A New Glimpse on Driveclub Represents the PS4 in New and Awesome Sony Commercial Starring Spike Lee

Sony released a new commercial titled “Join Together,” and between other things the video gives a glimpse on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub to represent gaming and Sony's consoles.

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stuna11680d ago

Drive Club is aiming for "Pole Position"! And it may just be the definitive racer on next gen consoles.

dp2774071680d ago

We can hope, it is looking good though I just wanna see even more and see some gameplay.

cleft51680d ago

Sony doing it up big, really get the feeling we are seeing the rise of something amazing in Sony right now. Kaz Hirai really is making Sony into an amazing all around company. I know my next tv will be a Sony Bravia.

rhcpfan1680d ago


There are better TVs out there, objectively speaking.

mikeslemonade1680d ago

Sony has an overall company.., atleast they're trying but right now Apple has it on lock down.

On video game front it is Sony Domination.

Ju1680d ago

Sony seems to be shifting more marketing money. Just saw the Sony logo at a movie preview. Never seen that before. Looks like they are gonna use corporate branding through out now.

Exoil1680d ago

@rhcpfans: Actually, for gaming if you don't want a Plasma then Sony's KDL805 has one of the lowest inputlags, and the KDL905 coming with just a few more ms behind.

ABizzel11680d ago


Objectively speaking, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony, and Panasonic are at the top of the HDTV market.

Samsung and Sony have the best panels IMO, and surprising LG and Vizio are right there with them and offer significantly lower prices, Panasonic is there for plasmas.

However, Bravia's are the only HDTV's that will let you access PlayStation Now, which can be a big influence on what HDTV to buy if you're a gamer. Objectively speaking.

GameSpawn1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

About the TVs, Sony Bravias have always been good TVs, but Samsung has been more aggressive competition that has offered TVs with just as much quality (close enough for the average consumer) and as many if not more features built in and all at a MUCH cheaper price.

Sony could bring down the price a little on their TVs. Maybe not down to Samsung's levels, but close enough to take some of the "smug, brand loyalty tax" off. Seriously the major reason for Bravias' price being high is to make money off the brand loyal.

Also, on a side note many may be surprised to find out that Samsung, Sony, and LG are known to share LCD panels with each other. You could open a Sony HDTV or Vaio laptop and you may find a Samsung or LG manufactured LCD panel inside -- Sony just makes the circuitry on some of their models and will buy panels from their competitors, same goes for Samsung and LG. The LCD panel is not all that makes up a TV, though. The important bit is the image processor which is what makes Samsung TVs different from LG's or Sony's.

mewhy321680d ago

Drive Club is going to set a new high standard in the racing genre. I'm really pumped bout it.

Boody-Bandit1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

There are better TVs out there, objectively speaking."

Actually you couldn't be more wrong. Currently the best gaming TV on the market is made by Sony (model W802A). It is the fastest larger panel display for gaming. Boasting a 16.9 for input lag. That is blazing fast for a large panel display.

Boody-Bandit1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )


What part of "gaming TV" are you not understanding? When it comes to gaming it's all about speed. Some of those TV's that have an overall better quality picture will have significant to serious input lag. Do you even understand how input lag effects gaming? Especially with twitch shooters and fighting games online?

Sorry but for gaming I will sacrifice a little picture quality to get the drop on people online. I have plenty of other displays for movies and sports. Serious gamers want SPEED!

rhcpfan1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I wasn't replying to you clown, I was backing up my original statement since it's too late to edit it.

Anyway, 15 ms less really makes all the difference /s

FriedGoat1679d ago

I've been through several samsungs, the input lag is soo bad.even when you set to game mode and rename the source to PC (technique to turn off picture processing) it's still terrible. They may be great budget tv's but unfortunately they are not good gaming displays.

FriedGoat1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

lol @ samsung owners disagreeing.

Check out the MS lag on nearly all Samsung TVs. They have some low latency monitors, the TVs are bad though. Compared to my current display and my LG before it, the Samsungs could not compete. Good picture, bad lag.

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Gabenbrah1680d ago

Until Project Cars releases.

Utalkin2me1680d ago

Guy don't you get tired of constantly trolling articles? I mean i understand a little trolling here and there, but seriously every comment?

360ICE1680d ago


Relax. It's a legitimate opinion. And if it wasn't, then you can't get trolled if you don't care.

BitbyDeath1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Two different race styles.
DriveClub is designed for fun/arcade
Project Cars is designed as a sim

Gabenbrah1680d ago

Its not trolling. Project Cars at 4k resolution with visuals that greatly surpass Driveclub and Oculus Rift support, that's true next generation gaming IMO.

GTgamer1680d ago

"Its not trolling. Project Cars at 4k resolution with visuals that greatly surpass Driveclub and Oculus Rift support, that's true next generation gaming IMO."

