Gaijin Hopes To Release PS4 War Thunder in the USA Within January

War Thunder PS4 will hopefuly launch in North America within January, says Gaijin Entertainment, even though it's not up to them.

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jackanderson1985924d ago

surprisingly good game... i like how you can use the touchpad as you would on a laptop.

that being said i'm utterly useless at it so if you come across me i'll be the one doing loops or crashing into things

kaiserfranz924d ago

Yes, more games should use the touchpad in that way. I'm also pretty bad at the game anyway, if that makes you feel any better!

HaveAsandwich923d ago

lol im the one who flies slow endless circles, trying to get behind the guy chasing me.

gamer2013924d ago (Edited 924d ago )

The game has turned into a shitty grindfest because Gaijin are greedy scumbags.

bumnut924d ago

^^^^ what he said, boring grind fest

Maxor924d ago

Wait till you see Planetside 2. That is the nature of free to play.

sigfredod924d ago

Is not shitty when you enjoy the grind, amazing air battles i really love it

bumnut924d ago

Give it time, I played it around a year ago and found it got boring fast. Its basically an online only wings of prey which runs on a 2007 Engine. It gave me the feeling I had played it before.

3-4-5923d ago

dude relax, it's a free to play game that is of better quality than 85% of non free to play games.

Yes it does take a while to earn planes but your not supposed to get everything right away.


Definitely getting this once I get a PS4.

It's a game that you can play for the next 2-4 years and see yourself progress.

gamer2013919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

I've been playing the game on the PC since patch 1.27 so don't tell me to relax. I'm not some random troll who's just hating, I'm a big fan and I've watched this game steadily slide down the toilet for a couple of years now. Gaijin have consistently found ways of slowing game progression down and decreasing rewards ever since I can remember. What was once a fun game with lots of potential is now a dull grindfest due to greed.

If you're just a noob then I understand why you're excited but it won't last long as you progress into higher tiers.

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caseh924d ago

Ground strike battles are a complete fail at higher tiers. Many people just do bombing runs on airfield, game is over in 2 mins. Regular fighters don't start at same altitude as bombers so you have to make a conscious effort to climb 2000+ feet only to get shot down by defensive fighters/rear gunners.

Best part is you can't choose to avoid these battle types, I've stopped playing as a result.

WeAreLegion924d ago

Just download it from a UK account.

curtis92924d ago

Ive seen some twitch streams of it on ps4, looks fun!

sigfredod923d ago

And still have not download it? its great

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