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Outlast free on PlayStation Plus in February

Rely on Horror: Outlast, Red Barrels Game's intense survival horror game released last September, will be coming to PlayStation Plus in February. The game will be free to those with a Plus subscription on the PlayStation 4. (Outlast, PS4)

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grumpc  +   96d ago
PS+ never ceasing to amaze.
ShutUpDonny  +   96d ago
PS+ is what made me turn my back on Xbox. I never had so many games to play in my life, I can't keep up!
PeaSFor  +   96d ago
PS+ is evil, i try to complete my backlog...but it always shove an other game in my face, damn you ps+, DAMN YOU!!!!
HaveAsandwich  +   96d ago
yea im coming from the 360 as well. getting don't starve for free is just awesome. the freebies are plenty, right now.
Patrick_pk44  +   96d ago | Funny
Wait...you are telling me PS+ is what changed your mind about the Xbox? Even when Microsoft constantly performed anal on all its customers?
Baccra17  +   96d ago
Welcome to the light side of the force.
minimur12  +   96d ago
This is great news, it seems that the rumour/leak of feburarys ps plus lineup is true. Bioshock/ Metro LL for PS3.

I'll probably play through Bioshock, but Mettro I hated the first one, because of the broken AI. I'll still download it and give it a shot though :)
sigfredod  +   96d ago
Oh yeah!! sweet survival horror on february free, and possibly a social racer (driveclub) fingerscross
Mega24  +   96d ago
Driveclub won't be free, it will be a stripped down version, getting a discount with PS+ in other words, I remember them saying that you could buy the game digitally with PS+ and it will cost you around $45 I think, but that was before gamescom, its been months now, they could have changed any of that.
PeaSFor  +   96d ago
i liked all the Motorstorm games(RC game too), and also loved Project Gotham Racing (the lead designer is working on Driveclub), im totally trusting Evolution Studio with their game, and the delay is only a good thing since the didnt rushed the game for the console launch.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   96d ago
I don't know why Mega has 12 disagrees when he's absolutely right.
ipach  +   96d ago
You sounds like you're describing Forza 5's retail package.
RedSoakedSponge  +   96d ago
im very glad i didnt buy this on pc when it was first released. free is awesome :D
Neonridr  +   95d ago
I beat it on PC already, but I'll give it another go on PS4, just to make me squirm again..
ovnipc  +   96d ago
Awesome!!! I was about to buy it on pc and i was wondering when was going to be released on ps, i will wait until next month great!
maddskull  +   96d ago
Your picture doesn't support your comment at all. Lol
mewhy32  +   96d ago
Here's an example of PSN+ offering the valued added features that are putting PS4 in a position as world's leading console.
liquidhalos  +   96d ago
Guys im new to Playstation and could do with some info. Im on holiday for feb, can i download this for free in march as my ps+ sub wont be discontinued? what are my options?
Gorilla_Killa_X  +   96d ago
You can "purchase" it for free from the PlayStation Store online or you can download the PlayStation app and get it there. Either way, after purchasing it, you can have it automatically download to your PS4 if you leave it in standby mode from the online store or app or you can go to your library and download when you get back. Just make sure you have it in your library before it goes away.
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reapergamer  +   96d ago
ShinnokDrako  +   96d ago
YES!!! I was waiting for the confirmation, and here it is!!! I hope it will be EU+US (not only EU or only US)....
jackanderson1985  +   96d ago
says all so hoping it's US and EU but if not screw the US and bring it to europe ha

@below yeah i was joking man plus the majority of the install base is in the US so they'd be suffering more. I just want the EU to get it cuz i'm in the EU, nothing against NA in any way
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Mega24  +   96d ago
Hey it not US, is NA (North America), you know that the united states are not the only thing there. Plus many other latin and caribbean countries fall under those release boundaries.

@Above, I got nothing against the EU, its just you guys get better games sometimes, and I'm in the caribbean so :P, don't really care for the US, although they own us lol.

EU is always getting nice games, like Far Cry 3 a few months back, never came to NA :(, I only played it on my crappy pc at low settings 720p 20 fps lol
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Callediceman  +   96d ago
I dont think i can Outlast all of these free games i have to play. Badumptish.
curtis92  +   96d ago
On the plus side, it's not costing you anything. Badumptish.
Rip-Ridah  +   96d ago
PS...You guys are crazy and I have no idea what this word means. Badumptish.
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curtis92  +   96d ago
So awesome. I was going to buy this and now it's a freaking free game on +
ThatEnglishDude  +   96d ago
Brown trousers time! Fun little game that offers some really good thrills and scares. Definitely worth playing. Keep up the good work Sony!
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Paul85  +   96d ago
Can't wait to try this out!!!
sprinterboy  +   96d ago
I am guessing outlast for US and driveclub for EU. Hopefully we all get both :) perhaps drivecub will be march for us all since japan launch is feb 22nd ?
CynicalKelly  +   96d ago
I hope not. I always said I would subscribe when Outlast came out. Would suck to find out it's for US only.
DigitalRaptor  +   96d ago
I think it's both for both.

Outlast was promised for PS4 - with no region specifics.

DriveClub PS+ edition was promised for every subscriber.
finally been waiting for this game to come to ps4.
ifistbrowni  +   96d ago
Finally? youve been waiting a whole 2 months...