So does it matter if the game is anygood :/ and please tell me how many people will be able to experience your definition of Next gen smh

GarrusVakarian1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

"Its not trolling. Project Cars at 4k resolution with visuals that greatly surpass Driveclub and Oculus Rift support, that's true next generation gaming IMO"

So your definition of next gen is something only a handful of PC gamers will have the specs capable of experiencing? Yet another PC elitist snob comment.

Driveclub is next gen in the sense that the PS4 is the next generation from PS3. PC's don't have a generation as they are continuous, open systems. Comparing both is idiotic.

devwan1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

@Lukas ...and driveclub is also "next gen" in that it's attempting to do more than just be another iteration of a previous gen title... it's not just more of the same, it's doing things we've not seen before on console and that's why so many people are excited for it.

starfox0791680d ago

Wow defo a playstation fan site this Project CARS will destroy this Driveclub.....

FlunkinMonkey1680d ago


"Its not trolling. Project Cars at 4k resolution with visuals that greatly surpass Driveclub and Oculus Rift support, that's true next generation gaming IMO."

The nerve.. This guy supports the Xbone whose specs are considerably weaker that its competition, creating sub par 720p graphics a lot of the time, and has the nerve to talk about "true next generation gaming" and his admiration for higher resolutions.


MysticStrummer1680d ago

"Its not trolling. Project Cars at 4k resolution with visuals that greatly surpass Driveclub and Oculus Rift support, that's true next generation gaming IMO."

PC gamers are funny. They say PCs don't have generations… until it suits them to say it. Also, the comment you replied to clearly says "on next gen consoles", and the advantages you list don't apply.

sigfredod1680d ago

isn't Pcars suposse to be a hardcore sim? so why compare it with a social racer?

BRAD-RIDGE1680d ago

Really i'm guessing this game is being over hyped. some of the videos i saw around e3 or later can't get the timeline right. but namely the social aspects really spoiled it for me, all the crap that was shown with the camera integration looked appalling. some people would find this fun but the driving seems buried under layers of menus that keep you from the action.

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AndrewLB1680d ago

Did you notice at 0:50, this "definitive racer" used a video clip of actual race cars in an attempt to fool the viewer into thinking that's how the game looks. The "Professional Driver on Closed Road. Do not attempt" caption on the bottom of the screen seals the deal on that deceptive advertising.

N0gg1nsh0tz1680d ago

Sir, i'm gonna ask you to put the chromosomes down and kick them away from arms reach, put your hands slowly behind your back and lie down flat on the ground.

sigfredod1680d ago

Great add, Sony is in a roll

Irishguy951679d ago

Thought it was a **** ad myself. What sony should do and should always have done is advertise PS+. I'm shock how many gamers don't know what it is. Also, should actually advertise with games. Or a CG trailer for a game, since the CG trailers always hit home with people

truefan11680d ago

Lol isn't this the game that was pushed back because they were scared to go up against Forza. Looks like they are hiding the gameplay for a reason. Call of duty could do that because they had a name, this game doesn't.

stuna11680d ago

Perhaps Microsoft should have also taken that option as well! It being a half of a game and all riddled with micro transactions.

ambientFLIER1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Definitive racer? Sorry, but no. Project Cars will be just that. Maybe Forza 6. Maybe GT7. Not Driving club.

SquidBuck1680d ago

Because you've played it LOL

frostypants1680d ago

There's gonna be some competition for "definitive racer" I think. Gonna be a good gen for racing games in general.

AutoCad1679d ago

Doubt it..Project Cars is looking like it will take the cake on best next gen racer

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MysticStrummer1680d ago

If it plays as good as it looks… wow.

FamilyGuy1680d ago

That was a pretty cool commercial.

PeaSFor1680d ago

That's a beautiful ad.

XiSasukeUchiha1680d ago

Sweet commercial Sony are let u going to give mercy to MS just damn now son!

Crossbones1680d ago

So Much Awesomeness :'(


Concertoine1680d ago

spike lee's remake of oldboy was complete garbage, not sure if you guys have seen it :/
good commercial though.

maniacmayhem1680d ago

I heard it was one of the biggest flops of 2013. I bet Sony was able to get him on this commercial for very cheap.

Concertoine1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

it only made back 4 million bucks of a 30 million budget. im not sure why people are disagreeing, it was critically panned and anyone who's seen the original will agree. i guess people think im trolling even though i call it a great commercial. hes usually a decent director, im sure he wasnt cheap haha.
it was just a terrible film, ruined any of the subtlety and brilliance of the korean classic, while also managing to be a scene-by-scene, shot for shot copy of it. kind of like that 1998 remake of psycho.

KwietStorm1680d ago

You might be getting disagrees because you're completely 100% without a doubt on topic..