The Best and Worst Nintendo Commercials of 2013

mike from mii-gamer:

Nintendo's form in the marketing department was poor last year. Some individuals have credited the Wii U abysmal performance to Ninty's poor effort in marketing. While I do agree to a certain extent - however Nintendo has improved slightly towards the end of the year with some great commercials. So here are the best and worst Nintendo commercial of 201

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Eonjay1651d ago

Can someone identify the young lady in the story pic?

mii-gamer1651d ago

Juri Ueno! She is a famous actress in Japan known for her work in the Movie Swing Girls and the live action adaptation of Nodame Cantabile. She starred in two Pikmin 3 commercials in Japan

ChickeyCantor1651d ago


That's not dubstep...

MilkMan1650d ago

They had commercials?! Cause I didn't see not one!