The dishonest practise of unfinished games, and why developers must do better in 2014

2013 saw a distressing number of high-profile games riddled with bugs and crashes, and developers have to do better.

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stragomccloud1646d ago

Only one developer seems to avoid these dishonest practices, and yet almost every "gamer" here on N4G, consistently chastises everything this company does.

ziggurcat1646d ago

what developer might that be?

ThatArtGuy1646d ago

The only one I can think of is Nintendo.

Utalkin2me1646d ago


Since when has Nintendo pushed the graphic boundaries? Or had a full blown online? The more tech you push the more likely problems you will have.

Vegamyster1646d ago


You can have games that don't push graphical boundaries or online and still have lots of bugs.

If a game like Battlefield 4 was delayed it more then likely wouldn't have needed over 20 patches to make sure it doesn't crash.

mikeslemonade1646d ago

The "unfinished" game hasn't bothered me. And Nintendo takes forever. That's the trade off you wait longer for a finished product. Makes sense to me.

abzdine1646d ago

that's why Nintendo will always remain the boss. when you buy their game it's plug and play no need for day one patch and garbage like this before you can play it.
Their quality certification process is the most effective ever

devwan1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

@ abzdine "that's why Nintendo will always remain the boss. when you buy their game it's plug and play no need for day one patch and garbage like this before you can play it."

You forgot the Wii U launch? That was a sarlacc pit of day one patch hell. Sure that's not a game... it's only the platform you intend to offer hundreds of games for over the next 5 years!

"Launch day came around and the answer became clear: Nintendo was late - very late - with its network systems. In fact, the only way to access their systems fully was to download a big patch on day one that added all these missing components. Without that patch a lot of the release titles would have been only semi-functional."

"Their quality certification process is the most effective ever"... and likely the least busy of the three console platform holders.

Menkyo1646d ago

@abzbine you mean like the large update you needed to install into the Wii U because the online didn't work because they pushed the Wii U out the door with unfinished firmware?

Imalwaysright1646d ago

@ devwan
Yeah because a console is a game... oh wait!

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Gabenbrah1646d ago

I'm looking at you Rockstar... DAT GTA Online

TheSaint1646d ago

Why does everyone blame R*? Just because something is easy to do doesn't make it ok.

I could punch a baby in the face because it's easy to do, I'm not going to though because it's wrong.

Just like hacking and exploiting. The community is just as much (if not more) to blame than R*.

Derekvinyard131646d ago

Besides gta online I've never had a launch problem with rockstar games not one

Kevlar0091646d ago

Took me about two seconds to guess Nintendo

I'm sure their games being less technical helps, plus Nintendo has always held quality to its highest regard.

What gets me is how some of these glitches can get past over by the devs (or simply ignored). You would think Bethesda would've encountered and fixed what seems like common glitches, but I'm sure a lot of these publishers have strict release schedules.

Nintendo isn't one to release a flawed product. They'll delay it as long as it takes

FamilyGuy1646d ago

I don't ever hear about bug infested ninty games so that seems right

Utalkin2me1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Really? How much graphic tech Nintendo push or what about their full blown online? Yeah that's right Nintendo has neither.

MRMagoo1231646d ago

well when nearly every game you make is the same platformer with a different name you arent gonna have too many bugs i cant imagine.

Gamer19821646d ago

I have stopped buying most games day 1 now. I only buy from developers I trust to release a working game day 1 thats worth the money.. So not that many tbh.. So been sticking with indie games mostly in 2013.. At least most of them are honest up front that the games in beta etc.. Hell most of these beta games are less broken than the finished games we got in 2013..

Also the great trade off is once the games fixed its dropped in price!

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greatcrusader441646d ago

I mostly blame the publishers, not the devs.

MRMagoo1231646d ago

pretty much this, its the pubs that give the devs a timeline that they have to ship by and if its "good enough" they get it out.

Jubez1871646d ago

What about when people sell their "Alpha" for 30 dollars? At that point, when do you know it's the real game? How do I know that CoD:Ghosts isn't in alpha right now and the next patch will be the real game. Is League of Legends in alpha? Compare what it is now to when the game as it's launch..may as well been alpha. Was vanilla WoW the alpha? Where does it end?

qzp1646d ago

in before battlefield 5 announcement