How Sony's PlayStation 4 Crushed Microsoft's Xbox One in 2013

2013, as it turned out, was one of the most memorable years in recent memory for the global video game market.

Aside from some record-setting game launches earlier in the year, the competition heated up later this year as two of the leading console makers, software powerhouse Microsoft and Japanese giant Sony, released the latest editions of their iconic consoles.

Analysts, enthusiasts, and consumers alike had been debating the merits of each device and which would sell better before either Microsoft's Xbox One of Sony's PlayStation 4 even hit the shelves.

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Snookies121563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

In 2013? You mean the month and a half they were both out... Wow, lol. Seriously, that's grabbing for hits.

Yeah I'm a fan of the PS4, and it's certainly beating the X1 in sales, no doubt there. Just saying, this is a completely pointless article. No matter what it is they're comparing...

AngelicIceDiamond1563d ago

Eh yeah they come through here allot. Its like certain parts of the internet are just now getting the news that Sony has more sales.

Some of these "game journalist's" have been living under a rock lately.

Concertoine1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

all things considered the xbone is doing well. it has a lot going against it, bad reveal, bad PR, 100 bucks more, less countries available, etc.
I dont get the mentality behind console wars. You look at other artistic mediums like film and art and literature, and you don't really see people arguing all that much. with gamers it's like everyone loves playing games, but everyone bashes each other for liking something different, too.

Snookies121563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Neither do I man, neither do I... It's just that need to justify your purchases I guess. Thinking that because you bought one system over another, that if anyone else buys something other than the one you chose, it's inferior.

Concertoine1563d ago

i've learned it's VERY easy for people to disparage and insult something they never bought, or are positive they will never buy. evident by people saying X platform has "no gaemz" and such.

Fireseed1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Idk, bragging rights? Apparently I bought the lesser console and I'm still having fun. People just need to enjoy themselves.

EDIT: 100% Agree Snookies

wiiuniverse1563d ago

lol microsoft deserves failure after screwing over gamers.

Concertoine1563d ago

im not saying the mandatory kinect and such was a good move, im saying all things considered the console's selling well and that's good for the industry.

n4rc1563d ago

Ya imagine a company creating a product for you to buy or not buy..

Their evil is astounding.. Lol

LOGICWINS1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

"You look at other artistic mediums like film and art and literature, and you don't really see people arguing all that much."

It's interesting isn't it. The most popular theory of why more ferocity exists within console war arguments as opposed to film/music arguments is the amount of money the consumer invests in the medium.

If a movie or CD you bought sucks, its not a huge deal as you only spent $10-25 bucks. Gaming platforms range can range from $100-$6000. For obvious reasons, people get more emotional with gaming as they don't want to feel stupid for spending a large sum on the "wrong" console.

Yet, I don't see anyone argue over who has the better house, car etc. These are much bigger investments than a gaming device.

Gamers themselves refuse to admit it, but the reason why the console wars exist is due to the large chunk of immature gamers out there.

I know the ESA says the average age of a gamer is 30, but thats pure b.s. The sample size for this survey was only 2000 people. This would suggest that there are an equal amount of people OVER 30 playing games as there are people UNDER 30 playing. Keep in mind, this sample included people who mainly play Angry Birds, Farmville, and Solitaire (people who CLEARLY aren't interested in the PS4/XB1 and aren't concerned about the console war).

Concertoine1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

yeah, and the funny thing is these corporations dont give two s**ts where they stand in a petty console war. they just want to make money. the gamecube was dead last in its gen but turned a small profit, whereas the xbox was 2nd and it cost MS billions. MS would've killed for gamecube profits then. or looking at the wii, how it technically won the console war, but at the cost of a lot of nintendo's loyal fans. there's too many factors of what success is or isnt to determine a single victor.
yeah, i'm only 16, but when i go online i usually see people well over my age.

johndoe112111563d ago

You have a point but it's only 40% of the reason.

The reason there are console wars and not movie art and literature wars is because consoles are all about competition.

Gaming on the whole is about competing. That's why when people use the term 'console wars' it's not totally accurate because even though the pc is not a console you won't be able to find a single console war debate where there aren't pc enthusiasts getting involved claiming that consoles are inferior and that pc gamers are the master race.

It is highly inaccurate to compare consoles and gaming to movies and art. It is much much more accurate to compare them to sports. That's why people will argue gaming just like they would argue their favorite sports teams.

Gaming involves direct participation, movies don't. There are gaming competitions held all over the world, there are no movie competitions. Hell, I found out a couple days ago that League of Legends is now part of the Olympics. I don't know how accurate that info is but if it's true, DAMN.

Gaming IS about competition. The whole purpose of gaming is to compete. So it is understandable that people will obviously be overly passionate about their consoles. Especially when you take into consideration the part about how much money they spend behind it like you stated.

As long as gaming and gaming mediums exist, wars will exist. And there is nothing wrong with it. The people who complain about console wars have no idea how thankful they need to be of console wars.

n4rc1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

But don't forget the same crap goes on for every media.. Its just not as wide spread

The internet is a combative place.. Arguing which directors are better, this artist sucks but this one is great, one direction is better then Justin beiber Lol etc..

It happens for any and everything.. People love arguing opinions

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Majin-vegeta1563d ago

Simple it was marketed for games you know the thing we buys these for in the first place.

Godmars2901563d ago

MS shot themselves in both feet while Sony slipped on a pair of rocket skis. That's how.


gcolley1563d ago

And got everyone to pay for online in the process.

first1NFANTRY1562d ago

well we all knew it was bound to happen. though you gotta admit ps+ gives gamers a huge catalog of games to enjoy.

MysticStrummer1562d ago

"And got everyone to pay for online in the process."

You can thank MS and their fans for that.

ZeoN1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

It's only been a few months guys. Let's not jump the gun. Please why can't we love both?

Snookies121563d ago

It's not a matter of asking if we can just have both... We actually NEED both. If MS or Sony died off, the other would stop trying to innovate and remain on top. Competition is EXTREMELY good to have in this industry. Whether you're an Xbox fan or a PS fan, it's best for these two companies to keep clashing. Otherwise it is the consumer (all of us) who are going to lose out.

MasterCornholio1563d ago

"We actually NEED both."

So why can't it just be Sony and Nintendo for example? In my opinion both Sony and Microsoft offer very similar experiences with their consoles (talking about games not UI). So if one of them would to fail we still have the other to provide a similar experience with games. In my opinion the ones that we can never replace is Nintendo because although they are doing badly with the Wii U they always provide a gaming experience unique to their console with the way they design their controller (controller in Wii Us case). This is the reason why I believe that we can live with just two in the market. Sony or Microsoft to provide traditional core gaming experiences and Nintendo to provide a unique experience with their console.

Just my opinion and I hope I dont offend you with it.

Snookies121562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

@MasterCornholio - That's the point, they're both very similar. That's why they need to be going against each other. Nintendo is kinda doing its own thing, which is cool but it's not going to push Sony or Microsoft in any way.

Nah, I'm not offended or anything man. (I didn't disagree either, just saying.) :]

MasterCornholio1563d ago

I agree people have the right to own and like both just like people have right to own one and dislike the other (my opinion). Even though I dont like the Xbox One but I own a PS4 I still respect owners of the Xbox One.

However I can't stand fanboys of any systems because in my opinion all they do is ruin my comment reading experience on N4G because their comments are uncivilized, irrational and useless. But thats something I have to live with and I know that other sites have the same people so I just #dealwithit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and have a wonderful day.


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