Call of Duty 4: Fastest Airstrike Ever

Want to call in air support in under 10 seconds? Want to level up your character in the least amount of time? You don't need to bother with lame aim bots that'll get you banned from your favorite servers. In fact, you don't even need to be that good at Call of Duty 4. Racking up ridiculous kill streaks can be easy if you're playing under the right conditions.

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Relcom3872d ago

but i don't ave to worry about cheating as much on my PS3

NRG3871d ago

There really isn't that much cheating on the PC, just way too many people whine. If you stick to punkbuster servers (90% of the servers) you'll almost never encounter it.

Relcom3871d ago

It worked wonder when i played battlefield.

TheIneffableBob3871d ago

Punkbuster isn't that great, but I suppose it's better than nothing. It'd be nice if Infinity Ward developed their own in-house anti-cheat tech, kind of like Valve and other companies.

lessthanmarcus3871d ago

Yeah, hurry and get your EXP up so then you won't have anything to play for. I think I prefer to enjoy for experience achieving.

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DomUltra3871d ago

What the hell, this isn't news, who approves this junk?

BeaArthur3871d ago

I can't see the video at work but I'm sure if I could it would just remind me why I don't play computer games.

truncheon3871d ago

i think the point is more to see what happens when you put 40+ players on the tiniest map in the game. getting an airstrike because your airstrike killed so many people is crazy. i wouldn't play this way all the time, but once in a while for a change of pace.

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The story is too old to be commented.