Battlefield 4 PC Patch Rebalances Jets, Fixes Memory Leak and Other Bugs

MP1st - Battlefield 4 gets its first patch of 2014 on the PC.

The brand new update once again looks to improve stability and fix a few more bugs, including a memory leak that would cause game crashes after level shutdowns.

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SULTAN_41199d ago

please tell me when this patch comes out to the PS4 .. cheers 😎

paranoid19711199d ago

there is a ps4 patch tomorrow

Maxor1199d ago

Played for 1.5 hours, no crash. Silky smooth performance.

ELCUCO1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Good. Haven't played this since release day because of all the bugs. Maybe I can get started again.

WalterWJR1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I play on ps4 and can never get a jet, Only heli. Do they want me to suck teet dry and pay for jet or what?

PeaSFor1199d ago

dont know for you, but on pc i only have to take a jet/heli get a jet..or a heli.

Detoxx1199d ago

WTF are you even trying to tell?

On Conquest Large there are 2 jets on each team. If someone else took the jet you have to wait untill it get's destroyed and respawns.

WalterWJR1199d ago

Well on PS4 you have to be premium to play air superiority so I was not sure about the jet in conquest.

It turns out you have to zoom into the vehicles with R3 to get it.

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