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Submitted by Mister_V 759d ago | news

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Rebalances Jets, Fixes Memory Leak and Other Bugs

MP1st - Battlefield 4 gets its first patch of 2014 on the PC.

The brand new update once again looks to improve stability and fix a few more bugs, including a memory leak that would cause game crashes after level shutdowns. (Battlefield 4, PC)

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BabyObama   759d ago | Spam
SULTAN_4  +   759d ago
please tell me when this patch comes out to the PS4 .. cheers 😎
paranoid1971  +   759d ago
there is a ps4 patch tomorrow
Maxor  +   759d ago
Played for 1.5 hours, no crash. Silky smooth performance.
ELCUCO  +   759d ago
Good. Haven't played this since release day because of all the bugs. Maybe I can get started again.
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WalterWJR  +   759d ago
I play on ps4 and can never get a jet, Only heli. Do they want me to suck teet dry and pay for jet or what?
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PeaSFor  +   759d ago
dont know for you, but on pc i only have to take a jet/heli get a jet..or a heli.
Detoxx  +   758d ago
WTF are you even trying to tell?

On Conquest Large there are 2 jets on each team. If someone else took the jet you have to wait untill it get's destroyed and respawns.
WalterWJR  +   758d ago
Well on PS4 you have to be premium to play air superiority so I was not sure about the jet in conquest.

It turns out you have to zoom into the vehicles with R3 to get it.
hollabox  +   759d ago
I need to get back to playing BF4, played a little bit this weekend on my laptop after upgrading my ram to 8GB@ 1866MHZ from 6GBs@1333MHZ, this made some of the larger maps more playable with less stutter at medium/high settings. My desktops plays BF4 almost perfect but doing some case mods for the next week or two so its out of commission until then.
gedden7  +   759d ago
Any Xbone love???

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