Titanfall Has Been Tough To Market Without Singleplayer, Says Respawn

Respawn's Drew McCoy recalls the early days of marketing Titanfall, saying that it was quite tough to market the game without a traditional SP campaign.

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G20WLY1618d ago

Maybe you should have included a single player campaign then? ;)

I wish... :(

Septic1618d ago

For the sake of it? No thanks.

WalterWJR1618d ago

You protect this game like it's your baby.

christocolus1618d ago


Maybe its cos he has played it and knows how good the game is unlike alot of guys here,actually all those i know who have experienced this game act the same way as septic,all i hear is how much fun they had with it at those events. The previews/hands on have all been positive too,i think its going to be a really good game.

Baka-akaB1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Weird , seems to me it depends who you ask . Many people i know dont care about the campaigns from COD or BF anymore . And i wouldnt blame them , BF's sp are regarded as generic whatever they do , and COD's Sp hasnt been really interested after MW1 or BO1 . They basically buy the game for MP

Septic1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


Because I have played it and don't chat s*** without actually having a clue what it's about?

I also have stated that BF3 and 4 didn't need single player.

Just because Walter Junior was pretty much useless in the Breaking Bad and all he did was eat cereal doesn't mean you need to make even more useless contributions.

But I guess you want single player for the sake of it yeah?

Alexious1618d ago

Not sure why they're disagreeing with you, a tacked on SP would have only wasted resources.

minimur121618d ago

That's exactly why Cod and Battlefeild include a 4 hours campaign, they mmake it just for marketing and to make the trailers look cool.

Septic1618d ago

Ooops..guess I was wrong. People want tacked-on Single Player. BF4's lackluster campaign...all is forgiven.

WalterWJR1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Septic I was not just referring to this comment. All your posts lord the game based on a single tech demo you played.

No one said anything about tacked on single player, obviously we want a decent one.

Oh and please don't mock my breakfast eating habits. Breaking bad is nothing without jr and his veggy bacon.

CELLA1618d ago


Septic1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

"No one said anything about tacked on single player, obviously we want a decent one. "

Yeah and I just said that we don't want a single player game for the sake of it. That was somehow akin to protecting the game like its my baby?

Oh how you'd much rather prefer to the copy and paste rage sentiments of fanboys berating a game they haven't played right?

Let's listen to sofa experts on what's best for the game, not the developers that actually made it in the first place.

"All your posts lord the game based on a single tech demo you played."

Any why is that? Is it all hubris?

And that's still more than most of the haters have done. The sad thing is, they can't even wait till March before making their minds up. Agendas mate...agendas...

CynicalKelly1618d ago

It's a real shame to see more dislikes on your comment than likes. We as gamers complain about the state of game development and the quality of the games they produce and it's a real hit to know it's because most gamers enable them.

Battlefield started as a MP only game and now they take resources away from the MP to create a Single Player that nobody likes nor wants just for the sake of it.

I for one am glad Respawn is not giving in. We always complain about games that add a MP that is just not needed. I wish people would see the double standard and realise they are wrong.

GarrusVakarian1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Not sure why you have so many disagrees, tacked on singleplayers are the worst. Ive literally just finished the BF4 campaign 5 minutes ago and it was pretty bad, bad writing/story, bad dialogue, bad everything apart from graphics.

I'd much rather Respawn focus all resources on one aspect (MP) rather than using some of those resources for a tacked on Sp. I wish DICE/EA would do the same with the BF franchise.

ifistbrowni1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

@septic, walterjr probably doesn't even have an XONE. Ps4 ppl just like to troll this game.

I dont understand why its so important to ppl to rag on the console that they dont own. I like gaming, i own both.

Idk what it is with gamers on the internet. I've always owned all consoles (until wii, i skipped wii and wii U).

SEGA, Nintendo. PS1, N64. PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast. X360, PS3. PS4, XONE.

Glad i've always been a gamer and not a loyalist. I'm only 22 y/o and through all those consoles, i've had tons of fun. I feel incredibly sorry for those of you who believe you have to be loyal to one company.

Infamous will be my single player and TitanFall will be my Multi-player. Because i own both, i can have it both ways. See how great it is?

Cheers to gaming!

truefan11618d ago

This game will do fine, every person I know that has an XB1, and plenty of people on my friends list are looking forward to Titanfall. This game is only tough to market to PS4 players, lol. They are the ones leading the charge to bring this game down. They hate the fact that greatness awaits........until at least 2015. No major exclusives for them besides rehashed single player games.

amodestoccasion1618d ago

No kidding. I don't buy Battlefield for the single player, I don't buy CounterStrike for the single player. Some games just don't need it.