OT: I cant wait to try this game. Hopefully it lives up to the survival horror hype. I'm not talking RE4, RE6, Dead Space 3 survival horror, but PS1/PS2 era survival horror.
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SeanScythe  +   96d ago
This game was announced long ago for the PS4, so yes we've been waiting a while for this game. I've had it on my wishlist for well over 5 months.
ifistbrowni  +   96d ago
The ps4 hasn't even been out for 5 months...?

Infamous was announced in February 2013... I guess that game should have been out by now too?

"Finally" is something you would say for the Order, when it gets a release date. Not a game you waited 2 months for. Idc when it was announced. The consoles been out for 2 months, by time this game releases it'll be 3 months.

You guys need some patience.
Rhezin  +   96d ago
Awesome! now all I have to do is find a spare $50 lying around hmmm….
InTheLab  +   96d ago
Would gladly pay for this game...
DigitalRaptor  +   96d ago
So would I.

I will buy their DLC though to make up for it.
InTheLab  +   96d ago
2 people must hate indie devs to not want to support them with money????
patsrule316  +   96d ago
Didn't they announce at E3 that Outlast would be one of the free PS4 PS+ games? I have always expected that it would be free. I thought they said Don't Starve, Outlast, and Binding of Isaac (I think Binding was the third one they said at the show, but my memory is hazy on the third).

So it should be both regions getting outlast, and we should both get Drive Club PS+ version when it releases, too.
ELCUCO  +   96d ago
Oooooh nice. Time to invent a light bar cover :)
BitbyDeath  +   96d ago
Don't Starve is a pretty dark game at times (like nighttime) and doesn't seem to reflect any light from the controller. You'll be fine.
ELCUCO  +   96d ago
I've watched movies and had to hide the controller because of the light :( its OCD I guess
infectedaztec  +   96d ago
AS an xbox fan (not that I wouldnt like a ps4 too) I have to admit that this is a fantastic feature/service
SlapHappyJesus  +   96d ago
It's a fantastic game.

. . . check out my user review. ;)
pwnsause_returns  +   96d ago
I didn't expect this game to make a ps+ appearance this soon. Wow. That's why ps+ is epic.
SlapHappyJesus  +   96d ago
Well, to be fair, the deal has always been that they would put the game on PS+ for free, as soon as the game was up and running on the PS4.
first1NFANTRY  +   96d ago
I can't Outlast the immediate importance of when i am busty for the loo jks

ot: will definitely check it out at launch. we need more of these type of games for those of us manly enough to withstand the horror
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Bloodjunkie  +   96d ago
Best Service ever! Have not enough time to play all the amazing games from ps+ :(
GirlOnFire  +   96d ago
PS is always a Plus to have. ^~^ Free games are my favorite!
Philoctetes  +   96d ago
Excellent. I liked Resogun and I'm loving Don't Starve, but Outlast is the one I've been looking forward to the most.
RexFury  +   96d ago
Happy for all of those who can handle horror games, unfortunately...i am a huge wuss and I wouldn't touch this game with a barge pole. PS+ is ripping it apart.
patsrule316  +   96d ago
I am looking forward to playing it, but I know my wife won't touch it, and my 9 year old son won't be allowed to play it either. This will be the first PS+ game for PS4 that the rest of my family won't even try. But I am excited for it.
DEEBO  +   96d ago
ok so games for the 2014 on all systems,we got tomb raider,dragon ball,rayman,thief,titanfall,ml b,infamous,metalgear,drive club,donkey kong,ufc,plants vs zombies and this is just the jan to april months.
and sony keep dropping these playstation+ bombs too.
man i hope some people have gamefly or that tax money is going burn a hole in some gamers wallet.
Puppy_Farts  +   96d ago
Quite looking forward to this. Between Outlast on Plus, and the list I just went over for tomorrows "14 in 14" game sale (I saw Rain, Lone Survivor, and a few other good games for pretty cheap) my backlog is ridiculous.

Heres the list if anyone is interested. US only, I believe:

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TristanPR77  +   96d ago
Sweet PS Plus! The service pays itself. Bring it on.
arugula  +   96d ago
This game was actually very good. I played it on PC and bought it for like $5 from Steam holiday sale.

Its true survival horror. No weapons! No Energy! Environment and audio are great through out the game. Very well made. Good story. Nice graphics!

Cant believe its going to be free!
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GirlOnFire  +   96d ago
Boy fan guys are disagreeing everyone. It's retarded. I got disagreed for saying owning an PlayStation is always a Plus. Jealous? Get one!
PixelNinja  +   96d ago
Sure, it may be free, but will Sony pay for my ruined underwear?
MasterCornholio  +   96d ago
Just ask McHake to lend you his adult diapers.
6DEAD6END6  +   96d ago
Sweet day one download for me.
Ashunderfire86  +   96d ago
I can't wait for this game to come out February! I would love to see Outlast being played on Ustream/Twitch! Ladies and Gentlemen Get your popcorns and drinks ready. Time to watch something scarier than a horror movie. Lets watch a horror game being played by millions of PS Plus Subscribers! Outlast and Dying Light will keep me busy, while I wait for my most anticipated game of the year, Alien: Isolation. Greatness Awaits!
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ironmonkey  +   96d ago
omg yesss. this game is good
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