The 8 worst games (still worth playing)

Some games are so bad that their very faults become a reason to play them. Here are eight of the worst…

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jackanderson19851411d ago

i liked the majority of those games and definitely wouldn't call them 8 of the worst games around

MysticStrummer1411d ago

Picking the worst (or best) games is always subjective, but throwing in the "still worth playing" part makes it even more so.

Jericho jumped into my mind when I saw the title.

TM3331411d ago

Funny, I can't believe I actually played Jericho back in the day and beat it. Kinda even enjoyed it somehow LOL.

MysticStrummer1411d ago

It's probably a game that would seem much worse if I played it now, but I really enjoyed it then.

UnHoly_One1411d ago

Yeah seriously, Dead Island and Assassins Creed?

Derekvinyard131411d ago

Assassins creed, army of two and dead island shouldn't be here man c'mon

Neixus1411d ago

Don't let nostalgia flow through you, AC 1 was one repetetive game, assassinations were a blast though.

DragonKnight1411d ago

The combat was repetitive, but that was really the only flaw with the game. Well, some would argue the Desmond scenes ruined immersion, but the real problem was just repetitive combat. It doesn't qualify as one of the worst games and shouldn't be on this list.

Reverent1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@DragonKnight, it wasn't the combat. It was the fact that the entire game consisted of, "Go to this city, synchronize, assassinate important guy, move to next city, synchronize, assassinate important guy, move to next city..." I hope you see my point.

Honestly, I liked the game a lot, but you really can't say it was JUST the combat that was repetitive. You were moving from city to city doing the EXACT same thing over and over again for the entire game.

TXIDarkAvenger1411d ago

Agreed, missions were repetitive however I wouldn't say its one of the worst games.

SteamFirst1411d ago

Agreed. Army of two and Dead island are a good time.

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frostypants1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Dunno...IS this a joke right? More importantly, what is a joke right?

GuruMeditation1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I know for sure what it isn't: a joke wrong. Think we can all agree on that...

CorndogBurglar1411d ago

Is this a joke maybe? I don't know.

LoliconMaster1411d ago

Most of these games are ok to good.

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