NatureOfLogic1618d ago

So according to most above, devs should take less success by avoiding the singleplayer audience.

KevinCubes1618d ago Show
nukeitall1618d ago

Actually I hope more developers take this path!

Why include a tacked on single player or multiplayer?

Put more effort into where it matters!

Sick of tacked on and meaningless game mode just so you can check it off on a list.

KingDadXVI1618d ago

I agree completely. The fact that all of their focus has been on their concept of online multiplayer only means it is only going to be that much better.

uncharted561618d ago

I would you know why? Because they will sell this game for 60 dollars and if this game becomes a success you know what will happen? A new trend where online only games with no sp will be sold for 60 dollars. And then 15 dollar dlc will follow suite. Screw EA, Activision, Respawn and all cod creatros and Crapcom.

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moujahed1618d ago

They did, that's what the 50 count AI players are for... Blurring the lines between Singleplayer & Multiplayer like a true champ.

kaiserfranz1618d ago

We haven't seen yet what they truly mean with "blurring the line between single player and multi", though.

n4rc1618d ago

It doesn't need to be there just for the sake of having it..

People are just used to a certain formula that's been done to death.. Considering most games are essentially mp games with a crappy campaign added on almost as an after thought.. Why not just do away with it and focus on what people really want?

SkippyPaccino1618d ago

OMG these poor babies don't know how they'll advertise their game to the world? I feel so bad for these people... Maybe if the media could write and talk about titanfall a little more, maybe we would know more about this game....

Sarcasm aside, can this game be more hiped then it is right now? It's starting to have the reverse affect on me and Ive started to get repulsed by the amount of coverage... Deep down I'm kinda hoping it fails... Anyways I'm sure it will do fine and many will enjoy it but... Stop treating it like The second coming of Christ

KiLLUMiNATi_891618d ago

Multiplayer and Co-op is the the future of gaming that's what sells and plus who wants a 5 hour campaign anyways? The way I see it eliminate the useless and work on the essentials.

QuickdrawMcgraw1618d ago ShowReplies(1)
gamer78041618d ago

exactly, i'll wait til it drops to bargain bin prices til i pick it up. a good portion of us don't play much multiplayer VS. I enjoy coop with friends, but without a SP campaign Titanfall is a hard sell for 60$

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cyphertech1618d ago

It's easy to market an exclusive. Uninteresting games become AAA to some and interesting games become shitty to others.

G20WLY1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Uh oh, you can't say "exclusive" when talking about Titanfall without opening a can of worms..! Makes people squabble. :o

I think you're right though.

EDIT: Below, you can only edit for about 15 minutes. You won't pick up an all-out ban for that, I'm pretty sure. :)

cyphertech1618d ago

What happened to the ability to edit comments? I don't want to get banned or anything for swearing, but it's a habit.

SilentNegotiator1618d ago

You get 15 minutes to edit. And don't worry, people rarely get reported for swearing; usually just if the rest of the comment is really disagreeable or a mod comes by and reads that one comment out of the hundred others.

LoveOfTheGame1618d ago

Don't be too sure, I had 5 bubbles before I used the word "F*ck", ***DISCLAIMER TO MODS*** using it as a reference not as an "obscene pornographic word".

Apparently any use gets you a bubble down, at least when it suits them.

Gamer6661618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Yep, perfect examples are Lair, Twisted Metal, Knack, the last three or four Ratchet & Clanks, GT5, GT5 Prologue, Haze, Time Crysis 4, Mag, Dust 514, PS All Stars Battle Royale, God of War Ascension, etc.

e-p-ayeaH1618d ago

This wont cost 60 bucks right?

Multiplayer-only games shouldnt cost that much.

badz1491618d ago

sorry to disappoint you like this but it will cost you $60 and it won't just stop there!

this is EA and they will milk the shit out of this game with Season Pass too which will cost another $50 and then the shortcuts for $10 each.

and they might not stop just there too. there might be Premium Edition already in the works.

e-p-ayeaH1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Battlefiled 4 did include a singleplayer so it could justify the full price at least that´s the way i see it.

JoGam1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Whats even more disappointing, people will still buy it at $60. And on top of that, still buy premium. Smh

Alexious1618d ago

And why is that so? Single-player only games cost that much, even though they have way less longevity.

