Turn 10 Preparing to “Push the Envelope of Physics in the Racing Genre” With the Next Forza Game

Forza Motorsport 5 has just been released, but apparently Microsoft and Turn 10 are already hiring to work on the physics engine of the next entry of the franchise, as disclosed by a career opportunity ad posted today.

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bahabeast1647d ago

Wow. They always claim how good the current game is but this has to be the fastest release of any racing game in history.

Abriael1647d ago

lol they aren't releasing it yet. It's probably in the planning phases as they hire for it, or little past it.

Can't expect them to have half the team sitting on their rears as they just make DLC cars for Forza 5 :D

Septic1647d ago

I was actually thinking, what is there left to do in the racing genre; what is the next big step? And the physics element is the next step.

The physics when it comes to collisions etc really do not cut it. That's the next step.

Great visuals plus bumpers and bits about everywhere in a realistic fashion, exhausts scraping against the tarmac, wheels getting curbed, tires getting shredded, windshields smashing into pieces, engines exploding (especially if there is a rotary engine in the car) etc.

mcstorm1647d ago

@bahabeast Turn10 have said they are looking to release a new Forza MS every 2 years. Im looking forward to seeing what they do with the next one. I am really enjoying Forza MS 5 yes it lacks tracks the other ones had but the Drivertar has made the racing experience the best one I have every played as you never know what the AI is going to do and makes the game a challenge. Look forward to seeing a bigger and better Forza in 2016 but before then I want to see PGR or Horizon 2 as theses 2 games on the xbox one will be amazing.

Morpheuzpr1647d ago

Yeah, they always say the same, then the game releases and the "envelope" was empty.

user14394141647d ago

The only thing that Turn 10 are pushing is there luck by releasing half made games and charging the same price as the game for DLC. I will NEVER buy another Forza game after what happened with Forza 5.

abzdine1647d ago

i hope they use the powah of the clawwd this time.
*roll eyes*
fanboys believeing the ghost avatar called drivatar in f5 is a revolution.. smh...

Fishy Fingers1647d ago

Still running with the cloud jokes eh?


You mean it's all you guys had...

When you can show us the "power of the cloud" doing something truly amazing, then the cloud jokes will stop.

XiSasukeUchiha1647d ago

To:Dark Witness

Seeing is believing first of all, then people might stop joking with power of cloud

Ot: To push phsyics to extreme interesting let F6 be good


@ XiSasukeUchiha

My feelings exactly.

MysticStrummer1647d ago

"Still running with the cloud jokes eh?"

Why wouldn't the cloud jokes continue? There are current games and still upcoming games that claim to use the "power of the cloud", yet the results so far are underwhelming to put it mildly. Even the best (alleged) use of the cloud, Forza's AI, is nothing that wasn't possible before the advent of the mighty cloud. It's a good idea, but "the power of the cloud" had nothing to do with it, despite all the PR to the contrary.

Blame the PR machine for cloud jokes, not the people making fun of it.

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Dehnus1647d ago

Have you played it? Including that they can become jerks just like yourself? If not then stop being a fanboy yourself.

I haven't but I've read reports that it is quite a nice application of using the cloud (Which Sony can do just as well btw) in offloading AI.

So rather they to cry foul, I rather just shut up and give them the benefit of the doubt. Same way as I find the criticism against Knack annoying. Many of the critics never played the game only to jump on the hate train.

abzdine1647d ago

i played Knack and i loved it, i played Forza and i didn't like it.
negative opinion ==> didn't play the game??? come on man...

WeAreLegion1647d ago

Driveatars learn almost as well as the AI in Motorstorm, but they need a cloud to do it.

TheKayle11647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

yawn turn10 are one of the best racing games developer around there...

i hope u will wait less than the 5 years (LOL)..polyphony toke for develope gt5 ..or always less than the 3 years (ULTRALOL) they toke to upgrade the engine for gt6 with those minor will always troll and this was an example of answer u deserve

now they will take other 4 years to port gt6 for ps4 calling it as "new game"....and u will scream for the miracle...

still crazy how ppl like u have all that bubbles

abzdine1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

i would give you some bubbles if it's the only thing you're obsessed with but i unfortunately can't.

going back to the subject, Forza is so overhyped and it's only xbox fanboys who do that. i played F3 and F4 they play just like Ridge Racer.
Remind me how many cars and tracks there are in next gen Forza? No wonder why they spend just over a year to make one.
you guys keep buying it they keep doing the same.

and if i brought back the clawwd thing it's because turn 10 themselves have been bringing it at every single interview and in the end no track of cloud in the game. it's maybe sarcastic but it's a valid point.
remember the 1080p not possible without cloud?

