Metal Gear Solid 4 to Punish Ninja Gaiden in Sales?

GameGuru writes-"Two agents of destruction (Ryu and Snake) seeking for retribution, set out in their quest to meet their destiny and conquer their fears in the month of June, but it seems Snake's saga is going to chip Ryu's "gaiden" (Japanese for the continuing saga) into a million pieces even prior to its release

Sony did something similar with Heavenly Sword releasing it on September 12, two weeks before Halo 3 and although it was a new IP with excellent production values, it did not quite make the grade that it was expected to initially (in terms of sales). It took the game a considerable amount of time to hit a million copies. Had Sony delayed the game till October it would have fared much better in the absence of Grand Theft Auto 4 which was due to be released in 2007 at that point of time."

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sonarus3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

I doubt MGS4 will have that much effect on NG2 sales. 2 different types of games on 2 different platforms. Sales wise though MGS4 will completely rape NG2.

Bundling MGS4 with 80GB PS3 was PURE GENIUS. I know a bunch of people who are looking for 80GB PS3's. Bundling it with the reason to buy a PS3 again...GENIUS

mikeslemonade3844d ago

MGS4 has been hyped by many to be the poster game of the PS3 so there's going to be both the hardcore and casual gamers buying MGS4. Where as Ninja Gaiden is only a hardcore gamer's game.

wow4u3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Bundling MGS4 is a method for Sony to try and ramp-up its install base. You dont bundle your most important title with your console unless your willing to exchange revenue for install base.

Simple as that. It certainly is a good idea to achieve your goals, but not decision you make from a position of strenght. In effect, its another PS3 price cut.

Edit: Hm, did MS bundle Halo 3? I didnt know that. LOL @ the disagrees. Here this clearly: Bundling your most anticipated title is a defacto price-cut. You dont bundle what is a guaranteed sale unless you're more interested in enticing console-sales than you are that $60.

Pretend otherwise if you like.

travelguy2k3844d ago

I guess this is why Microsoft bundled Halo, or Nintendo has been known to bundle Mario Games....

Its no different, its marketing and Sony hasn't invented it, they are just using it.

barom3844d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 is a great game but sales wise it never will come close to MGS4.

Think all the ninja gaidens (Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden Black and Ninja Gaiden Sigma) released so far has sold like 1.5 million. And the Ninja Gaiden DS sold terrible compared to the install base. Actually I think it sold terrible compared to regular games.

sonarus3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Offcourse the bundle is a plot to increase their install base. The point is they bundled it with the 80GB ps3 and not the 40GB. Lots of people want the 80GB but can't find it. Thats the Genius part

PS3 is still more expensive than the 360. You can call it whatever you want to but larger install base = more future revenue. Consider it an investment. Trying to spin it negative or as a sign of weakness makes no sense whatsoever. I would like to hear you spin MGS4 punishing NG2 sales into something negative:D

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SUP3R3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

snufkin what the hell are you talking about?
This isn't a GTAIV topic.


Did anyone expect otherwise when comparing expected sales of both?
However, I wouldn't put them head2head since their completely different genres.

heyheyhey3844d ago


don't you get tired of copying and pasting framerate tests for ->GTA4<- in non-related threads?

or is it some kind of thrill for you? because if so, i suggest going outside and getting a life

princejb1343844d ago

whats all that nonsense you talking about
you making yourself sound stupider for every word you typed out comapring frame rate?

KingME3844d ago

As for MSG4, I'm sure it's going to be a great game, but I haven't seen anything in it that is cutting edge. It's really just another shooter, with a lot of hype behind it. Will that hype sell consoles, you better believe it.

Otherwise, all you did was point out the obvious. If MSG4 was outsold by a lowly NG2, if would be the biggest software sells upset of all times if it didn't. It's like comparing Halo 3 against sells against Ninja Gaiden Sigma. However, I'm sure Ninja Gaiden II will dwarf Ninja Gaiden Sigma in sells.

Perhaps you should say something really bold, like MSG4 WILL BREAK GTA IVs LAUNCH WEEK SELLS RECORD. Or MSG4 will be the biggest Seller this year on any next gen console.

Now, that would be an interesting prediction. Otherwise, you're saying nothing that other people don't already think or know. Which basically means it was a waste of your strength typing it.

iHEARTboobs3844d ago

What Sonarus said obviously wasn't a waste because there's obviously people responding to it, like you. Not only did you respond but you also responded with a lengthy response. And for the record since you don't seem to know about MGS, it's not a shooter. Yeah you shoot things in the game but that's only part of it, so don't label it a shooter.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Have U ever played a MGS game? Do U care about what's going on in the world around you? The story itself is very cutting edge. I only ask cuz U said that it looks like just another shooter. Someone who's followed the franchise wouldn't say that, and wouldn't demand new cutting edge gameplay, IMHO.

