Is Tomb Raider Definitive Edition more than a facelift?

With the upcoming Tomb Raider: The Definitive Edition, Crystal Dynamics have just given the game a visual upgrade, they've also changed Lara's look. MWEB GameZone asks, why?

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plut0nash1502d ago

Narrative tone and storyline needed serious addressing. My guess is that they're saving that for the sequel.

HanCilliers1502d ago

Seems almost like this edition was just made for nex-gen, but the changes were not that good

plut0nash1502d ago

Or it could just mean that they placed too much emphasis on graphics and not the game itself. Rhianna Pratchett also isn't writing for the second game, so there must've been problems in that department.

Choc_Salties1502d ago

Facelifts are good, luckily you can facelift again and again in a digital world, rather than the limited amount you can do in the real world :)

I stopped playing Tomb Raider a long long time ago, like the second or the third game...

Zaphire1502d ago

So many Tomb Raiders. Wonder when it will die out.

plut0nash1502d ago

I doubt it will. The last played really well, so no reason to end the series.

Sillicur1502d ago

As long as people keep buying them, they will keep making them. See Call of Duty :(

Heisenburger1502d ago

What do you even mean by that? You are clearly just saying what you think you are expected to say. That comment was nonsensical, at best.

plut0nash1502d ago

Well, if the next game is crappy then it probably will be canned. If it's solid it gets a sequel probably.

HanCilliers1502d ago

Long as it keeps on improving like last Tomb Raider I don't see why it should end

Omegasyde1502d ago

I rather square Enix Remade Final Fantasy 1-9 instead with better graphics.

Screw fans...

lord zaid1502d ago

Haha. Thats exactly whats happening. You're a fan of FF and you're getting screwed.

Riderz13371502d ago

Is this PS4/Xbox One version still 30 FPS? I hope not...

plut0nash1502d ago

Nope, the FPS depends on the game.