Bluehole is Working on TERA's Mobile Version; Speculated to be a Card Game

2P writes: according to Korean medias, Bluehole Studio, developer of TERA is working on a mobile version of TERA. But this mobile version is not a remake, it seems to be a original game based on PC version TERA. Since the game's character models are well made, I guess Bluehole Studio may tend to develop a TERA themed card game like Blade & Soul mobile game.

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The_Infected1284d ago

Bluehole? What a name. Lol

Callediceman1284d ago

i was gunna type the exact same thing. Good job sir

YellowTempes1284d ago

Maybe 'mobile' TERA on PS4..

jamz41284d ago

They should try getting the EU Tera up to scratch first, and fix that awful launcher. The full game would work well on consoles though with its direct controls

Callediceman1284d ago

I cant wait to see what comes out of Bluehole next!... ohh uhh hang on, that doesnt sound right.

il-JumperMT1284d ago

TERA was great during subcription version. Now its flat out pay to win

jamz41284d ago

That's a little harsh. There are no gear items in the shop, there's no locked out content... about the only thing you'd really want to spend money on is the extensive alkahest for the highest level +9 master weapon enchantments. Even then you can buy it with gold or find it. Their f2p model is one of the best I've experienced in an mmo tbh.

Compare that to something like Rift where the AH is locked out and there's better gear in the cash shop and it looks far better

il-JumperMT1284d ago

You need to BUY Masterwork Alkhest from shop.

You can buy items from shop, sell for cash and instantly buy best gear.