Dark General3844d ago

Did you just call MGS4 a shooter? That's almost like a spit in the face of the entire series, it's like calling Gears of War a FPS.

s8anicslayer3844d ago

ninja gaiden series isn't really good, so im sure mgs4 will hurt it's sales, ng just has good graphics, that game is way overhyped

ThaGeNeCySt3844d ago

When did Microsoft bundle Halo 3 with the xbox360 ?

ThaGeNeCySt3844d ago

Europeans always get the good stuff :(

Mu5afir3844d ago

Metal Gear Solid is by NO MEANS a "shooter". If you have Ps3 or an old Ps1 laying around, I suggest you buy / rent the first game. Then fallow them up with 2 & 3, as a "gamer" your missing out on a great game.

Metal Gear Solid is - Tactical Espionage Action

uxo223844d ago

Kingme did mis-speak by calling MSG4 a shooter. But did it take 5-6 back to back comments from different people saying the same thing to clear that up for him. How about one guy tell him it's not a shooter and the rest just agree with the first.

Secondly, not one of you (except for mufair later.) actually corrected him by telling him what genre it actually is. I'm guessing he was trying to make the point that there seems to be nothing cutting edge in the game. And unless there is something cool that I haven't seen yet, I would have to agree with him. It's more like an upgrade to the franchise, but nothing to really take avantage of the next gen hardware with the exception of filling up the blu-ray disc.

Thanks MuFair haha, I never knew that there was a Tactical Espionage Action genre. I guess it would be an Action game with some tactical espionage mixed

jmoneezie3844d ago

I must agree with you, they were more concerned in backing each other up that they never said what genre the game was. Tell him what genre it was was far less important than tell him he was wrong..haha

tokugawa3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

tut tut

you cant say things about mgs on you say it's the new sliced bread and blah blah. i'm sure evryone played a different mgs2 and mgs3 than i did. coz i thought they were both average at best, and mgs3 worse than mgs2. too many cut scenes in both, and too much hype. which was impossible to live upto.

anyway, i can't see how mgs4 is gonna hurt ninja gaiden sales. seeing as they are on two entirely different systems.....ridiculous article. the author is an idiot. although, he probably knows that articles like this are bread and butter for the sony fanboys on and was probably wrote with this site in mind.

otherZinc3843d ago

SONY has to pack its most important exclusive game to guarantee sales of software. NINTENDO does this with Wii Sports & Wii Play & count them as actual software sales. Cheaters!

SONY changed it, its going to be bundled with a 40 gig PS3. And good post by the way.

Great post, it is a price cut on a 40 gig. HALO didn't need to be packed to sell off the hook.

Oh so you count a bundle of HALO 3 on May 9th 2008, HALO wasn't bundled with the HALO edition 360 & sold, now thats power.

HALO 3 was not bundled anywhere in the world on SEPTEMBER 25th, the day it was released.

Great post. How did MGS 3 do against the big boys: GTA & HALO 2 when they were released within weeks of each other: BIG BOY AGAINST BIG BOY, MGS 3 got KILLED.

Also, even with the NINTENDO Wii cheat pack-in, MGS 4 will not come close to HALO 3 sales. That is what you compare BIG GOYS to, you compare them to other BIG BOYS.

TresTrendu3843d ago

No the new MGS is way overhyped probably bout as much as halo3. At least halo3 you could play it instead of watching frigg'n long cut scene's, 60 dollar movie, i will pass.

hades073843d ago

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble but MGS isn't that popular either. Yes it sells decent and the series always gets favourable reviews, but the average consumer who doesn't troll around gaming forums or check gaming websites everyday aren't looking forward to MGS4. If you ask the casual gamer (which is a large percentage of the video game market) what games they are interested in it's always the same response, Halo, GTA, Gears of War, God of War, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Mario, and a few others. I know alot of people who owned a PS2 and never even heard of MGS, let alone play the game.

Ace Ventura3843d ago

Hades you an idiot. Just stop talking.

