World of Warcraft Will Fall in 2014 – No King Rules Forever

MWEB GameZone takes a look at how World of WarCraft's declining subscription numbers coupled with three amazing MMO's coming out this year might signal the end of WoW's reign as the MMO king in 2014.

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HanCilliers1351d ago

I will always long for Azeroth. Tried playing a few MMO's after WoW, just not the same

Sillicur1351d ago

Me too, I always miss it, but maybe one of these three will be my new addiction!

DesVader1351d ago

Its going to be hard to unseat WOW - there hundreds of thousands of loyal fans with a lot of time and effort invested in their toons. Also, many have tried and failed to unseat "the king"

Sillicur1351d ago

Well said, though everything eventually ends and so will WoW! Wildstar will be the new king i think :)

Choc_Salties1351d ago

WoW may be on the decline, but I'm holding off ANY predictions till one sees actual data that any other given MMO will overtake it in numbers. People thought Age of Conan was the WoW-killer, as with SWTOR and some others too.

Time will tell... Sooner or Later, time will tell...

Sillicur1351d ago

Yeh one day WoW will be beaten, it is just a matter of time. I actually played Age of Conan for about 2 hours, i feel ashamed :(

Noctis1351d ago

FFXIV is a tough contender

schmoe1351d ago

Nice article dude!! Even with the dwindling subs on WOW, it is and will still be a major cash cow for sometime yet. While elder scrolls looks promising, i think the only title that will actually be the wow killer will be wow 2 or the next big mmo from Bliz.

plut0nash1351d ago

I've never played WoW, but I also question how long it will last. Whether it'll fail or not I can't say but yes, no king rules forever right?

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