solidboss071647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

It was worth the wait for GT6. The ultimate driving game on PS3 or XB360, in terms of visuals, and of physics and a simulated driving experience. It is a pure distillation of automobile love.
And to think it has only been out for about 1 month, end of January sees big updates and inclusions of content, and then more releases through the life of the title.
If you want to compare last gen GT to F5 then I will accommodate you: GT6 does things which Forza 5 doesn't. I do expect the next Forza to be a huge improvement over their launch effort, but GT6 with just a little next gen polish will be better than F5, how could it not? It all ready has better lighting and adaptive tessellation, variable weather and time of day transition all on a modest piece of hardware. Arcade game DriveClub looks much better than Forza let alone a proper heavy hitting, PS4 Gran Turismo title

kayoss1647d ago

its funny that Turn10 can brace the "power of the cloud" which can make the xbox one 4x more powerful, but yet Forza 5 have only 200 cars and a handful of tracks. The spectators are all cut outs and there are no Day/night element to it. I bet everytime Turn10 mention the words "Power of the Cloud" you probably end up on your knees praising the good lord for this god send right?

Think about it, why does it take Polyphony 5 years to make gran turismo game and Turn10 take only 2 years. I'll give you a hint. Look at Call of duty series and how they were able to release a game every year.

Death1647d ago

If you are playing Forza and it's like Ridge Racer, you need to make a couple changes in the setting menu or atleast leave the defaults on. Honestly, to even make that comment tells me you never made a lap in Forza.

As for Poly making a better game because they come out every 5 years, I find it hard to believe porting last gen cars as "standard" cars and then including "premium" cars to represent the new game is not a great use of that time. It was bad to do it once, but on two releases in a row?

The cloud jokes stopped being funny a little before both consoles released. It's interesting to see some PS fans claim Xbox One titles would all be in 720 natively based on a couple launch titles just to see each new game announcement state the Xbox One version will release at 1080p natively. If you think "the cloudz" peaked at launch, you are either in denial or have no idea how games at launch don't represent a consoles potential over time.

It really makes you sound insecure with your purchase when you have to put down the competitions console to justify it. Play what you have and be happy for what it does for you.

ambientFLIER1647d ago

kyoss -

"Think about it, why does it take Polyphony 5 years to make gran turismo game and Turn10 take only 2 years. I'll give you a hint. Look at Call of duty series and how they were able to release a game every year." you're saying that Turn 10 is one of three studios working on a Forza title at the same time, like Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer?

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JasonKCK1647d ago

N4G the only place where you can troll and get more bubbles.

xxShadow-Shockxx1647d ago

i was watching driveclub gameplay from back in like november and they were doing the ghost ai drivers too so i don't see this so called cloud advantage that xbox has over ps4 especially now that sony is releasing playstation now with their cloud.

H0RSE1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )


"When you can show us the "power of the cloud" doing something truly amazing, then the cloud jokes will stop."

- same goes for the "50% more powerful" claims from the Sony crowd. The difference being that the MS community typically doesn't continually bring it up and joke about it - they acknowledge that no examples have been shown to illustrate the extent of this claim, and move on.

Up till now, PS4 has shown nothing but (arguably) slightly better visuals over the X1, and it's best example of graphics prowess to date, (KZ) is arguably beaten by X1's graphics beast, Ryse. When there isn't a clear, definite winner in the visuals department for games, nothing "truly amazing" is taking place, especially nothing exclaiming to be "50% more powerful."

The fact is, there are gonna people that will continue to downplay anything involving MS cloud technology. Forza gets downplayed, Titanfal will get downplayed, Destiny will get downplayed, etc. Developers would need to create nothing short of a real world AI, like Cortana from Halo, for people to be wowed, and even still, some would probably downplay it...


"i was watching driveclub gameplay from back in like november and they were doing the ghost ai drivers too so i don't see this so called cloud advantage that xbox has over ps4 especially now that sony is releasing playstation now with their cloud."

- the "ghost AI" isn't an example of cloud tech. That feature has been around for many years. The cloud aspect of Forza are the drivatars, which calculates the behavior of real-world players, (when they accelerate/brake, how hard the turn, how aggressive they drive, etc.) and applies that to the AI used to populate the game. Instead of using pre-programmed AI, the result is AI opponents that are all unique, and represent the driving habits of their real world counterparts. It may not be "jaw-dropping" but the concept has a lot of potential.

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snookiegamer1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

That's like a slap in the face to all the new Xbox One/Forza 5 owners. Turn 10 are a talented team, but MS have clearly released half a game, so they can nickle and dime us for the other half in microtransactions/DLC.

It shows contempt for MS own customers. MS should have followed Driveclub delay to finish the game. There's a reason why all Xbox one MS launch titles have a blatent pay 2 unlock structure. Check out a short game like Ryse with microtranstactions?? You can finish Ryse within 4-5 hrs!