The Metal Gear Solid ies has sold over 18 million copies... with 3 games. Not that popular?????????????????/


Sure............. MGS4 sales will for itself.

hades073843d ago

Ace Ventura you're the idiot and based on your other comments, definitely a fanboy. Yes the series has sold well, primarily based on the awesomeness of the first game (which is why the second is so close in sales to the first), but since then it has been declining in sales. Since MGS2 left a sour taste in alot of people's mouths (mine included) it hasn't had the appeal it once had. Admit it, the high point of the series was the first game. I'm a huge MGS fan and all I'm basically saying is MGS4 is overhyped. Find a random person on the street who doesnt play video games and ask them what games they have heard of they will say Mario, Sonic, Guitar Hero, GTA, Final Fantasy, etc. but most casual video gamers wont think of MGS4.

I dont think its the system seller people are making it out to be because most people who want the game already knew of its existence in advance and would most likely have already purchased a PS3. The game in terms of popularity, hype and systems it will sell (not gameplay) won't even come close to GTA4.

dantesparda3843d ago

The 360 fanboy Attack Force is out in full force. Keep talking guys, youse are doing a great job. Makes youse look nervous and worried. Keep the "hating" coming ;-)

Dark General3843d ago

I see what you're saying there about MGS. My own history with MGS didn't start till MGS3 (great game) then i went back to play MGS2 (really good not quite as good as MGS3 though). I agree with you that after MGS2 alot of the fans didn't want to touch MGS anymore i know a few myself. But me, myself personally think that most of the people that played MGS will want to finish off the story in MGS4 and i think Sony will push MGS4 quite a bit. As for the popularity of MGS well it's sold pretty good worldwide (over 4 million with each iteration) so i don't know exactly how you'd classify that. But i do realize that now a days the mainstream games, are the "hardcore gamers" games mostly shooters and their ilk. In my opinion before what made gaming was the collection of niche titles stretched across different genre's that made up gaming as a whole. Now unfortunately that isn't the case anymore.

hades073843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

I totally agree, you said it better than I did. I should have clarified better but I never meant MGS wasn't popular as in doesn't sell well but it does lack that mainstream popularity that GTA4 and Halo3 has.

MGS3 was a good game, I liked the story in that one, but because MGS2 was rooted in the future it had this big convoluted technological story and didn't emphasize the characters enough, like you needed to be a rocket scientist on acid to understand what exactly was going on. That, and you only played snake for the first part of the game in Sons of Liberty.

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BilI Gates3844d ago

Why can't people just enjoy the games without worrying about this kind of nonsense?

281219863844d ago

But Sales Figres do matter at the end of the day...Gaiden II should have fared better if released in July

sonarus3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Not necessarily. July/June, it will sell the same. 360 wanted to push a game next to MGS4 so 360 fans won't be lonely when it releases. Smart move by MSoft. Imagine if Haze and shipped same time as Halo 3. I guarantee it would have sold bout a mill by now.

Production for MGS games are far greater than Ninja Gaiden games. Look at the game score. Easily rivals hollywood movies.

CrazzyMan3844d ago

if you don`t like stuff about sales, just ignore.

p.s. on topic, and yes of`course, MGS4 is a BIG systems seller, AA game, NG2 is just great AA slasher, but definitely not a system seller, too hardcore.

Legend3844d ago

Because everyone is an amateur analyst this gen.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3844d ago

it was a really bad idea to releaser NG2 with MGS4.

theKiller3844d ago

because MGS4 will hurt NG2 sales and image with all the hype its getting and advertisement!

KingME3844d ago

WHAT? HOW? they are both exclusives on different systems. How is MSG4 going to hurt NGII sells. Are paying attention to your own comments.

TresTrendu3843d ago

You guy's are funny NG2 is on the 360 MGS4 is on ps3. So neither game's sale's are gonna hurt, actually after playing the MGO beta i cancelled my pre-order and pre-ordered NG2

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niall773844d ago

MGS4 wont matter to NG2

Ninja Guidan was never a big seller so I dont expect MGS4 to be why NG2 wont sell millions.

Fallen_Angel3844d ago

but then again mgs never been a system seller either. With an install base of 120 million it(mgs2)only sold 5 million. GTA4 sold more then that in a week and the total install base combine for the ps3 and 360 is less then 30 million. Halo 3 sold over 8 million with a install base of like 14 or 15 million.

tplarkin73844d ago

I don't think you will see lines at midnight for MGS4. It is possible that NG2 could outsell MGS4.

cloud3603844d ago

ok . but i wont click on the link . that website

GunShotEddy3844d ago

I get bombarded with article blocking ads everytime I visit that site.

SUP3R3844d ago

lol for real.
Adblock+Google bar ftw!