete my backlog...but it always shove an other game in my face, damn you ps+, DAMN YOU!!!!

HaveAsandwich1648d ago

yea im coming from the 360 as well. getting don't starve for free is just awesome. the freebies are plenty, right now.

Patrick_pk441648d ago are telling me PS+ is what changed your mind about the Xbox? Even when Microsoft constantly performed anal on all its customers?

Baccra171648d ago

Welcome to the light side of the force.

minimur121648d ago

This is great news, it seems that the rumour/leak of feburarys ps plus lineup is true. Bioshock/ Metro LL for PS3.

I'll probably play through Bioshock, but Mettro I hated the first one, because of the broken AI. I'll still download it and give it a shot though :)

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sigfredod1648d ago

Oh yeah!! sweet survival horror on february free, and possibly a social racer (driveclub) fingerscross

Mega241648d ago

Driveclub won't be free, it will be a stripped down version, getting a discount with PS+ in other words, I remember them saying that you could buy the game digitally with PS+ and it will cost you around $45 I think, but that was before gamescom, its been months now, they could have changed any of that.

PeaSFor1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

i liked all the Motorstorm games(RC game too), and also loved Project Gotham Racing (the lead designer is working on Driveclub), im totally trusting Evolution Studio with their game, and the delay is only a good thing since the didnt rushed the game for the console launch.

ThatCanadianGuy5141648d ago

I don't know why Mega has 12 disagrees when he's absolutely right.

ipach1648d ago

You sounds like you're describing Forza 5's retail package.

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RedSoakedSponge1648d ago

im very glad i didnt buy this on pc when it was first released. free is awesome :D

Neonridr1647d ago

I beat it on PC already, but I'll give it another go on PS4, just to make me squirm again..

ovnipc1648d ago

Awesome!!! I was about to buy it on pc and i was wondering when was going to be released on ps, i will wait until next month great!

maddskull1648d ago

Your picture doesn't support your comment at all. Lol

mewhy321648d ago

Here's an example of PSN+ offering the valued added features that are putting PS4 in a position as world's leading console.

liquidhalos1648d ago

Guys im new to Playstation and could do with some info. Im on holiday for feb, can i download this for free in march as my ps+ sub wont be discontinued? what are my options?

Gorilla_Killa_X1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

You can "purchase" it for free from the PlayStation Store online or you can download the PlayStation app and get it there. Either way, after purchasing it, you can have it automatically download to your PS4 if you leave it in standby mode from the online store or app or you can go to your library and download when you get back. Just make sure you have it in your library before it goes away.

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ShinnokDrako1648d ago

YES!!! I was waiting for the confirmation, and here it is!!! I hope it will be EU+US (not only EU or only US)....

jackanderson19851648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

says all so hoping it's US and EU but if not screw the US and bring it to europe ha

@below yeah i was joking man plus the majority of the install base is in the US so they'd be suffering more. I just want the EU to get it cuz i'm in the EU, nothing against NA in any way

Mega241648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Hey it not US, is NA (North America), you know that the united states are not the only thing there. Plus many other latin and caribbean countries fall under those release boundaries.

@Above, I got nothing against the EU, its just you guys get better games sometimes, and I'm in the caribbean so :P, don't really care for the US, although they own us lol.

EU is always getting nice games, like Far Cry 3 a few months back, never came to NA :(, I only played it on my crappy pc at low settings 720p 20 fps lol

Callediceman1648d ago

I dont think i can Outlast all of these free games i have to play. Badumptish.

curtis921648d ago

On the plus side, it's not costing you anything. Badumptish.

Rip-Ridah1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

PS...You guys are crazy and I have no idea what this word means. Badumptish.

curtis921648d ago

So awesome. I was going to buy this and now it's a freaking free game on +

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