XBF Previews Racedriver GRID

James Cook Writes: " Way back in 1997 (1998 for the Americans), TOCA Touring Car Championship was released by Codemasters to widespread acclaim. Featuring real drivers, cars and courses from the British Touring Car Championship, it was especially well received on console, where it was considered the best racer available until Gran Turismo was released a short while later.

This brings to light the most immediate problem facing the release of GRID in June. While the racer is the much anticipated sequel to TOCA Race Driver 3, it is going up against powerhouse franchises such as Project Gotham, Forza Motorsport and Burnout, all of which have seen new releases fairly recently. Even Grand Theft Auto could potentially impact upon sales. With so many driving games available now, how does GRID stand out of the pack? ..."

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