Will Xbox One Be Last Console? Microsoft's Phil Spencer Thinks Not

NowGamer: Microsoft's Phil Spencer doesn't believe that Xbox One will be the 'last console as we know it' even with the rise of cloud streaming technology, as he describes local hardware scenarios as 'critical'.

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Ted_Breakfast1432d ago

I hope he's right. I don't want to see the end of consoles.

Studio-YaMi1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

In an interview between Adam Sessler & Matt Booty,Matt said that The XboxOne might be the last console you'll ever buy,he did say though that it "maybe a little bit of a stretch to say".

Check at 6:23

Don't really know if Matt knows something we don't,but this was before Microsoft ditched the Always Online DRM fiasco so who knows?

I do wish for consoles to stay alive as well,healthy competition is always welcomed.

DeadRabbits1432d ago

Praise the Sun for the Playstation then!

truefan11431d ago

Xbox is doing fine with sales, so I don't see Microsoft getting rid of xbox. PS I am going to get dislikes anyway so I might as well say something worthy of them, Microsoft is a shark and Sony's financial troubles is like blood in the water. I think Microsoft will keep pushing them to failure, you see how Sony keeps undercutting its own prices to make sure they sell.

Patrick_pk441431d ago

No it isn't. The Xbox division is non-profitable for Microsoft, and is always discussed if it should be sold off. However, Sony is losing profit from their other divisions and not the gaming market. Xbox will eventually disappear.

Sabinsnake1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

Sony didn't undercut, they just didn't sell the PS camera with the PS4, since it's not mandatory like Kinect is to xbox one. even if they did sell the PS camera with PS4, it would only put the price at $460.

Kayant1432d ago

" I think local compute will be important for a long time"

"You can look at mobile, connected to faster networks, more cloud services but local power still increases each gen."

"Bandwidth caps clearly an issue, still believe HW & SW engrs working together will find local HW scenarios critical."

It's nice to see at least one MS exec isn't up in the clouds (no pun intended :p).

XiSasukeUchiha1432d ago

I don`t want it to end but sometimes good things must come to end(No Seriousness intended :p)

sak5001431d ago

Good things may come to end one day but bad pennies like you never end and still have one bubble to spawn in MS news and troll. Waiting for your perma ban one day.

jimbobwahey1432d ago

Well, the potential candidates for the position of Microsoft's new CEO seem to think it will be, given that they want to ditch the console business. I know that Elop guy who's likely to get the position wants to sell off Xbox as soon as possible.

lifeisgamesok1432d ago

Won't happen but I guess you can keep hope alive

Mikefizzled1432d ago

I think Satya Nadella will be announced as CEO. He is a big player in the cloud computing.

mhunterjr1431d ago

Elop isn't likely to get the job...

sak5001431d ago

More likely sony closes/sell off PS brand last 10 years worst in companies history with billions of dollars losses.

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Agent_hitman1432d ago

Healthy competition can keep up

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