Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

From the article - With multiple installments, most with stand-alone stories and characters, listing your favorite character in one of these wonderful titles isn’t difficult. Rating them, however, is another story. The debates these personal choices foster can cause a full blown flame war. These are the top 10 Final Fantasy characters according to Adam from NoobFeed.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

pretty much agree. Zack is probably my #1 tho its just not fair what happened to him.

Snookies121616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Cloud didn't have all too much character development. Though I agree Squall should have been there. He actually changed throughout that game.

Kefka being number one is spot-on though. That dude actually accomplished his goals, unlike most villains.

Stringerbell1616d ago

Both were one dimensional. The quiet, angst ridden protagonist never appealed to me. I hate in rpg's when a character continually responds to someone else with a "..."

guitarded771616d ago

Yeah, and where is Black Mage

and Warrior???

Both very deep characters.

Lionalliance1616d ago

Why is Lighting here? there's nothing interesting about her.

Godmars2901616d ago

Because not everyone who voted hates FF13.

I do, but then I didn't vote.

Heisenburger1616d ago

I feel ya. I meant specifically throughout XIII. There are a lot of moments, especially with Hope. Example: Her admitting that she kept charging into fights because she didn't want to face losing Serah. And her feeling responsible for it. She opens up with Snow, also. When you understand how much she is hurting it makes her a much more compelling character, especially on a second play through.

Heisenburger1616d ago

I absolutely agree with that. It took, in my opinion, way too much effort to get the story. The data logs were ridiculous. That's probably why I didn't beat the game until the third time I bought it. Haha

Heisenburger1616d ago

Well something being interesting is entirely subjective. So I can't say you're "wrong".

That being said... She opens up, shows what's going on in her head. Not entirety different from Squall. Her closed off attitude makes a bit of sense.

But then again I actually beat the game so...

Godmars2901616d ago

When does she open up?

If you say in one of the sequels and not in FF13 proper, outside of the game she first appears in, then you're missing the point.

rextraordinaire1616d ago

Yeah, those scenes with Hope are pretty touching actually.

I believe that people who say lightning has no character ark didn't make it very far in the game.

Godmars2901616d ago

I put in 50 hours. Guess I just stopped caring. Got sick of having to actively invest in the story rather than have the story attempt to get me invested in it.

Relientk771616d ago


really love FF VIII, and IX

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