So now we should expect the next Forza to be the Forza, 5 should have been?

Yeah Forza 5 looks beautiful at times, but it's less than half the game GT6 is. Shame on you MS!

TheKayle11647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

man i remember u that the ps4 launch line up wasnt this great eh ..

the most rated game is Resogun that is an 5 levels indie game ..that could be also SUPER FUN..but remain always an 5 lvl indie game...
then you have knack ....that i prefeer to dont talk about..coz could be embarassing...and then finally something decent as killzone...that go around a 7 rate

i think they did right to put out a famous brand out there...
i dont see the problem ..gt6 is pretty much gt5 forza 5 is a prologue for forza 6

the only games ps4 seem to see in 2014 are

the order 1886

meanwhile for xb1 they have

project spark
quantum break
Halo 5
Fable Legends
Sunset Overdrive
Kinect Sport rivals

i clearly cutted out all the other minor titles...
like for xb1 D4 or Plants vs. Zombies or below etc etc
and for ps4 stuff like Rime or Velocity 2 etc etc

xxShadow-Shockxx1647d ago

infamous, driveclub, final fantasy online, witness, mlb 14, order 1886, outlast, deep down, yakuza ishin, mobile suit gundam,

Xbox One: Spark, fable, halo 5, titanfall, kinect sports rivals

quantum and sunset are not announced for 2014

Volkama1647d ago

Huh? A job posting is a slap to the face for Forza 5 owners?

Naughty Dog hired Corinne Yu very recently, I suppose that was a slap to the face of everyone that thought they enjoyed The Last of Us.

Are you going to stand for that kind of contempt? Write them a letter or something.

snookiegamer1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )


You completely misinterpreted my comment...

To be clear, It's a slap in the face because although Forza 5 is good, its rushed and unfinished, it's heavy on microtransactions, and I feel it's a bit cheeky to make promises about the next game so soon after 5's release. I'm indifferent about gaming, not biased either way. I will make my comments about all platforms good or bad. Check my history of comments, it says a lot about me. Hopefully, you'll see I'm not the fanboy type :)


That's a nice list, you'll enjoy your XB1 especially Titanfall, I wish it was on PS4 as it looks awesome. I like to divide opinions and understand not everyone will agree with me, that's okay too.

It's just a discussion about games for me, I like to talk about games with people like you. Nothing's ever personal. Have a cool day both of you :)

Vames1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

MS released a half game? You mean Sony released a half game. You guys are so up in arms about more being better to the point where no one sees GT games for what they are.

The majority of the cars were not rebuilt from the ground up for PS3 coming from PS2. That's why Sony tricked you guys with the Premium cars nonsense. You're playing a game where only a few cars have cockpit view, a few cars that can take visible damage, a few cars that were rebuilt and you say Microsoft sells half games that are unfinished? Lol get off that Sony cocaine man.

With Forza 5, all 200+ cars were built from the ground up for next gen. All 200+ cars can be driven from the cockpit, all 200+ cars look good. No cars in the game gives me an inferior experience.

And what is the problem with microtrans? It is not forced on you because everything can be had through regular gameplay. If you want something fast enough, the choice is yours. If you have patience, the choice is also yours.


We will see the same thing with GT7. Only a few cars rebuilt from the ground up for the full PS4 experience. The others will be ported over with slight improved graphics

Volkama1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I haven't checked your comment history, but as you're not a fanboy I can reply since it's good to discuss things with people that are capable of doing so :) I replied because I don't think they're being cheeky, as this is a job listing and not some kind of PR announcement or boasting.

Forza 5 itself isn't a slap to anyone's face imo. Micro-transactions and DLC are, and I feel Turn 10 got screwed over by MS there.

The game itself is high quality. They could have taken Forza 4 and run it at a higher res. They probably would have had time to add 1 or 2 hundred cars to the roster as well as rain and such. That would have been the easy way.

They chose the hard way, and rebuilt everything. The tracks and assets are new. And the quality justifies that decision imo, but I can understand people holding it up against Forza 4 and seeing that they have less.

The biggest problem with that is that because they are also pushing MS's micro-transaction/DLC agenda that is perceived to be the reason for the cut content. And that must be gutting for Turn10, because what they accomplished for a launch game really is no small feat.

If you own an XBox One please take the time to browse Forza on the online store, look at the add-ons and review them. 1 star MS, don't do it again. Same goes for Ryse, Crimson Dragon, anything else that has these transactions. Rate the micro-transactions exclusively of the games to get the message across. Please. No purchase necessary.

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OverPaperSkies1647d ago ShowReplies(2)
Agent_hitman1647d ago

They always claim that lol..

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