Fishy Fingers1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Why? Single player only titles still charge full retail. If the content is there what difference does it make?

Edit: disagree without explanation at will :)

e-p-ayeaH1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

A singleplayer game is garanteed to offer a tangible experience without needing a web conection and multiplayer-only games cant garantee a satisfying experience because you may get lag/conection issues for various reasons.

singleplayer should have more value than multiplayer dont you think?

Fishy Fingers1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

All worthwhile arguements. I agree, that of course you need an internet connection to play MP, but really in this day and age thats hardly a rarity.

Each to there own I suppose, but if I look at any game ive played both multiplayer and single player, I tend to spend far more time on the multiplayer, so that is where my value for money is coming from. I think people need to move with the times, gone are the days of a traditional MP/SP games, there's plenty of scope for devs to focus on single aspects, be that SP, MP or co-op. But your naive if you suggest that a game that only offers MP cant be value for money when a game that only offers SP can.

mydyingparadiselost1618d ago

SP games have a life after numerous years, the servers for Titanfall will eventually shut down and leave the game unplayable.

Alexious1618d ago

@e-p-ayeaH: That is why the biggest success in the history of gaming is an ONLINE ONLY game like World of Warcraft, right?

You couldn't be more wrong. There isn't any inherent superior value in single player; they are different values altogether. If you have lag/connection issues talk to your provider, because we are in 2014 and a decent web connection is extremely common and basically necessary to do most things.

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Seafort1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Of course it's $60 it's an EA game with MS exclusivity "donations".

It'll probably have DLC and microtransactions coming out of every orifice :P

And for the added benefits PC gamers get forced to use EA Origin download client while paying a premium price.

ravinash1618d ago

When Warhawk came out for PS3, that was full price and Multiplay only.
That was one of the best games I played.

kaiserfranz1618d ago

It seems like there's an extremely vocal minority of multiplayer haters here. How sad...

Ashby_JC1618d ago

The fact that titanfall is NOT ON THE ps4 is where all these people are suddenly against mp only.

Did you all feel that same way with MAG or Warhawk??

I paid $60 and got my money's worth.

ravinash1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

When Warhawk came out for PS3, that was full price and Multiplayer only.
That was one of the best games I played.

CELLA1618d ago

its not a multiplayer game only its a moba to the maps are very big in the game lots of ai as well

UnHoly_One1618d ago

Don't laugh.

Although it is an FPS first and foremost, it borrows some elements of a Moba for sure.

Read up on how it works a little, they are really doing something different.

CynicalKelly1618d ago

Huh, strange. Why do you feel that way? Serious question.

I would feel the opposite because games like Battlefield are heavily MP based and I spend literally days of game time playing them while the single player lasts a day or two and usually has no replay value and is quite forgettable.

Just curious as to why you feel MP games are not worth the money that SP games are.

Ashby_JC1618d ago

It's because titanfall is on the Xbox one...and not the ps4/ps3.

There have been plenty of mp only games. But somehow now it's a bad thing. Give me a break.

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christocolus1618d ago

Im really excited about this game. Its sad there isnt any sp,but im hoping the multiplayer experience will be able to offer something really fun and different,something which will hold up for months to come and keep players coming back.

Bathyj1618d ago

I love the look of the game mechanics but I only play single player.

Pandamobile1618d ago

You're going to have a rough time this gen if that's the case. There's been a huge increase on multiplayer focus in the last few years, which is likely to continue.

CynicalKelly1618d ago

Factual statement. Disagrees. Stay Classy N4G.

You are completely right. A lot of games announced are either always online or blurring the lines between online and offline. Games like Titanfall, The Crew, The division,Fable, Destiny, Plants Versus Zombies, Elderscrolls online and Need For Speed even blurred the line now too.

While I love MP games and hope Respawn continue along this path, I just hope that publishers and developers don't forget about single player gamers. Not everyone wants to blur the lines.

kingdip901618d ago

Your right about companies seemingly trying to force our enjoyment of games online...

If this sets the trend this gen then consoles will force those who enjoy single player offline games into other markets, like handhelds for example.

Seems we (meaning those of us who enjoy an offline game) don't matter anymore.

Pandamobile1618d ago

This is more of a calculated response to the needs of the majority (the social gamers), rather than catering to the vocal minority.

If you're one of those people that only plays AAA console games, you're going to be in for a bit of a rude awakening when you find out that much of the AAA console development is shifting to what PC was doing 5-6 years ago (i.e, multiplayer focus, live updating and soft launches).